Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 11 June 2012


A9 TV,  June 11th,2012

(Following the martyrdom of 10 members of the Tebliğ community by Buddhist extremists  in Burma, increasing numbers of attacks against the Arakan Muslims are taking place. Some 200 Muslims are reported to have been killed. Eighty percent of the 51 million population of Burma are Buddhists. Muslims are forced to convert and oppressed by Buddhists.)

Buddhists are gentle, not aggressive. Could there be a mistake here? The military might do it. They are psychopathic. They have nothing to do with Buddhism. The military will not tell them to become Buddhists. The military detest them just because they are Muslims. That is the issue. They also belittle and kill Buddhists. Let us identify who the commander is there and warn him off. They must have found a suitable climate there if nobody is saying anything against it. In fact, they are very cowardly. They will be terrified if they think they are going to be identified and exposed. They need to be warned off via NATO. Let us publish the man’s name and picture. Then he will not be able to bully anyone. But they do all kinds of vile things when all is quiet.

A great part of the armies of the world are very ferocious, in other words, they are under the command of the dajjal. The Qur’an refers to “Pharaoh and his armies.” Armies are generally the system of the dajjal. They are used for immorality. Armies are always under the control of the godless. That is always how it has been. They have only rarely been able to escape the dajjal or not come under the influence of the dajjal, such as the Turkish Army.

(General Than Shwe, who had been in the Burmese administration since 1992, was a most repressive dictator who caused 250,000 to be exiled. He also repressed the Buddhists. They constantly returned him to power.)

Let us report this to NATO and other organizations. Let us see what measures can be taken. Let us call on NATO to become involved. Our Muslims brothers can bring this up, of course. The Egyptian press, the Saudi press and the like, of course.  My brother, simple problems become so very difficult without the Mahdi (pbuh). If we say the Syrian press should publish it, then that is a big problem in Jordan. You cannot get it to appear in the Egyptian press. Yet if there were a movement of the Mahdi bringing Muslim countries together, then you could pick up the phone and say, “What is going on there?” And they would apologize. What else could they say?

(In response to a mail from a viewer saying, “When did you meet Madonna?”)

On Saturday, June 9th (2012).

(Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov for the first time issued a statement to the effect that that Assad has to go, and said, "If the Syrian people are agreed that Assad should go, then we will be delighted by that. However, we will never agree to any external intervention.”)

It is nothing to do with his (Bashar al-Assad) going. But the secret state has to go. He can just sit in a corner somewhere. They are not doing it at his command. It is the army that is evil in Syria. Imagine the alleged terror organization Ergenekon as a whole army. It is made up of crazies and psychos. A lot of it. There are of course some devout types in it; there are people who fear Allah, but the wicked are in charge. So this cannot be resolved through Assad. It will not come to an end with him. They can get rid of him, but that is no salvation. There needs to be free elections. They will still do evil there. The situation is very dangerous. That will end if NATO sends in observers and establishes security and watches over the ballot boxes if free elections are held. NATO needs to ensure security until a new government is established. The rest is easy. The government can then do the rest. But Rasulullah (saas) said that there will be disorder and much bloodshed in Syria before the way of the Mahdi (pbuh) and that is just what is happening.

(About Mr. Adnan Oktar’s meeting with Madonna)

There is one thing about Madonna that people are largely unaware of. She is someone who loves Allah. She wants world peace, she wants the world to be united and she is a great admirer of the King Messiah, Shiloh. She is awaiting the Mahdi. She loves the Mahdi. So she was very excited and happy, since she knows that we will also do intense research on these subjects, and that we also love the Mahdi. I saw that, I saw it in her eyes. The people around Madonna believe in the coming of the King Messiah. She is a student of the Kabbala, as you know. I have spoken with the Kabbalist leader, Yehuda Berg, many times. He likes me very much. He has come here several times. Yehuda Berg was instrumental in Madonna coming here, to Istanbul. But I went at Madonna’s invitation.

(In response to a mail from a viewer asking, “Why did you give Madonna such expensive gifts? Was it worth it? Is she disposed to becoming a Muslim?”)

The Prophet Solomon (pbuh) gave fine presents to the Queen of Sheba, as you know. He did not receive gifts, he gave them. Rather than being expensive, my gifts were educational, reminders, with a message, highly symbolic.

(Regarding a mail form a viewer saying, “In an earlier clip Madonna trod on grapes and the letters of the Qur’an.”)

She can crush grapes. It was wrong to tread on those Arabic letters, because that gave the idea that she was treading on the Qur’an but she is not a person who will not listen to reason. Of course that was a mistake, unnecessary. But she is not immune to reason.

(In response to a mail from a viewer asking, “Why do you praise the Jews?”)

If they have good sides, of course I will praise them. Why not? If a Mason has a good side, I will praise that. I will praise a communist’s good side. But I also criticize their bad sides. All right, according to the Qur’an and the hadiths, Israel will remain in that region. The commandment regarding Israel is set out in the Torah and the Qur’an. They are also the servants of Allah and descended from the prophets. What do you want me to say? Should I say, “They will hide behind rocks and mountains. Kill them where you find them.”?  That is what you want, isn’t it? But I do not say that. I will resolve it with love, affection and compassion.

One very seldom hears anyone expressing love, respect, or affection or trust in women who do not cover their heads, or saying they are 100% Muslim. But this needs to be widely heard. I never hear people say that they are believers, pious, normal Muslims who fear Allah, that they are our sisters. The rights of women who cover up are always defended. Most of them regard them as cursed. Some people do not, but they remain silent. That is no good. They must walk arm in arm as sisters. That is what happens if you split up into groups, with women who cover up in one place, and those who do not somewhere else. They must all be together.

(In response to a mail from a viewer saying, “Do women who do not cover up incite feelings of lust in men?”)

Men also inspire feelings of lust in women. But  with reason and conscience they regard them as sisters. So they can be at ease. Women’s lust is more powerful. Women have a much greater power to affect men but they do not express it openly. They use their will power. Allah forbids adultery. So we must use our reason. This means that a Muslim will be strong, but naturally with desires. But he will control himself for Allah’s sake. Muslim women will also have strong desires, but they will also control themselves for Allah’s sake. That is how we earn merit. That is why we say they are chaste.


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