Highlights from Adnan Oktar's 2 September 2010 interview

Kaçkar TV, September 2-2010
(In answer to the news regarding Alawite- Sunni conflict):

Some ignorant people, some people who are deprived of love and compassion, and those who are led by some ignorant people go cold all over when they hear the words “Shia, Alawite, Wahabi, Jaffarite or Baktashi. They simply believe they need to be killed. They have such a wicked, reprehensible and sinful approach towards people who are Allah’s pure people, those who say, “La ilaha ill-Allah Muhammadan Rasulullah.” An Alawite is a person full of love of man. He loves people, animals, a man of fervent love. A policy of enlightening them should be pursued with them.        
We open the Torah; it has changed a lot. Everyone has written whatever occurred to his mind. I compiled the non-distorted parts in the Torah. Now I am working on the Gospel. But when one reads the Qur’an, every word is true. Close your eyes and open the Qur’an. Every part is true.

Our brothers should not feel panic when they become seriously sick. All of us will go to Allah, to a place where all Prophets reside.

Allah sends prophets to people so as to make them feel closer to Allah. He sent the Prophet Jesus (as), Hazrat Mahdi (as). Khidr (as) is currently on duty. You say, “We would like to hold his hand.” This will also happen out in the open. You will hold Hazrat Mahdi’s (as) hand. You will hold the Prophet Jesus’ (as) hand. Islam will dominate the world; this is a substantial incident. It will be a period when love, friendship, science and arts will dominate the world. When Islam prevails, a man will go to Pakistan, and think to himself “This must be another place; I must be on a Norwegian street.” People will mostly be surprised at the speed [works are completed]. There is a hadith saying, “Hazrat Mahdi (as) will accomplish a task made in 20 years in only one year.”

Hypocrites are enemies of women. When we go down to the most ancient times in history, [we see that] they had either burned women or murdered them. They are inadequate and sick people. They either beat women to the death, or murder them. They feel insecurity towards women. They hate them. They, for instance, take the baby girls and bury them. They feel astonished at those who feel love for women. Satan is able to analyze their mindset and understand them, thus he figures out a system for them. For instance fascism. Fascism is just the design of satan. Those who made up fascism put satan on the table, they say, what does satan desire, “Blood, superstition, violence…For instance the superstitions of Hitler have no ends; the same holds true for Mussolini and Franco.

“Satan desires fascism.” They say, “Will satan be satisfied with this? Its opposite needs to exist too. So what is available? Communism. ”

What is communism? Again there is blood, pride and arrogance. They have a crazy determination, crazy stubbornness. Satan drives them crazy. There is a satanic pride. This also lies at the root of their aggression. Look at communist women, they are very unhappy. They are not beautiful; they are generally ugly. They are poorly groomed, shabby. This is how fascist women are too. They look like criminals. They are mannish and very repulsive. They have a repulsive appearance peculiar to themselves; they have some kind of senseless flesh. If you look at people around Hitler, Mussolini or Franco, you can immediately have an idea. And they are greatly obsessed with details. They claim that they are superior and morally superior. They claim to have moral perfection although they are the most immoral people in the world. For instance Hitler claims that he is the man of best morality in the world. And notice that they are all enemies of women and perverts. Hitler is a pervert, Franco, Mussolini, Lenin, Stalin, they are all perverts. When you know satan well, you can easily identify these people. This also holds true for hypocrites. They are the most immoral people of the world but they claim that they are people with purest morality. Fascists and communists make insane excuses, and give lunatic explanations when they are humiliated. They put forward nutty explanations. And they try to defend themselves with counter-accusations.  
What hurts hypocrites most is Hazrat Mahdi (as). People say, “We can not see Hazrat Mahdi (as).” We cannot see either. But hypocrites know. Go and ask any hypocrite; he will subconsciously know Hazrat Mahdi (as). There isn’t a hypocrite in the world who does not know Hazrat Mahdi (as). Satan inspires it in him. A believer has the conviction by heart and supports him as much as his conscience permits.

One gaze of the Prophet Jesus (as) is enough. One look in the profundity of his eyes is enough. That person becomes a person of pure faith in a moment; he attains full peace in his heart out of having a full acknowledgement of Allah but only if he looks with the foresight of a believer, with love of Allah.

 When they meet those who have faith, they say, ‘We have faith.’ But then when they go apart with their satan, they say, ‘We are really with you. We were only mocking.’ (Surat al-Baqara, 14)

Hypocrites tell everyone that they are Muslims. With a guilty conscience, they try to make others feel that they are Muslims.

’ But then when they go apart with their satan: “ We talk about religion, about the Qur’an when we are with them but this is not our purpose,” they say. To whom are they speaking? They tell it to the satan in their hearts. Hypocrites are always mad. They say, “We are together with the followers of satan. We criticize them, we slander them and our purpose is their well-being. We do not criticize them because we see a deficiency in them but only because we want to mess with them.”
When they are told, ‘Do not cause corruption on the earth,’ they say, ‘We are only putting things right.’ No indeed! They are the corrupters, but they are not aware of it. (Surat al-Baqara, 11-12)

Hypocrites are told, “Do not cause corruption. Rather than embracing unbelievers, let us spread the religion in order to make Islam become dominant.”

Hypocrites, unbelievers have trillions of mistakes. What mistakes do Muslims have? Half a centimeter. So why do you willingly dive into infamy? You run away from half a centimeter of mistake of Muslims; your own fabrication. There is beauty that a blind eye cannot see, because you look with the eyes of satan, so you see it otherwise and you go into a deep mess.

Among them are there some who say, ‘Give me permission to stay. Do not put temptation in my way.’ Have they not fallen into that very temptation? Hell hems in the unbelievers. (Surat at-Tawba, 49)
Allah gives examples from hypocrites. They [hypocrites] say [to Muslims], “Let me go; you stir up corruption here.” They say, “It is ok that you practice

99.99 percent of the Qur’an but what is that remaining little part?, We are leaving you.” You ask, “Where are you going?” They say, “Into the scum of swine. Since cross-eyed hypocrites are not able to see the beauty and truth in believers, they dive into a half-ton of mess because of a so-called half centimeter deficiency they find in believers. How does this happen? This happens because you are immoral, because you are unwise. For a half-centimeter of deficiency which you can not see, you go into millions of tons of mess; right into the eye of tribulation, mess, and disgrace. That is what Allah says. Allah does not say that they came close by or touched it. What Allah says is that they have fallen right into it.

But you can tell this to a hypocrite as much as you want; he never understands. For instance Hitler never understood.

Do those who take the unbelievers as protectors, rather than the believers, hope to find power and strength with them? Power and strength belong entirely to Allah. (Surat an-Nisa, 139)

Allah asks hypocrites if they seek power and strength in that mess! Hypocrites need the following elements: money, support of press and arrogance.

That malice in their eyes can be seen if one looks at them attentively. By the leave of Allah, it is seen in their eyes. Saints can understand it. They have a satanic, almost perfect rationale but they are unwise. They continuously hatch plots. For that reason those who look at them with a weak or average rationale may sometimes listen to them. But they have no wisdom whatsoever because Allah says, “you listen to their conversations.”

In the Qur’an Allah describes the paradise with the words: “In them are maidens with eyes for them [their spouses] alone.” Chastity of a woman is very attractive beauty. It makes an enormous impact on human soul. The value of woman increases with her chastity. It is very very important to attach importance to a woman, to respect her.

Hypocrite women detest their hypocrite spouses as if they detest mess. But they [hypocrite women] stoop for their [hypocrite husbands’] money and food as if milking filthy milk of a swine. Throughout their lives they live in that filthy system.

A Muslim woman has honor. She definitely seeks a devout spouse who will appreciate her value, respect her. Otherwise her body does not accept it; she feels as if she has fallen in acid.

Our Prophet (saas) took our mother Maria to wife. The followers of our Prophet (saas) married Jews. They say to a 7 year-old Jewish boy, “You are cursed.” Those who are cursed are cursed because of their crimes. What has that boy done to be cursed? Why should a boy be cursed due to his father or grandfather? Some Christians also harbor such weird beliefs; Jesus (as) suffers due to everyone’s sins, he undertakes the sins of allthe world. They say, he forgives everyone’s sins by shedding blood.

They [some Christians] secure the project. Hatred is needed in order to shed blood like flood. They try to represent the religion as if it is in favor of bloodshed. They claim that Christians, Jews, Alawites, Shias, Jaffarites are cursed. Some of them do this because of ignorance, other out of hypocrisy and some of them out of madness.

According to their mindset there is no one left in this world. 95 percent of the world is already over. They need to be cut. If you are so keen for cutting people, we can take you into the cuisine of a hotel and you can cut vegetables throughout the day. This is a great threat.

I tell this very sincerely; we are a very quality nation. First, all my brothers should be very meticulous for Turkey’s unity and collectivity. Second, we should preserve our sincere customs very well. Bediuzzaman conveys his sincere conviction. There is a deception about Hazrat Mahdi (as). There is an unseen deception about Hazrat Mahdi (as). They deceive people saying that he will come centuries later or never come at all. Their sole purpose is to prevent the establishment of the Unity of Islam and the Great Turkey. A nation that does not grow, a nation without an ideal absolutely breaks apart. Since they have comprehended this, they try to take our belief in Hazrat Mahdi’s (as) appearance and Jesus’ (as) descent from us. That is the desire of some people in the EU. They say, “We do not make you a member without dividing Turkey, breaking Turkey apart.” And when Turkey is divided, they will come up and say, “You are already divided and you have not shown your unity. We never take such a nation.” Can they do this? Never. I will make these engineers of the EU take their words back. They will say, “Excuse us. We have made a mistake.  With the Turkish-Islamic Union we will reign all over the region Insha’Allah. There is no need to cover it Insha’Allah.

Harunyahya TV, 2.09.2010

And when the hypocrites and those with sickness in their hearts said, ‘These people have been deluded by their religion.’ But those who put their trust in Allah will find Allah to be Almighty, All-Wise. (Surat al-Anfal, 49)
A hypocrite subconsciously knows that he is a hypocrite but consciously he conducts himself as if he does not know himself. He, even, claims that he is very honorable, that he corrects people. But they are super swindlers and imposters. Hypocrites hatch perfect plots based on rationale.


Hypocrites give away but Allah does not accept them. These hypocrites give their money and possessions but unwillingly. They feel distress  throughout their lives as if they are hurt badly or as a villager whose donkey has been stolen. Because they do not give away to earn Allah’s good pleasure, they consider it as a money lost in gambling.

(Allah forbid) They consider themselves to be superior to Allah. They do not accept a leader for themselves. This offends hypocrites vey much. Allah says, “You will prostrate.” This offends hypocrites. Because giving away makes them feel suffering. Hypocrites run away from Muslims.

A hypocrite hardly performs his prayers but he does it as if he likes it very much. A hypocrite does not perform his prayer when he is alone.

Or did those with sickness in their hearts imagine    that Allah would not expose their malevolence? (Surah Muhammad, 29)

Hypocrites harbor an unbelievable grudge. They want to express them in various ways but their  perfidious souls, their perverted spirit do not let them. They have arrogance. They hide their grudge because they need to show themselves to others as if they are obedient. Hypocrites harbor the hatred of satan.

But do not obey any vile swearer of oaths, any backbiter, slandermonger, impeder of good, evil aggressor, gross, coarse and furthermore, despicable. (Surat al-Qalam, 10-13)

Hypocrites swear continuously. They are mean. They continuously criticize Muslims. They do not think about their own satanic behavior. They constantly defame Muslims. As a requisite of their meanness, they provide intelligence; they constantly carry information against Muslims. They assume they do it secretly. They try to prevent Islam’s dominance. They try to prevent Hazrat Mahdi’s (as) appearance. They try to prevent Hazrat Mahdi’s (as) coming.

They are aggressive. They are prone to murder. We observe this in Hitler, Mussolini and the hypocrites of our Prophet (saas). They are mean, and perverted. They are reluctant against the basic commandments of the Qur’an and they are overbearing.

(Some sections of) the EU demands irreligious devoutness, Islam without the Qur’an. They say, “Believe in Allah’s existence but leave religion.” But we will assure that you all have faith. We will teach you love, compassion and mercy. We will show the real devoutness.  Meanwhile, we will not let you divide Turkey.

Why are you concerned with what atheists say? They are created to say them. If they did not exist, Hazrat Mahdi (as) does not come. The Prophet Jesus (as) does not come. Atheists are essential. Without atheists and hypocrites how will believers be put on trial? Can there be a trial without questions? There will be hypocrite, Pharaoh and Nimrod. There should be Pharaoh so that the Prophet Moses (as) can exist. There should be Nimrud so that Prophet Ibrahim (as) can exist. If there is an antichrist, he will have many followers, he will have a crew. Their rubbish are fundamental elements of the trial. Allah makes it easy to repel the system of the antichrist, hypocrites and to demolish Darwinism.

Has Allah made it hard to demolish the system of the antichrist, Darwinism and hypocrites? Muslims will pound them with science, and that is it. Struggling against them is pleasing.

Because science is an enemy of atheism they have lost their rationale. They say, “In the scientific sense, the Darwinism is demolished, it is OK. But we still do not want to believe.” That is all; then their place is hell. Then they will come from where they come. They have come here to introduce themselves, and they will go where they belong.

2010-09-26 22:47:36

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