Highlights from Adnan Oktar's 1 September 2010 interview

1.09.2010 Samsun AKS TV

The crisis coming to an end in 2014 is conditional. The crisis will improve after 2010 because they begin to return to religion, their love for the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) grows, their love for the Prophet Muhammad (may Allah bless him and grant him peace) grows, they become more devout and they oppose Darwinism and materialism. They will see this, too.  It is not that everyone will live a life of fun and amusement when the economic crisis halts. There will be an accelaration to return to religion, to the Qur’an, and that is why it will come to an end. Allah has not created this world as a place of fun and entertainment. People come here to serve Allah, for religious training. They come to be devoted to Allah and to love Him deeply. Not to live in rebellion against Allah. The crisis will improve, not spontaneously, but because of this return to faith. They will learn to give thanks to Allah.

(Regarding a poem titled “the Master” read at an iftar dinner by admirers of Fethullah Gulen.) Bediuzzaman's name must be remembered clearly and explicitly. Otherwise, when one says only “Master”, people may think that it is referring to Fethullah Gulen. We ask that the name of Bediuzzaman be remembered. We ask that the names of Said Nursi, Abdul-qadir Gilani, Imam Rabbani and the great imams of the schools be remembered.

There were weaknesses in both Turkish democracy and Turkish law. It is clear that this (the constitutional amendment) is an improvement. It is obviously intended to improve the legal situation. Who put this idea in your heads? Why do you not want people to be free? Because violence and oppression lie at the heart of the communist way of doing things. Frightening people. The PKK will evaporate once there is freedom in democracy. They want oppression in order not to evaporate, and they are implementing a despotic regime. Death threats, martyring devout believers, being hard upon the public … They force people to close down their businesses, pressurize the public and use violence. They inflict the worst kind of violence on people.

Allah disliked the movement of opposition to Bediuzzaman in the time of Adnan Menderes, and they suffered Allah’s wrath. Keeping such a saint, aged around 70, locked up in the barracks for months on end, forcing him to live there, with a bucket of water and living on dry bread. If you do that, Allah will find it displeasing. And when Allah is displeased, He does what is necessary. People must think long and hard about that, as events all revolve around it. Whomever Allah loves, He makes things easy for. That is a sign of loving Allah. Allah thwarts those whom He does not like, and clouds their inner sight. But they are unaware of it. Allah says, “We destroy them from where they least expect it.”

It is very odd to say, “Do not call me a Turk” If we go to Europe now, there are numerous races in their blood. You cannot find anyone pure bred. The important thing is our shared values. The fact is that we are are Muslims. We call Muslims, Turks. We also refer to Christians as Turks. There is no spirit of division. Everyone in Istanbul is from aa different nation. You ask someone where he is from and he says, “Bosnia.” What are we to say to that, “Bosniastan”? This is Turkey. I have many Albanian and Bosnian brothers. This is an excellent thing. These things are demagoguery intended to prevent people to say “Yes” in the referendum.

(Our friends who wish to help) Can establish groups of colleagues, use a very sincere language and tell people of the signs leading to faith. In essence and briefly. People will not concentrate for long. Sometimes only for 30 seconds or a minute. Short and gripping evidence is highly important. It is very important to pray, and also to be sincere. Bediuzzaman was alone, but he was very sincere. There were many scholars with Bediuzzaman’s knowledge in his day. But Allah did not manifest His title of “al-Hadi” (the Guide) in them. Being an instrument of salvation calls for an entirely different power and ability. In those terms, Bediuzzaman was one of the Mahdi of the Mahdis. He does not deny that. In his books, he says that there have been many Mahdis who have come as instruments of salvation, but the Great Mahdi of the End Times is entirely different, he says. He says that Islam will rule the world in his [Great Mahdi’s] time.

(Those who say that the coming of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) is a ”fantasy.”) … will then say that paradise and hell are fantasies, then they will say that Allah is a fantasy and then they will be completely irreligious.

If a Christian is sincere and goes to church, why should he not want Islam to rule the world? If you propose such an excellent life as Islam to a Jew, why should he be uneasy at your having dominion? Allah says he creates us as communities. When Islam will rule, people will look and see a perfect practice, and they will see love and compassion. They love the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) many times more than us, they will say, they love the Prophet Moses (pbuh) many time more than we do, they will say. Christians and Jews will become Muslims. It is important to show things by living by them. But if you tell people superstition, then you will damage the religion in stages.

The Master Bediuzzaman is in favor of facilitation. Facilitation is essential in religion. That is also one feature of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh). If you make the religion impossible, you are more instrumental in irreligion ruling than the most fanatical atheist could ever be.

Religion is love, compassion, affection, trust, peace and joy, an ensemble of all positive emotions in our brains. For example, what kills love? Selfishness. We look at the Qur’an, and wherever we see selfishness Allah has established a system that will repress it. What kills it? Ignorance. The Qur’an has taken precautions that will eliminate this. If we fully implement the Qur’an, the way ahead of us will be opened up 100%, then we can fully live by love. But if there is thick fog everywhere, then people drown in lovelessness. People wonder why they cannot love or be loved. Because you have surrounded yourself in a suit of armor. You have to get rid of that. And the Qur’an does that.

I am a target for the PKK, for atheist masons, for the alleged Ergenekon Organization, for terror organizations, for Darwinists, for the devil’s crew and for hypocrites. Anything can be done to our web site at any time. Our book printing can be halted at any moment. If our brothers take our web sites and install them elsewhere, independent of us, that places them under guarantee. Sometime 100,000 people log onto the site at one time. But if our brothers have their web sites, too, the burden will be spread as people will log onto them, too. Satan is depressed, he has nowhere left to hide. Our brothers can offer support on that. It is important for there to be independent sites. They must open them without sending us messages, and also store the data on hard disk and take it away somewhere.

Satan also used science against Muslims. We said [to the satan], “What are you doing?” and he fled. Science has become a scourge for satan, and he learned it from us.

Who made them say that the Left was finished? Not to watch over social democracy or the poor. I will write a book about that, by Allah’s leave. The materialist aspect of the Left has disappeared. The Left has moved to the right.

(On the subject of sending aid to Pakistan) People ease their consciences by saying, “I have given alms.” People are surviving on rafts or on mountaintops. They will send one part in a million of what Pakistan needs. Once we have Turkish-Islamic Union, it will be like London or Paris at the very least. Taking Saudi and Kuwaiti money has made people ill. They no longer know where to spend it. Once we have Turkish-Islamic Union the money will go to the right place. Just the money collected by Kuwait would be enough. People are not giving now, but once we have Turkish-Islamic Union, they will, and everyone will be well off. Allah will not create a system that makes things difficult for us. The system of the Mahdi means feast, and rejoicing.

Give good news to the believers that they will receive immense favor from Allah. (Surat al-Ahzab, 47)

The numerical (abjad) value of the phrase “they will receive immense favor from Allah” gives the year 2005.

It is He Who calls down blessing on you, as do His angels, to bring you out of the darkness into the light. He is Most Merciful to the believers.(Surat al-Ahzab, 43)

Mankind is only now emerging from the darkness of the 19th century. Everywhere was pitch black. They carried out the First and Second World Wars and shed rivers of blood. Following that, the communists set the world against itself. The Red Brigades in Italy caused huge disorder and ruined the world. But they retreated right after Darwinism, and materialism weredefeated. We have crippled satan, and he is in no condition to do anything.
He said, ‘The power my Lord has granted me is better than that. Just give me a strong helping hand and I will build a solid barrier between you and them. (Surat al-Kahf, 95)

Numerological (abjad) calculation gives the year 1987. It gives once more the date of the system of the Mahdi.
(The report that Obama said the operation in Iraq was finished) The operation in Iraq ended because they realized Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) would shed no blood. They realized how illogical that was. They realized that Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) would not appear in such places as Basra, Qufa and or Damascus.

(On the subject of Khaled Meshal's statement asking for Turkey’s help to secure the lifting of the maritime blockage in Gaza) They expect everything from Turkey, and that is fine. Turkey’s power is evident. They are saying, “You have to lift a weight of 100 tons.” In that case they should also say, “I regard you as my leader and you are the leader of the Islamic world.” Then see what happens. But complete dependence is essential. Say, “Let Turkey run Palestine.” Let Fatah and Hamas withdraw and hand the administration over to Turkey. They must fully submit to us. In that case they must abide by whatever Turkey does. Because Israel and the Jews are our holy responsibility. We will never build a system that oppresses them, nor a system that oppresses Muslims. We have considerable experience when it comes to governing the world.

A flippant mentality cannot restore the economy in 2014. It can only be resolved with a devout mentality. By Allah’s leave, you will be spared because you give thanks. There is no other way. Since you are so advanced in science and knowledge, since the economy and the banks are under your control, why cannot you solve the crisis? There are millions of troops, but they are all dead and cannot stir. They must show respect and give thanks to Allah, then it can happen.

Sincerity lies in always heeding our conscience, even if that goes against our own self-interest. For example, I always use my conscience as I speak. I constantly identify which words will sound good and which don’t which words are in agreement with the Qur’an and which are not or which are incompatible with the Sunnah. I constantly filter my words and four or five parts of my brain are working away at the same time. It is not easy to use one’s conscience.

It is not good to sadden or frighten a person. You can show affection and that will disturb them, or you can be very serious, and that will upset them, too. This all needs to be carefully arranged. One word can have totally unexpected consequences. It is essential to use one’s conscience. But if we fully submit to Allah, then He will cause us to speak in the best way, insha’Allah.

The Prophet Jesus (pbuh) tells the disciples: You will always be in difficulties because of me. They will arrest you and drag you before the courts. Do not be excited or prepare what to say beforehand. Surrender to Allah. Allah will cause you to speak. But even though you are fully submitted to Him, Allah still may not cause you to speak. If Allah so pleases, He will not cause you to speak. The Prophet Moses was tongue-tied, and so you might be too. The Qur’an was created before the world existed, and his [the Prophet Moses’] being tongue-tied was written in the Qur’an.

During the cocaine conspiracy they said, “if you don’t give these activities up, the result may end in death.” I was threatened with death if I attended school during my days at Mimar Sinan. I will only die once. Nobody can kill me. I shall fulfill my destiny. Allah will kill me. Allah has imposed strive (the intellectual struggle) upon us, and I say that nobody can make me go back on that. In 1999, too, they said, “there is as much difference between your living and dying as there is between your feet and the ground.” I told them to do whatever it was openly, and not to hide it.

Harunyahya Tv, 1.09.2010
Turkey will not abandon one inch of ground, and we will never permit it to be split up.

Satan does not want Islamic Union. He wants to rule the world. The system of the antichrist does not want Islamic Union, either. What does the movement of the antichrist want? It does not want the Qur’an to reign. It does not want Muslims to be unified. We ask what it will rule with, and it says Darwinism. There are various false religious teachers (hodjas). I will release them, he [satan] says. By using Allah’s name, they will say that there will be no Islamic Union and Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will not appear, he says. Satan’s followers are at work. Some naïve religious scholars are at work, too.  They assist satan, knowingly or otherwise.

(Regarding the discovery of Noah’s Ark on Mount Agri) Something in the shape of a boat, made out of wood, is found where there is no oxygen, under the ground. There is a section for keeping animals, and a section for people. What interests me is that there are sealed sections… So what is it, then? How could they have built it there? How could they find a 5 thousand-year-old timber and build it there? And it is under the ice. They had to break the ice to get into it.

Bediuzzaman says that it is quite reasonable and certainly inevitable for Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) to show justice to the whole world.

He is the Knower of the Unseen, and does not divulge His Unseen (secret knowledge treasure) to anyone – except a messenger (prophet) with whom He is well pleased (chosen ones), ... (Surat al-Jinn, 26-27)

This means that Allah imparts the Unseen to the prophets.
Our prophet (may Allah bless him and grant him peace) lists all the signs of the End Times, and these come about, as described, within 30 years. This happens because Allah so chooses.

They know that the Unseen (secret knowledge) is revealed to the prophets, and the the coming of the Prophet Jesus (pbuh), the global dominion of Islam and the Day of Reckoning upset them. Maybe they would be unaware, were it not for secret knowledge like this, but they know it now. Some people act out of ignorance, while some of our brothers insist on pretending not to understand, and I am speaking to them.

People are not happy, because Islam does not reign; 99.99% of people in the world are not happy. This is proof of the truth of the Qur’an. You ask people, “why are you not happy?” and they say, “I don’t know.” It is not difficult. People will be happy as a natural consequence of Islam ruling the world. Not because of wealth or social security. Allah creates happiness in people,independent of natural causes. People are not happy because they have plenty to eat, or their houses are sturdy, or the justice system works well. Happiness is specially created in people by Allah. They rejoice without reason. Out of love of Allah. Out of fear of Allah. Otherwise, people would never be happy even if they had everything. They would still be miserable. People’s minds will be unclouded. It will stem from love of Allah. There will be the fervor of faith in people. A joyous faith is appearing, and from that comes abundance. When Islam reigns Allah will still test people. A person may lose an arm, but he will still rejoice. Time will pass at a normal pace, not fast.

The Day of Reckoning may come at any moment. They imagine that because Bediuzzaman says it will be in 1545, it will definitely happen then. But it can come at any moment. They will realize what I mean when the year 1545 comes.

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