Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 7 August 2012


A9 TV, August 7th, 2012

There are two important things. The first thing that our brothers and sisters should watch out for is; The Satan and the antichrist system, to prevent Islamic Union, mobilizes some Muslims we thought to be devout and many others and works crazily to this end. And they are also very eagerly working for the Great Middle East Project of the USA.  The Great Middle East Project depends on people being jealous, aggressive, hostile and loveless. American psychologists have made an assessment and said, ”The people of the middle East have  lost their religious faith. They are away from Allah, religion, Islam. These people have become racists, feel no love, no mercy and they are fully of cruelty, they are very hostile. Now how can we take advantage of that?  We can turn them against each other. We can completely break them apart. We have a great opportunity to break them apart”. That’s what they say. They say, “There is a Shi'ite group and a Sunni group. Sunnis hate Shi'ites and Shi'ites hate Sunnis.” And then there are those stupid people who hate Alawites in Turkey. They harbor so much hatred. They are loveless. Some idiots hate Kurdish people. And some foul people hate the Laz people. It is very surprising, actually because there is actually no reason for them to hate so much.  They don’t even know what they hate or why they do it. They just hate. So they want to tear the Middle East into pieces by taking advantage of these foolish people.

For example, they now want to incite this hatred in the Middle East, the hatred in Syria, the Sunni-Alawite tension. They are complete bigots. Some of them hate the ladies without headscarves, and it’s such a strong hatred. If a headscarf was incumbent upon men, they would have definitely found a way out of it. It’s very interesting, they always found a way to get a way out it when there is something that’s difficult for them in religious orders; they always came up with invented fatwas. 

Because they know that Mahdi system has a unifying feature, America, this time, all of a sudden became deeply occupied with the elimination of the system of Mahdi. These are the American experts, European experts, these are the people who know the Middle East and the Mahdi system very well. They are specialists. These specialists say, “If people embrace the ideal of Mahdi, the thought of Mahdi, whether they are Kurdish, Turkish or Alawites, they unify. Jafarites, Shias, Wahabbis all unite. Since this is a unifying power, what is the issue that will eliminate our idea of disunion?” They say, “Then, eliminate the system of Mahdi with all your might.” They first thought of discarding Bediuzzaman. They noticed that Bediuzzaman has enclosed everywhere and there is no way to ignore him. Then they writhed for some while, and I confronted them. They tried to avoid Prophet Jesus (as), the Mahdi system and they are interrelated, so it became a mess for them. We also confronted them there. Now they are in a stage of writhing. Otherwise they would have already accomplished the Grand Middle East Project. It had to have been accomplished by now. They can not  accomplish it in any way.

Without love, the reign of Islam over the world is impossible. The world will perish without love, let me say it.  Europe has experienced a downfall in the economic sense. America has already experienced a downfall. The world is proceeding towards a disaster.  China is all but bankrupt ; in a few years time the Chinese economy will face a downfall. And a great disaster is awaiting the humanity. There is no solution other than the Mahdi system.

If our Muslim brothers are wanting the Unity of Islam, and want this grand Middle East Project to be devastated, they have to learn about the Mahdi system with al their might and speak of it to everyone.

The Mahdi system is a system that embraces and loves everyone.

Alawites are an expression of love, compassion, mercy, beauty, companionship and profundity. Against bigotry and the bigot mindset, our Alawite brothers form a  bastion.

Cemevis are mosques; mosques are cemevis. This is said in the sense that we are of the same, we are brothers . They are our dear brothers. If they wish, they can come to mosques; mosques are theirs and so do the cemevis. The entire country is theirs. But we do not agree in people’s intervention. They can fulfill every sort of their acts of worship. They can sing the Alawite songs they wish, they are really breathtaking and beautiful. They are people that spread beauty to every corner. Love for animals, plants and profundity are the amazing beauties of Alawites. In the time of Mahdi our Alawite brothers will be extremely comfortable, peaceful and joyful.

( About the Gospel and the Torah)

In the Qur’an, Allah praises the Torah, but they hate the Torah. Are you insane? While Allah praises the Gospel in the Qur'an, they hate it. They have gone nuts. The just parts of the Gospel are light, they are relief and beauty. It talks about love, brotherhood and forgiveness. It makes mention of loving Allah with great exuberance. Do not read those parts that are corrupted; you can discern them from the provisions of the Qur'an. When you are on the road, you do not go and lay under the cars, you follow the main road but you still use the road. You know the side roads also. Similarly you have to know how to read the Gospel. Those parts that are just, that are compatible with the Qur'an are acceptable.

The trinitarian creed  stems from the misinterpretation of some of the provisions of the Gospel, because at that time Allah presents Himself as the “Father”. Allah employs such a way of addressing so that they can feel love for Allah. Allah says, “You are my sons” to deepen their love. This is not a father-son relation in the literal sense of the word, but as symbolism. Prophet Jesus (as) also did not utter this in the real sense of divinity. “We are all the sons of Allah and I am a son of Allah”, he says. He can say this, according to the Gospel. For instance, he can say, “Allah is our Father.” It also has a meaning of love. He is our Master, He feeds us, He takes care of us, He helps us when we are sick. This is an expression that encourages love, so that people can understand.

Alawites are very mature. They are people of sound mind, they think rationally, they know how to struggle against bigotry and they are people who experience love exuberantly. They are very amicable. They utter good words and address very well. They love one another very much. They have great love for ladies. They candidly desire the freedom of women.  Ladies remain together with the gentlemen during the samah. They do not degrade women like some of the bigots do . Women are very precious for Alawites; they love and respect them very much. They treat them kindly. Alawites are very fond of their honor and chastity. So are our Sunni brothers but in every community there are these bigots .

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