Highlights from Adnan Oktar's interview dated 21 August 2010

  • Turkey’s strength lies in its spirituality and religious devotion. Turkey is not a wealthy country, but the nation has a rich heart. It is loyal, altruistic and protective. Even if in straitened circumstances itself it will hasten to the aid of others. It will ignore its own needs but seek the best for others. It is just. That is why the West says that Turkey is getting richer. Because in spiritual terms, Turkey is growing stronger by the day, loves Allah more every day and becomes even more devout.


  • The joy and beauty of faith is another way of saying loving Allah very much, and that will occur fully in the age of the Mahdi.


  •  It is not more mosques, or a large number of mosques that matters. What matters is a rise in the number of sincere, cultured, noble, high-quality Muslims possessed of taqwa. It is very important to raise good Muslims and for there to be people passionately devoted to Allah, and only then are mosques at all meaningful, rather than being mere blocks of stone.


  • Our brothers must write to the Uzbek government, saying there is no need for them to be alarmed by the students of the Nur. Bediüzzaman is someone who would never hurt a fly. All our brothers of the Nur act with love and warmth. There is nothing therefore for the Uzbek administration to be nervous of. On the contrary, their activities are to the benefit of Uzbekistan.


  • An honest person who never lies is a great blessing. If a person never lies then one establishes direct contact with that person’s soul. This is miraculous, very great and a very significant power.

2010-09-04 19:07:14

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