Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 02 November 2012


Faith and religion make people very fine. But true religion, not backwardness and bigotry. The Qur’an and being a Muslim produce a wondrous beauty. Beauty of mind, beauty of soul, abundance, happiness and joy.


(Russia Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov renewed his support for Syrian head of state Bashar Assad. Lavrov emphasized that Assad being removed from power was no solution, and said; “The people of Syria must determine Assad’s future. If Assad’s removal from power is some people’s priority, that will mean the bloodshed in Syria continuing. And the violence will increase if Assad steps down.”)

But they must produce a leader in Syria, the name of someone who can be a leader. A moderate. A loving and reasonable person must stand up and say, “I am a leader, I am ready.” They may be very uneasy when it is unclear who will be the leader. He must say, “This will be my perspective toward Europe, and this will be my attitude toward this or that.” He must say things that set people at ease. Assad can go; he must be removed in a moderate and easy way, one that will not humiliate him. It is no good making him uneasy and threatening his life. There needs to be a solution to that. That is why Assad and Iranian leaders, the prime minister for example, and our own Prime Minister could meet in Jordan. They can tell him, “The system here is no good. This structure is no good. Let us change it. Take your wife and children and bring them here. Stay in Jordan. Or come to Turkey if you like. There needs to be a democratic election guaranteed by us all. There must be a good and happy election and everyone must go along with the result.” I mean, everything can be settled with warmth and love. They need to approach matters with love and warmth. An official, cold way of talking will be frightening. We must renounce that old, classic model.

An official style is very off-putting. We need to resolve it sincerely. Assad is now afraid for his life, and that of his family. “We are going to kill you,” they are saying. So if a person is afraid for his life, he will become aggressive and terrifying. So can this tension be turned into affection? Yes, it can. No problem.


(Following the Castle of Ajyad, the Saudi administration is now destroying the al-Nabawi Mosque, which contains the tomb of our Prophet (saas), under the pretext of expansion work to some areas. Ahmet Hakan writes on this subject; “Experts are alarmed that this work could damage the tomb of our Prophet (saas). The Saudi administration record regarding respect for tombs is not a good one and there is a likelihood it will be insensitive on this subject as well.” He calls on the government to send a message to the Saudi king.)

There is something wrong. Anyone can do what he feels like in the absence of Islamic Unity. Pain, suffering, unease and tension are all over the world. Saudi Arabia, Mecca and Medina belong to all Muslims but they currently belong to the Saudi regime. They say, “They are ours.” There is something wrong here. But getting angry is no good, of course. It can be resolved through Islamic Unity. They are our brothers. We need affection and compassion. Love is what is most missing from the world. One must approach matters with love. One must concentrate on love. Love and affection are attributes a Muslim must never abandon. Whatever the price because shaytan always wants to turn people away from love. He wants to lift the affection from them. He wants to bring them rage and hatred. But love is the loveliest thing. It is the greatest blessing from Allah, and we must insist on emphasizing love. If they try to take it away, we must still follow after it. If you take a candy from a child he will wiggle about and try to get it back. Muslims must never abandon love. No matter what. And in order for love to emerge, there needs to be fear of Allah and love of Allah because a love that is not based on love of Allah will not last. How much can you love someone’s flesh and bone? And flesh and blood are mortal. But if you base it on love of Allah it will be really delightful. It is very important to maintain love. One can love a transient person, and very strongly. But for how long? Until the end of life. That is just desire. Loving with determination and insistence, and expanding it and strengthening it and seeing its good sides, these are attributes of paradise.

A woman needs to be intelligent and tasteful and artistic to be well-groomed because the body is a raw material. But it becomes perfect if an intelligent person works on it. If a woman has understanding she will equip herself with love, knowledge, intelligence, culture and breeding, and will beautify herself with a deep fear and love of Allah. And she will make her body beautiful through scrupulous care within that same logic. But butterflies have no such need. They already have their own make-up and bright colors. Insects and bees are brightly polished, as if they had been varnished, even if they walk through mud or dust. They are still as bright and shiny as if they had just left the factory. No dust sticks to them. But human beings are not like that. They need great care and an artistic spirit to be beautiful.

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