Highlights from Mr. Adnan Okar's interview on 31 August 2012


A9 TV,  August 31st, 2012

(The Debkafile web site, known for its links to Israeli Intelligence, has suggested that Russia has withdrawn its military presence from Syria.)

 That is a good thing because Syria has no policy of humanity, compassion and affection. Democracy must come to Syria. And liberty. The days of regimes handed down from father to son are over. Democracy and liberty must come. People must be governed as they wish. They should unite with Turkey. Let us embrace one another and live side by side as brothers. I am not saying that figures from the regime should be lined up in front of the firing squad or anything. I am not saying there should be any revenge taken. Only that this disgrace must come to an end. 

(Egyptian President Muhammed Mursi has strongly criticized the Assad regime. “Our humanity and our faith require us to stand beside the Syrian people against the cruel Syrian regime,” he said.)

My dear one. Our teacher, Mursi. All Syria must be freed. Why do you not say one word about Islamic Unity? Always selfish statements. “Freedom for Syria, Freedom for Palestine.” Palestinians stand up and make statements; “Palestine must be freed at once!” But why is the freedom of the Islamic world not such an urgent matter? Why not Islamic Unity? They say not a word about Islamic Unity. So Allah visits these scourges upon them. Look, you never hear any state officials, not one person, saying, “These scourges would not exist if we had Islamic Unity. We need Islamic unity at once.” It's as if their tongues would drop off. They are terrified.

The greatest obligation of all is Islamic Unity. That will eliminate all afflictions and sicknesses and problems. There would be no more  Assad problem. There would be no more disorder and policy of oppression in Iraq. You would not have this disorder in Libya. There would be no more oppression in Afghanistan. The sufferings in Moro, Chad, Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria would come to an end. There would be no more economic crisis. But they insist on avoiding Islamic Unity and are unwilling even to mention it because if they talk about Islamic Unity they will also have to talk about the Mahdi (pbuh), and since they all make different claims about [being] the Mahdi (pbuh) they are unwilling to speak about it. Don’t be afraid. If you are sincere, then speak about Islamic Unity. What kind of Muslim are you? You talk about oppression. But why not about the oppression in the Islamic world? Is Syria the only place where there is oppression? Always Syria, Syria, Syria. They should talk about the whole Islamic world. Does Almighty Allah distinguish between Syria and Iraq in the Qur’an? He always addresses the Ummah, the community of Islam, en masse. Allah speaks to all Muslims. This person Mursi should talk about Islamic Unity. His tongue will not drop off, so he need not fear.

(Turkish daily Sözcü said this in its headline story regarding our Syrian brothers who have fled to Turkey because of the persecution by the Assad regime, “The Syrians who are such a problem for us are given free electricity, food and water and even money.”)

This is a shameful way to treat our guests! They have come here to save their lives. It is unbecoming of a Muslim to use such humiliating language and cast aspersions upon people who have sought refuge with us and ask our protection. This is a very wrong thing to say. Ugly and unbecoming! And also, what is it to them? We are hospitable as a nation. We help the weak and needy. We are a compassionate nation. As a nation we wish to protect people. If you do not want that, then don’t worry your head about it. That is your character. But as a nation we are compassionate and want to protect people. We are delighted to rescue them. We are delighted to free them from suffering and danger. What you are saying means you think they should go back to be tortured alongside those they left behind. And that is unbecoming.

(Mustafa Özcan Hodja started today’s piece with the caption “The waves of atheism that are striking Jeddah.” He then said, “Even the deaf sultan has heard of an atheistic wave in Jeddah, and that this has become an organized network among young people. To what must we ascribe the way that a city just 60 km from Mecca should have become thousands of kilometers away in spiritual terms, the way that Jeddah has become foreign to Mecca?”) 

All right, Darwinism is taught in Saudi Arabia. Darwinism and materialism are taught in Turkey. And in Iran. People have adopted Darwinism and materialism as the philosophy of state. Then they look and see that Iran is a communist country. I used to think it was an Islamic republic. But no, there is a communist regime there. People in Saudi Arabia are fed up with bigotry. There is such  horrible bigotry there that they are finally surrendering to atheism instead. That is the danger of bigotry. People leap out of bigotry and into atheism. Out of the frying pan, into the fire, in other words. That is why I say it is so important for Darwinism and materialism to be eliminated. Bigots do not regard the elimination of Darwinism and materialism as important. Nor do some ignorant Muslims. Muslims with no knowledge of anything do not regard it as important. That is why Darwinism continues to blow its own trumpet. Thanks be to Allah, we have got rid of it from Turkey. But it is still a global danger.

Darwinism dominates the Islamic world, in Morocco, Tunisia, Libya and Algeria, for example. It predominates in Egypt. The Egyptian people are devout believers, but they have done all they can to espouse Darwinism. Young people are putting up a huge resistance in Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria. They literally espouse Darwinism as a religion. Moroccan, Tunisian and Algerian students are resisting even in France. Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria are all in the hands of communists. The Islamic world has been surrendered to communism. They are only now beginning to free themselves. That is what the Arab Spring is. They are only now beginning to overthrow that communist occupation. The people in Syria are now opposing that communist occupation. Some people in Turkey support the communist occupation in Syria. That is quite amazing. Well done to the hodja for noting a scourge. Many people are unaware of it.

(In response to a viewer who asks, “Why do you talk about vermin?”)

Allah’s artistry appears in vermin and insects, too. And in the human cell. Allah’s artistry is in all living things. In animals and plants. If you have no love and are ignorant of beauty, then you will feel no need to examine Allah’s artistry. You close your eyes and imagine that everything has been resolved. Then you find you are excluded and nobody takes you seriously. You do not talk to anyone. Always hatred and exclusion. If you are loveless, other people will not love you. That is no good. You foolishly despise things created by Allah and regard them as vermin. That is foolish. Allah creates them with artistry and with beauty. Allah creates them so we will like them and then see His wisdom. But you dismiss them as vermin. You dismiss trees as just plants. And you do not take people seriously. That is no good. Lovelessness destroys your soul. So you are then unable to love Allah. Look, Saudi Arabia has surrendered to the irreligious. Iran is in the hands of communists. That mentality has brought them to where they are now. If your heads were on straight, Saudi Arabia would not have ended up like this. Iran would not be like this. This mentality of yours just brings them down, and people become irreligious as a result, and in secret. You teach hatred and lovelessness and you act in a wrong way.

(In response to a mail from a viewer who says, “Some people say, ‘The most trustworthy books after the Qur’an are those of Muslim and Bukhari.’ How accurate is that?”)

Of course Bukhari and Muslim are some of the more reliable hadiths. Bukhari, Muslim, Tirmidhi, Ibn-i Majah, Sunen-i Nesai, Sunen-i DawuBut only so long as they do not conflict with the Qur’an. If they conflict with the Qur’an, they are not trustworthy hadiths.

(About Turkish Foreign Minister Davutoğlu’s words of criticism of the U.N. Security Council and its members spoken at the Council assembly)

The communist bloc, the Socialist International, Iran, China and all communists support Syria. Allah says in one verse that the disbelievers  are a single nation. There are those who support it out of ignorance, and those who want to be led. But the communist bloc, the disbelievers in other words, knowingly supports Syria with all its might. The thing to do is, rather than saying that kind of thing, to deal a lethal blow to Darwinism and materialism across the world.

The U.N is not going to listen to that. The U.N. is full of communist countries. They are very happy with the communist regime in Syria. The UN does not want to see Muslims in charge there. There is a system that keeps Muslims down. What more can they want? Why should they want such a thing? There is no point in expecting any good to come from the U.N. Goodness will come from Islamic Unity and Turkish-Islamic Union. From our loving and protecting one another. From our embracing all our brothers, without distinguishing between Sunnis and Alawites. People in the U.N have a totally different mentality. You ask, “Should there be a socialist/communist system there, or should Muslims be in charge?” And they will say, “Communists should be in charge.” You say, “They are oppressing Muslims,” and they reply, “Jolly good, too. Let them carry on doing so” because they have this idea about what Muslims are and what being a Muslim means. When the word Muslim  is mentioned, they conjure up an image of the bigots in Saudi Arabia, or some of them think of the bigots in Afghanistan, or in Europe. Horrible people like that. They are unaware that a true Muslim is full of love, that he is modern and high-quality and attaches great importance to art and science, that Muslims are in favor of democracy. And because of that ignorance, they hate them. Look, they make people put posters up in various countries. They depict Muslims as terrorists. And when they do that, they say, “Why did you say that?” But bigots are terrorists. So they are right. When they speak of bigots, they are speaking of terrorists. Terrorists opposed to your own brothers. They want to kill and slaughter Muslims. We must oppose these immoral types and point to modern, high-quality Muslims who are full of love. Then Europeans will be able to relax.

(About the leading Lebanese Shiite scholar Sayyid Muhammed Hasan al-Amin saying that people need to be on the side of the oppressed against the oppressors)

He is a man of good conscience and spoke very well. But the threat of bigotry in the Islamic world is a terrible scourge. America is thinking hard what it can do about it. A hatred has begun enfolding the world. Bigots hate them, and they hate the bigots. The solution to these immoral and hateful types is the system of the Mahdi and Islamic Unity.

(About young Israelis meeting up with young Iranians in Munich and holding up placards saying, “We are not willing to die in war. Iranians, we will never bomb your country. We love you.”)

Some of them are perverts, and some are uneasy because they cannot drink and take drugs. Anyone looking at them might think they were genuinely in favor of peace. These people do not say they are doing this for Allah’s sake, in the name of religion and humanity. They are worried about their own comfort. That is no good. They will not listen to such words. The essential thing is for all Muslims to support Jesus the Messiah (pbuh) and the system of the Mahdi so the whole world can be as brothers. A movement that does not support the Mahdi, that does not support Jesus the Messiah (pbuh) is effectively serving the way of the dajjal, whether it realizes the fact or not.



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