Highlights from Adnan Oktar's 29 August 2010 interview

Kanal Avrupa, 29 August 2010          

I address the heart of the matter. People’s greatest problem at the moment is sincere faith, having genuine faith in Allah. Unless a person has genuine faith, their prayers or fasting or giving of alms may not be acceptable. Allah speaks in the Qur’an of people’s actions being for nothing.

Do you know what fighting until the religions is Allah’s only and corruption disappears from the Earth means? It means that you must strive until corruption disappears from the Earth, spending all your time on that struggle, apart from eating and drinking.

They want to cover up the subject of the Mahdi, but it is not something that can be covered up. This century is a very important one. It has been a century in which we have seen the most severe forms of irreligion and bloodshed. This bloodshed started with the World War I and still continues. This system of denial, of disbelief, must absolutely be abolished and brought to an end.

Even if there were no hadith, with wisdom and conscience it is readily understood that this system of irreligion should absolutely be demolished and that it certainly has an opposite. That is why hypocrites want to swamp people in detail. They want to divert Muslims from struggle, the intellectual struggle, by swamping them with detail about the Mahdi. Or people with sickness in their hearts also do this, though it is basically the work of satan.

Satan does not want Islam to rule the world in this century . He only wants disbelief to rule. That is why satan incites some ignorant Muslims. He also directs some sly satans. There are currently many satans at work in the guise of human beings. They are working hard to stop Islam ruling the world and to prevent the establishment of Islamic Union, Turkish-Islamic Union.

Islam is very easy. Allah’s rules are easy. Moral virtue is also easy. Allah does not want difficulty. But struggle (the intellectual struggle) is of course hard, and seems very difficult to the hypocrite. He will carry wood or bear physical burdens, but he is unwilling to engage in struggle (the intellectual struggle). They built mosques in the time of our Prophet (saas). Building mosques is hard work, and they walked a long way to it. But the hypocrite will never struggle or preach the word or get involved with regards to love of Allah, making others love Allah or uniting Muslims into a single body. The hypocrite may get up in the morning and pray. There are also Ramadan hypocrites. The hypocrite needs to be seen. That is why they hint, through facial expressions, how worn out they are from fasting and then pull out their prayer beads. But if you mention about causing Islam to prevail across the world, that is the hypocrite’s weak spot. He will never consider causing people to love Allah or encouraging Muslims to collect around a single spiritual leader and act as one body.

The hypocrite is devoted to his family but not to his Muslim brothers. His devotion to his family is on the condition that he acquires power. He loves his mother but so that the inheritance from his father comes to him. He waits patiently for the death of his father and grandfather so that he inherits.

It is always irreligion that lies behind murders. It is impossible for someone who believes in Allah to commit murder  and such things are part of the character of the hypocrite. Some may do because they are mentally ill, but most people kill because they are hypocrites.

They employ a satanic logic when they claim that Hazrat Mahdi (as) is a collective personality. My apologies to those who do so honestly but out of ignorance. Satan says, “All right, that may be what the hadiths and the Qur’an say, but we can also look at it from this perspective. And do you know what that perspective states? All these mujaddid (reviver) have come and gone.
Bediuzzaman served the faith very well, as did Abdul-Qadir Gilani  on that subject, and also Imam-i Rabbani. But how can Hazrat Mahdi (as) be a human being who does what they could not and make the moral values of Islam rule the world, something that even our Prophet (saas) could not do?” That is satan’s logic. 

Bediuzzaman says, “if there are three separate Mahdis, then there is no true Mahdi.” “In order to be the true Mahdi one must fully discharge the three duties in the field of religious affairs, politics and governance.”

There is now a war between that logic and reason. Satan uses that logic, while we use the Qur’an, the hadiths and good conscience. Logic drags people down while good conscience raises them up. Hypocrites and satan are masters of logic, but Muslims are rational and of good conscience.

Satan’s stratagem is very clever, and his main weapon is logic. Satan will behave more intensely and expertly in the End Times. Satan says, “Do not fight a battle in this heat.” Logic says there should be no battle in the heat. Satan is a master of logic. “Be logical and don’t get carried away,” he says. So a person does not pray or fast even if he had intended to. Instead of taking many books from a library, he takes just two.
Satans will enter the community of the Mahdi under the guise of human beings. You think they were born of human parents, but they are satans. They are born of parents, but they are satans. The young person who is killed in the story of Hazrat Khidr (as) was a satan. They seem normal up to a certain age, but then satan enters their souls.

Zealotry easily enters and spreads among people. Belief in the trinity has spread very quickly in Christianity. Jews do not live by true Judaism. Judaism has more than 660 essential conditions, but when we ask how all these can be fulfilled, they say, “The Mahdi will arrange it all when he comes.” They do not really fulfill them.

Iblis will accuse Hazrat Mahdi (as) of weakening the religion.
As our Prophet (saas) said, and as Imam-i Rabbani also said, that fanatic will appear in Istanbul and will accuse Hazrat Mahdi (as) of weakening the faith by modernizing it.

The Prophet Moses (as) tells his people to sacrifice an ox. In such a case you would take any ox and kill it. That is easy. But they ask, “What kind of ox?” They are not content with Allah (Surely Allah is beyond that), they want more detail. Allah tells us they almost did not sacrifice the animal at all. But they did not want to kill an animal right from the outset.

The movement of the Mahdi is based on reason and making things easy. But satan wants to drown the religion by making it as difficult as possible. He will want to make it impossible to pray or to perform the ritual ablution. Then people will see that it is impossible to pray as described. I know many people who do not pray simply because of this pedantic detail of satan’s.

The story of Dhu’l Qarnayn refers to “essential knowledge.” Pedantry is common among hypocrites. But the movement of the Mahdi involves essential knowledge, whereas the hypocrite delights in complexity and difficulty. A very complicated and difficult conception of religion will obviously collapse and nobody will abide by it.

Atheists say, “Ancient pagan communities also used to pray.” They foolishly imagine that this is evidence that Islam is not the true faith. The fact is, however, that this information also came to the pagans 2000 years ago. It is the remnants of the old true faith. “Ancient pagans also believed in Paradise and Hell,” they say. This is information left over from the true faith 5000 years ago. The fact that people used to pray and remember the name of Allah in ancient communities is clear proof that the Qur’an is the truth and that the true faith of Allah has been known for thousands of years. If something has been the same for 5000 years, it is proof that this is the true faith.

Devotion to Hazrat Mahdi (as) is devotion to our Prophet (saas). When a person is devoted to his commander, he is devoted to our Prophet (saas), and thus to Allah. The Prophet Jesus (as) is a great Prophet. The prophet of such a great community, esteemed by most people in the world, is devoted to Hazrat Mahdi (as), in other words to our Prophet (saas), too.

It is a great deficiency to be a scholar but not a scholar of salvation. They have no knowledge of the heart. Allah does not manifest His name of al-Hadi in them. If one is not a scholar of salvation one lacks the most vital point. Religious jurisprudence can be learned from anywhere. If you want a mechanical device you can teach it from Ömer Nasuhi Bilmen's catechism, and many more teachers will become scholars. But that device will not shed light on the path to salvation. It cannot shed the warmth of salvation. There are chairs and professors of religious jurisprudence in America, China and Russia, very many scholars. But they are irreligious and atheists. They cannot be instruments of salvation. Scholars are not guides to salvation.

Hazrat Mahdi (as) also possesses essential knowledge, wisdom. He does not like demagoguery. The logic of satan, pedantry and demonic quibbling dominate the hypocrite. But reason, love, wisdom and essential knowledge reign in Hazrat Mahdi (as). That is why the satanic knowledge that enfolds the world, Darwinism for instance, consists of millions of satanic details, and hundreds of thousands of books have been written about it. There are thousands of university chairs on the subject. But as a forerunner of Hazrat Mahdi (as), all I needed to do is blow. And now what remains of demagoguery logic, pedantry and quibbling? Not a sound comes from them now. What happened to shaping people by your logic?

You look at sly satans and see they have prayer beads and a skull cap on their heads. But they have the souls of killers and thirst for blood. But Hazrat Mahdi (as) prevents bloodshed. Satan moves among people without their knowing, but true guides know who he is. “There is something wrong in his face,” they say.

Such people cunningly turn Muslims from the faith through their pedantry. Muslims are so swamped in such a system they are unaware they have turned from the faith.

Allah says He will show His signs in our own earthly desires. This century will be that in which Allah’s promise comes true. Allah has shown us His signs. We have seen the image. We have seen there is one who sees the image. We have seen that Almighty shows us that image and that we see it. We have seen how someone hears sound. But that person has no ears. How can one hear without ears? But he hears without ears. Can one see without eyes? And what? Electrical light. What is that? It has no eyes; but it sees a very weak electric current as a bright, three-dimensional image. That being the case, how can one still not have faith? How can one account for oneself to Allah in the Hereafter? How can one say he did not understand? That is why Allah says, "We will show them Our Signs on the horizon and within themselves." And these things have happened. In the End Times. In this century. We have seen this great artistry of Allah’s within us. Genetics. He has shown us the marvels in our bodies. Science has shown us the details of Allah’s artistry.

Had it not been for Hazrat mahdi (as), they would have staged Armageddon and would have shed rivers of blood. But now not one drop of blood will be spilled. All weapons will be abolished.

Every prophet wishes to rule the world. The Prophet Solomon (as) ruled perhaps over 1 million people at most, and the Prophet Dhu’l Qarnayn (as) ruled over maybe a few hundred thousand. Every prophet desires the global dominion bestowed on Hazrat Mahdi (as). Some 8 billion people are being told about Islam and the moral values of Islam are coming to rule. Which prophet would not desire such a holy age? But Allah has bestowed it on Hazrat Mahdi (as). What Muslim would not wish to be Hazrat Mahdi (as)? Every Muslim would.

Hazrat Mahdi (as) will have explained all things, nobody will have any more excuses and be able to say, I never understood, I never hears, I never saw the truths of the Qur’an and the hadiths, I was influenced by atheists, I was ignorant.

Harunyahya TV, 29 August 2010

He might almost have misled us from our gods had we not stuck to them steadfastly!’ (Surat al-Furqan, 42)

They say, “We nearly abandoned the perversion of Darwinism and materialism.”

 In the first book of the Torah, when the Prophet Moses (as) saw the might bestowed on and the activities of the Qaim from the line of Muhammad, he said, “O Lord!, make me like the Qaim from the line of Muhammad.”

As I have said, everyone wants to be like Hazrat Mahdi (as). All prophets want such a global dominion.
Give good news to the believers that they will receive immense favour from Allah. (Surat al-Ahzab, 47)

The abjad calculation of this verse emerges as 2005. One single figure, pointing directly to the End Times, masha’Allah.

Do not obey the disbelievers and hypocrites and disregard their abuse of you. Put your trust in Allah. Allah suffices as a Protector. (Surat al-Ahzab, 48)

Allah commands us not to obey unbelievers and hypocrites.

Hypocrites behave basely, and gossip and imagine they do all kinds of wrong, but they in fact serve Islam, though they are unaware of it.

Allah says not to obey them, but to struggle against them.


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