Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 2 August 2012


A9 TV, August 2nd, 2012

The problem in the Islamic world is lovelessness. The problem in the world also is lovelessness. They have a tremendous tendency to struggle, to quarrel. People like to curse. They like to beat and wound people. A great part of them like to kill people. They like weapons, to chop up, to threaten but when love is the issue, they are distant. The fact is however, the purpose of the creation of the universe is love. The actual purpose in heaven is love. Allah’s actual purpose is love. People find so many pretexts not to have love. There are so many rationales.

Muslims who are aware that the Day of Judgment is close very much want the Unity of Islam and they make great effort for that. As the Unity of Islam is delayed, you see that we have been receiving the news of disasters and mass killings from everywhere. There is blood, pus, and smell of gunpowder everywhere. Even in India Muslims are being killed. In Arakan Muslims are killed. There is devastation in Syria. Communists are rampant there. All the portents of the Day of Judgment appear.

Though it may be rare, a jackal, an immoral person appears everywhere. Do you know why? So that you can earn more merit. They encounter a jackal, he engages in immorlaity. For instance they have earned a thousand rewards during that day and in order to earn more, Allah feels compassion for them and inflicts that jackal upon them. So they earn a thousand more rewards. Then they earn two thousand rewards. The attacks of such mean people deepen the rewards. Satan is inflicted on them on purpose and as a result Muslims earn their rewards.

Masha’Allah, elhamdulillah. We always support our Alawite brothers in the spiritual sense Alawism is love. Alawism is profundity, it is exuberance, it is the love for human beings. It is the love for animals, love for plants. It is profundity. It is deep love and a strong attack against bigotry. In other words, it is a guarantee for Muslims. Alawites are full of love. They are very gentle, well-mannered people. They are compassionate, brave people. They have honor. They have this chracteristic for centuries. This is the main feature of our naiton, they all have it. This also holds true for Alawites.

Beautiful ladies love beautiful ladies. Beautiful ladies want to enter somewhere where there are beautiful ladies. Some of the beautiful ladies are arrogant, they are proud. But when they see women who are more beautiful than they are, they lose that pride. They become very modest. They become very close to them. They become companions. A great part of the wealthy people are also arrogant. They consider themselves to be superior to the public. Some of them have grandeur, they do not want to take other people seriously. But when they see that we are wealthy, then they become meek. Then they lose their arrogance and pride. They become more modest, they live more comfortably and listen us better. For instance those ladies with revealing clothes do not feel comfortable when they are with ladies who do not wear revealing clothes. They feel uneasy and do not feel in peace. But they feel themselves secure when they are around women wearing revealing clothes like themselves, make-up and are well-groomed, they are stylish and modern. They feel much more confident. They want to talk to them, see them. But when those bigot lot with beard and moustache who don’t wear make up and who stink like corpse and gape apprach beautiful women, they in no way take them seriously. Thus they lose the opportunity to communicate the message to them. A quality, imposing woman will never be around them. She in no way approaches them. An educated person who have a broad knowledge of culture also does not want to be around an ignorant person. He wants to be surrounded with cultured people like himself.

The world can only be saved with love. In the hereafter the purpose of paradise is love. It is also love what Allah demands from us. Everything is based upon love. The roots of the moral perfection is love; it is for attaining love. Otherwise you lose your connection from your love. You find a flaw, a mistake of him and you simply feel detached from him. Charitableness comes into existence with love. For instance you help a poor person, he loves you. You don’t tell lies and that is also for love. It is very difficult to love someone who tell lies. That person becomes someone resembling a human being. She constantly tell lies and you can not get in touch with the real one. The roots of moral perfection is always love. And the love in the world is the greatest taste. It is the thing that delights one most. Once love disappears, everywhere turns into hell. You become suffocated. Lovelessness makes one go nuts. For instance the main reason of suicides is lovelessness. The major reason why people use drugs is lovelessness. A person in love in no way needs them. Without love of Allah, love never reigns. Allah says in the Qur’an that we should have love of Allah and in return Allah will love us. Allah does not grant love in the absence of love. That is why what Muslims must pay most attention to is to give weigh to  love. It does not come into existence as a formality. People must pay due attention to it. A profound, passionate and exeburant love.

(About the ban brought by the Beijing administration on the fasting of public servants and students in East Turkistan with a population of 9 million)

We have recently gone to China; they invited us. They said, “We are very democratic, they misunderstand us.” The members of the Chinese government guided our brothers, they saw everywhere and held meetings. I said, “Spread democracy, ban executions, remove those mobile vehicles for executions so that our Muslim brothers there can enjoy freedom of speech.” Just as we were thinking that they would allow it, they put a ban on worshipping. Why does this concer you? Whoever wants can fast. A healthy person fasts. If he is sick, he won’t fast. Almighty Allah has made everything easy for people. A student, for instance, may fast or not. Would they force them to eat? This is something very abnormal.

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