Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 11 July 2012


A9 TV, July 11th, 2012

In the near future a peaceful understanding of world will start to replace the war-ridden understanding, insha'Allah. Freemasonry comes to the end of its task, religious sects come to the end of their mission. Freemasonry will come to an end in this century. The mission of Freemasonry will be ending. That is because their ultimate goal was to make the whole world brothers and sisters. Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) ensures this brotherhood in the world. Then their helping Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) is in question. That will be their main task. Now you will see that  world Masonry will be the helper of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh). They will strive with all their might for the establishment of the unity of Islam. They will show their utmost effort to ensure a loving, peaceful world. In this way, they would auspiciously be completing their mission which lasted for thousands of years. They have served evil ends from time to time. They were active at the time of the Prophet Solomon (pbuh) as well. They were active at the time of the Pharaoh. But at the time of the Mahdi (pbuh) their mission will come to an end. With the establishment of the Unity of Islam, with the appearance of the Prophet Jesus Messiah (pbuh), their mission will be over. The mission of Hazrat Khidr (pbuh) will be over as well. The mission of religious orders will be over. And by the year 1506 according to the Hegira calendar, religions will be over, Islam will be over and will start to move backwards gradually. About the year 1545 according to the Hegira calendar, with the Will of Allah, the end of this world will come. About the year 2120 according to the Gregorian calendar. 

The intellectuals of Saudi Arabia, those reasonable, clever, sincere Muslims there should step in. Those people who lie snug in the Iranian administration, those influential people who are not known should step in. The King of Jordan and his subordinates should step in. The notable Muslims in Lebanon should step in. The notable Muslims in Egypt should also step in, as well as those in Pakistan and Turkey. Thus an amazing spiritual council would be established. They will unanimously abide by the Mahdi (pbuh). And after that, only the Name of Allah would be mentioned. There won't be any fights, there will be peace, love and rationality. Bigotry will fade away. Bigotry will perform its final historical task and then you would only be reading about bigotry in the history books. There will be no bigotry left in any aspect of life. We are at the final steps of many things, insha'Allah.  

Actually, peace, amenity, kindness and love are very easy but they are misrepresented as if they are complicated and difficult. The bigots assume that religion will rule while they curse, attack and insult, while they oppress women, while they make people unhappy, while they persecute people. They assume that Allah would approve of them. However, Allah does not want people to suffer. Almighty Allah says; "Why should Allah punish you?" Allah always wants peace. Ever since the incident  between Cane and Abel, there has been the spirit of war in people. They have the spirit of shedding blood. Allah considers  bloodshed as evil. Allah bases everything on peace. Shedding blood for unrighteous causes is a grave persecution, it is cruelty.  SUCH PEOPLE CANNOT ENTER PARADISE; THOSE WHO CURSE, THOSE WHO USE BAD LANGUAGE, THOSE WHO ARE AGGRESSIVE, THOSE WHO PRESENT HATRED TO PEOPLE SHOULD, INSHA'ALLAH, FORGET ENTERING PARADISE, BY THE WILL OF ALLAH, INSHA'ALLAH. Paradise is the abode of love, it is the abode of beauty. Allah creates us for love. Love is the thing Allah approves the most. 

War is difficult, fighting is difficult. We tell  men, "The world will become brothers." And they say, "How can it be possible? You are talking about something very difficult." It is the satan that presents it as difficult. Actually what we are talking about is quite easy, it is the easiest of all. 

(Mr. Adnan Oktar comments on the hadiths related with the End Times)

"Just before the Al-Qaim [Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh)] appears," says our Prophet (saas) ".. there will be a severe fear in people, disasters, dissensions and scourges will come upon people." You see the earthquakes, floods, fights, terror, anarchy.. "A sharp sword will appear from among Arabs," meaning there will be bloodshed among Arabs, dissensions, "...people will fall into severe disputes," people will fall into disputes, thinking which side will we be on, whose side should we take ".. they will fall into discord about their religions."  They will be divided into sects, congregations and will fall out with each other. You know Alewites, Sunnis, Shiites , etc..  ".. and their situations will change severely. So much so that those who see the direness of the situation, those who see people at each other's throats would wish for death day and night." So our Prophet says (saas) when people are in such a situation, Mahdi , from among my sons will appear. Look he says the same; "A sharp sword will appear from among Arabs." That is a very significant expression. I mean people at each other's throats, deaths, massacres. See that the Arabs are at each other's throats in Syria. There is  terrible bloodshed. What is meant by "sword" is bloodshed. Because of the dictators, the Arabic people are in fear and are in dissension- because of the communist dictators. People are not able to live at ease in their homes. 

Those who love us are full of love. They have love for animals, love for plants, love for people, they are full of love for all our brothers.  They love the Alewites, they love the Bektashis, they love Sunnis, they love Wahabbis, they love Shiites. They talk to people at the beaches, they talk to people at night clubs, they talk to people at casinos, they talk to grandfathers at the streets, they talk to our Pilgrim mothers in the villages as well. The hearts of those dear ones of mine are full of love for Allah, Masha'Allah.  

(In reference to a viewer's mail;"We tested Solomon and placed a lifeless body on his throne. Then he made repentance." (Surah Sad, 34) Could that verse also be referring to our Master Sheikh Nazim?)    

Of course, insha'Allah. Actually, may Allah forbid, our Sheikh was at the verge of death and Allah made us instrumental, insha'Allah, and gave him a beautiful long life. Masha'Allah, Alhamdulillah. And how nice it is that my Sheikh gave that task to me. Sheikh Bahaddin says, "He didn't accept any of us. He told us that none of us can do that. And he said,  "My son Adnan, he is the one charged with this. He is the one commissioned to help with my health, with my welfare, Allah will make him instrumental for my health."

(In reference to a viewer's mail saying; "You are like an augur, you are never wrong in your thoughts. The heads of states all around the world should ask for your advice.")

I am talking with the hadiths and I say some of the things by projecting. Consulting is good; it is not a must that they ask for my advice, but they should ask the advice of people of intelligence. Allah says;"Are they the same — those who know and those who do not know?" Right? He says; "Consult to those who know." I seek refuge with Allah from the accursed satan; "Over everyone with knowledge is a Knower." That is why even if it is the Prime Minister or the President, he should be consulting. They do have undersecretaries, but they sometimes consult people from among the community. They make use of their knowledge as well. We clearly see that they make use of our knowledge. We see that whatever we talk about today is put into practice the day after. And that is not only once, twice, ten times or even a hundred times, masha'Allah. 

2012-09-13 11:27:16

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