Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 14 July 2012


A9 TV, July 14th,  2012

Lovelessness prevails in a great portion of the Islamic world. I mean beating, cursing, shouting, prohibiting, insulting women and being against beauty. For instance they do not appreciate  beautiful clothing. They do not appreciate a beautiful outlook. According to their twisted minds women should be like monkeys. Men should be like monkeys as well. They should be cruel, they should be cranky. When Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) appears- I am not saying when he comes- these would not take even a month. It would turn into  heaven on earth from hell within a fortnight. He will immediately turn that hell into heaven. 

Without  doing much, only with his cordiality and his sincerity. That is because communication is perfect. There is the internet, radio, television. Nothing is as it was in the past. That is why good things will happen.   

We have talked with the Master Masons. Masha'Allah, they actually are all over the world and hold an amazing sway over the intellectual circles. I mean they are holding sway even over the   most unexpected places, masha'Allah. Yet they have said, "It is not possible to do this on our own, Master." I mean that is not something that could be solved solely with Freemasonry or solely with this or that. They said, "This is to be done in coalescence." Brotherhood, love, peace, democracy, art, benevolence, aesthetics, decency, kindness, everything that is beautiful. Allah, all these are tried to be obstructed, that is hard to believe. Let this world be like heaven. Why should there be ignominy? Why should there be bloodshed and abusive talk? We browse the internet and see that one cursing this one, this one cursing the other. Compliment the others and let them compliment you. Add beautiful pictures, let there be beautiful people around and praise those beautiful people. I mean why should there be bloodshed in Syria? Why should Syria kill three hundred people, five hundred people? Let Damascus be a festive place, let Syria be a festive place. I am astonished to see this talent of the satan. Allah has bestowed an amazing power on satan but this time satan has bitten off more than he can chew. This time it has Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) standing on its way. The Messenger of Allah (saas) says; "Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will appear and will kill the satan and beat it down under his feet."

(Hadiths about the physical attributes of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh)) 

Abu Jafar; I asked to Mohammad Al-Baqir (pbuh); “Are you al-Qaim, [Mahdi] (pbuh)" Note how the companions are looking for the Mahdi (pbuh). But some people today are trying to cover it up and are at loss about what to do to conceal the facts. "He says, "I am a son of the Messenger of Allah (pbuh), I am come from his blood. Allah is the One Who does all He Wills." So he pretends not to understand. He says, "I repeated my question." And asked, "Are you the Mahdi (pbuh)?" And he replied, "I do know what you are trying to imply." That is just like people asking us questions frequently, "Are you the Mahdi?"  "The Mahdi, your owner, has a wide stomach." It is his hallmark, I mean he has such a feature. His stomach is wide, thighs are wide, I mean as a definitive feature.  "And he has an admirable charm." He says that he has an appeal. That is how he is if you want to recognize him, he says.  

"The Messenger of Allah  (saas) commanded;.. "  They are asking the Messenger of Allah (saas) about the Mahdi (pbuh). Note that who knows how many hundreds of times this question has been asked that our Prophet (saas) replies, and says, "Hazrat Mahdi's (pbuh) dip in between his eyebrows will be in the form of a crescent. His shoulders are broad. His teeth are bright. He has a thin and beautiful nose. His forehead is wide and bright. His shoulders are robust as a rock. His cheeks seem to be less full." So he has hollow cheeks, his cheeks are not full and convex. The Messenger of Allah (saas) says – look at the detailed information here- "when he is sleepless he sometimes looks pale." I mean he is not always ruddy, lively and fresh. "His muscles are curved and strong." So Hazrat Mahdi's biceps are strong, Masha'Allah. "His hair have curls over his ears"  So his hair curls as it grows.

It seems as though  world Masonry will assume a great task in the global reign of Islam.  I have just met with the leaders of Masons. They hold  sway over  American Masonry, over  European Masonry.  I mean this master who came to visit us is the Grand Master of the Italian Lodges. As far as I see, they are very sincere in their beliefs in Allah. They truthfully want to see the world leading toward peace, brotherhood and love. But they said, "It is apparent that this cannot be done solely through Masonry. Your contribution is very important." So it seems that Allah would make Masons, Rotarians, Rotaracts, Lions Club members and all, religious sects, religious congregations  an instrument in attaining that. 

Even though it is very easy to attain love and peace, even though it is easy to attain an joyful environment, it is being obstructed.  They are showing an effort in a way to open the way for the satan partly because they are lazy. They constantly open the way for the satan. They abide by their lower selves as well. And as a result they are turning the world upside down with the insane, aggressive spirit of a few bigots. Had there been a leader- one single leader- a leader everyone loves, he would turn the whole world into a perfect place within a month through the use of radio, television and internet.  That is because the whole point lies with ensuring their psychological welfare.  There is no problem of food, everyone has a house and a family. The only thing they do not have is happiness, people do not have joy or happiness. There is no need for a wide space to be joyful. The whole point is to have faith, joy and happiness. The whole point is about love but without belief in Allah love doesn't have any meaning. You cannot enjoy love without the love of Allah.  It is not possible to be happy without having sincere faith in Allah.  I mean then the world would turn into a nightmare. When there is a fervent, sincere love for Allah, Allah beautifies the world. 

After my last conversation with our Masonic friends I have seen how close the End Times is much more clearly.  That is because the love they have for me, their respect towards me, their interest in me is really amazing, masha'Allah. All they want is – as far as I see- to ensure the global reign of Islam and to bring peace. The point that they are interested in the global reign of Islam is love, peace, brotherhood, friendship, the stopping of bloodshed, the end of wars and the triumph of art and science.  And that is the System of the Mahdi anyway.  Freemasonry is not religious of course in the sense that we understand it, but it is a system that could provide an amazing basis for devout people, it is a structure that could provide all kinds of convenience.

(In response to a viewer's mail asking, " Iranians believe that Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will appear in the coming months. Do you agree with them?)

If those people among them are saying this reasonably with an actual fear of Allah, then that is  nice, but it is a second possibility; but they say, "Mahdi (pbuh) will enter everyone's houses, not as a voice or an image, he will personally appear every house." They say that, "He enters the rooms with his human body." They say," When we ask for something, he brings it to us," and then they say, "Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will appear." Now that is a very awkward statement. Did you not just say that Mahdi (pbuh) enters your houses, your rooms and everywhere ? So why do you say that you are still waiting for his appearance? You claim that he has appeared anyway. You claim that he has entered your house. Be honest, you are not awaiting for the Mahdi (pbuh). You are just pacifying Muslims. Satan is playing you to obstruct the way for the Mahdi (pbuh). 

(In response to the viewer's mail asking ," You have had Masons as your guest yesterday. Why do you talk to those people who have killed children, who have destroyed countries?")

I do not know that Masons kill children. I do not know that Masons destroy countries. If you could provide me evidence to prove that claim, I can investigate, think about it and ask them as well. If you are saying those after reading my books, then it is not acceptable. But if you have an original source then bring them. I mean how is it acceptable, Masonry is against violence and wars.  Aren't there any atheistic Masons, crazy Masons? Of course there are. Aren't there any Masons who worship satan? There are. I consider those Masons who believe in Allah as my friends. There are good Masons as well.  

(In response to a viewer's mail asking, "Will the Mahdi solve the ecological problems when he appears?  Will our planet turn into a livable place?")

That is one of the main characteristics of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh). Look, I have planted fruit trees all over the garden in the house I am staying in. The moment you open the door you come across  pears, apples, grapes and figs.  I love them. Why? Because I am the student of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh). We go out. There isn't even one single fruit tree. Well, what is the aim in that? I used to go to Amasya when I was a child and when I reached out from the bus I used to be able to grab one apple. Why? Because they are the sons of the Ottomans. They have been brought up with love. They have love for trees, for plants. 

Atheists, those who do not believe in Allah, would be terrified when the Name of Allah is mentioned. All the more so because they have numbed themselves with the theory of evolution, with Darwinism, realizing that Darwinism is a false belief terrifies them. That is because the fact that Darwinism is a false belief means that ALLAH exists. And the Existence of Allah means that there is Hereafter. The fear they have for Hereafter is far more than their fear of death.

(In response to a viewer's mail asking,  "Should we feel love for Israel? Should we feel hatred for Masons?)

Israel is the name of a prophet, we surely do love Israel. If you mean the Israeli state, there are good and bad people in the state of Israel. We love those who are good, we love those inoffensive ones. What do we do about the evil ones? We do not love them, and strive for them to be good. If you hate Masons, you wouldn't be acting in accordance with the Qur'an. If they are on the wrong path, you should be calling them to Islam. If they are on a wrong path, you should be calling them compassionately to Islam. If they are doing good, then they are your allies anyway. You act in unison. If they have any missing information you are charged to, "Amr bil maroof wa nahi anil munkar” [enjoining good and forbidding evil). You are not obliged to hate. Our Prophet (saas) felt compassion even towards idolaters, he felt compassion towards the People of the Book, he was communicating Islam to everyone. You cannot get somewhere with hatred. You need to do it with love, compassion, mercy, reason, science, art and beauty. 

The reason behind the fear of a communist or an atheist is the fear of believing. They feel terrified when they come face to face with  sound evidence that would make him believe.  That is because he has made a life for himself. He has denied the existence of Allah and thus he's been committing all kinds of unlawful acts, he's been doing all kinds of things that he shouldn't have done according to his mindset. And his heart is at ease because he is sure that –may Allah forbid-  Allah does not exist. He is sure that there is no Hereafter and he will not be accountable for what he has done (May Allah forbid). But then you present him such  evidence.. You present fossil evidences and the miracle behind the structure of proteins. When they see them they would be terrified and they would come to their wits' end. And they might insanely attack just for this reason. They might give a crazy struggle. You should take no notice of that, and carry on your activities here when stonewalled there, there when stonewalled here so that they would be at a loss. 

(In response to a viewer's question asking, "In the Qur'an, there is the mentioning of Samiri producing a calf from gold which made a lowing sound. How could this happen, do you have any information regarding that?")

Samiri has produced that calf statue because he had the technical know-how with the means of that period. And it is probably an airflow causing that lowing sound, a lowing sound was coming from the calf's mouth as far as I understand. He might have done it in the form of a music instrument. He might have attached it to a blower system. And as he presses it from a corner with his feet, that sound might be propagating.  

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