Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 18 June 2012


A9 TV,  June 18th, 2012

(In response to the question, “Before the death of Rasulullah (saas), who witnessed the transmission of this information, and how was it heard?”)

These conversations took place through revelation during the time of our Prophet’s (saas) sickness. Gabriel’s (pbuh) words came through revelation. Azrael’s (pbuh) words are all through revelation. In receiving revelation, our Prophet (saas) would not be in a state of consciousness. He would lose consciousness. He says that. Allah asks, “How are you?” “Ask him how he is,” he says, through Gabriel (pbuh). “I say I am in an unconscious state,” he says. What does that mean? A comatose state. But he is not always in a comatose state; he emerges from it. And when he emerges from it, he says; “Gabriel (pbuh) told me these things.” But this is not revelation that will appear in the Qur’an. That is different. Allah tells him, “Say…” for instance. The time that will appear in the Qur’an is different. There is also revelation that does not go down in the Qur’an. Special information that comes to the Prophet (saas). That information is special. He says it to the Companions and people around. Those conversations are public. For example, he says his last words are “Refik-i Ala Yarabbi.” ( “O Allah, with the supreme communion.”) That is public. People heard it. But before his death, our sweet Prophet (saas) perspired because since that is the test, “...the throes of death are very severe.” The death throes. Of course, the death throes are acceptable, but since he is a prophet he makes a point of it. He says it deliberately, as if to say he is not receiving any special treatment. Otherwise our Prophet (saas) would not say such a thing.

There is revelation that comes to our Prophet (saas) in the form of an angel.

“Appearing in the true form of an angel,” in other words, Gabriel (pbuh) and Azrael (pbuh) bring and reading Allah’s commandment to our Prophet (saas). In their true forms. “Gabriel (pbuh) brought revelation in this form twice. The first was at the beginning of his prophethood.” A verse refers to his appearing on the horizon, drawing closer and closer, the distance an arrow can fly, then closer still like. In his true form, Gabriel’s (pbuh) wings fill the horizon. Our Prophet (saas) fainted when he first saw this sight, when he received that first revelation. He could not go home, he was trembling all over. For a long time he was unable to come to his senses. His wife helped him. “The Prophet (saas) fainted. The second was in the events of the Miraj. As proof of this, may be cited the verse, “Another time he saw him beside the  Sidretu'l-Munteha [the lotus tree in the seventh heaven] (Najm, 53/12).”

Then there is Rasulullah (saas) speaking with Almighty Allah in a state of wakefulness. “There is no intermediary in such talks. This is how the namaz (prayer) becomes a religious obligation. The following verse may be cited regarding revelation coming in this way: Allah spoke directly to Moses." (Surat an-Nisa, 164).

“There is Gabriel bringing revelation to our Prophet (saas) while he slept.” In a comatose state. By sleep, it does not mean the sleep we are familiar with, because in his state of sleep he is fully aware. He is asleep but fully aware. “Surat al-Kauthar reports that it descended in that way.”

“There is the angel of revelation bestowing revelation in his heart while Rasulullah (saas) is in a state of sleep.” It comes to his heart as a voice while he is asleep. “This form of revelation is reported as follows in the hadiths: "The Holy Spirit breathed into my heart, saying, 'No spirit will die without consuming its sustenance.' So fear Allah and seek His sustenance by legitimate means." He hears a voice. But not a voice from the outside.

Gabriel also brought revelation to our Prophet (saas) by assuming the form of a young man or human being. For example, he comes in the form of Hazrat Dikhaye. “Read a verse from the Qur’an,” he says. Our Prophet (saas) reads it. “You have spoken it right,” he says. The Companions were amazed. He left. They imagined he was Hazrat Dikhaye. “O Rasulullah, who was that?” they asked. “That was my brother Gabriel,” he replied. Recitation from the Qur’an begins after that; he recites and is told he has recited correctly. The Companions are amazed, but this is not such as to eliminate the need for the use of free will.

The angel also brings revelation to our Prophet (saas) without being seen at all. “Our Prophet (saas) heard a sound like a bell. This is the most grave form of revelation. This form of revelation is limited to verses that threaten or promise. Rasulullah (saas) describes this form of revelation as follows: "It sometimes comes with a sound like a bell.” But he hears it; he hears a sound like a loud bell. “This is the gravest form to reach me." “The Prophet (saas) trembles at the coming of such revelation,” his whole body starts trembling “...he perspired and became uncomfortable. When that started, the Companions would cover our Prophet’s (saas) face with a cloth.” Revelation begins while he is conversing with the Companions, and they then cover him up. “In a hadith related from Ibn Abbas, we are told that the Prophet (saas) had difficulty in memorizing the verses and moved his lips when he recited them.” Our sweet Prophet (saas) constantly tries to keep the verses memorized. All these long verses are memorized. Normally that would be impossible for anyone. This is also a miracle. Do not move your tongue trying to hasten it. Its collection and recitation are Our affair. So when We recite it, follow its recitation.

Allah says this. Recite it in your head, and I will preserve it, He says. Do not repeat it to memorize it. (Surat al-Qiyamah, 16-18)

“Revelation also comes roaring like a bell.” Like a loud roaring, like you sometimes hear when a car goes by. But only our Prophet (saas) hears it. “The loud sound heard is either the voice of the angel or the beating of its wings.” The angels beating their wings creates a loud roaring sound. “The wisdom in this is to enable the Prophet (saas) to collect himself and prepare his heart and to leave no possibility of his ears and heart being busy with anything other than the angel of revelation.” He can hear no other sound. There is just this loud roaring. Allah places a wall before all other sound waves. Only the sound of revelation is audible. Allah severs all other audible connections to the outside. And this is a miracle.

(In response to a mail from a viewer saying, “I have heard there are 73 types of interest.”)

There could be 173 types, it is still unlawful. There might be thousands of types of prostitution. It is still unlawful. There may be thousands of kinds of wine, but they are all unlawful. There is no need to get into the detail. Religion is not about drowning in detail.

(In response to a mail from a viewer saying, “I am trying to maintain my faith. Can you help me?”)

Look, these beads or this pen are created inside the brain. When you have a look at them you say, “What a wonderful factory must have made these.” In other words, “They cannot have appeared by chance.” Now how does this creation happen? It is created inside the brain. No factory makes them. How can a factory produce an image in your brain? Show me such a factory. And you cannot see the original on the outside. You just believe it exists. If you have faith it was made in a factory, then you have to believe in the existence of Allah. So if you have faith, wondering whether you believe or not is mere skepticism. In fact, it would be impossible for you not to believe, even if you so wished. Nobody has the power not to have faith. They all believe, but the say, “I do not believe.” They say that out of obstinacy or wickedness, but they all believe. Someone says, “I do not believe.” But his brain is saying, “I believe.” The brain does not take him seriously. So he will have to go along with his brain, and soul.

(In response to a mail from a viewer saying, “I am trying to obtain information about you from numerous sources. Although the media say many negative things, I think that certain things are done out of very pure intentions.”)

What kind of negative things do people say? “He is a womanizer.” These things have the reek of envy. Wealth gives rise to envy, good looks give rise to envy. People are unhappy with their own lives. They look and they see someone has wealth and happiness and strength and love and has a good time. And they lack them all. That really annoys them. So what do they do? They spread stories. But that just makes me stronger and spreads my name. People do not heed those words. They listen to the truth, to sincerity.

Children also need to have problems as part of the test. Otherwise there will be no need for free will.

Believers are the best-quality, most rational, most sincere and most immaculate people in the world. Muslims always do what is best and the most correct. The Qur’an is our guide to the most rational course of action.

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