Highlights from Adnan Oktar's interview dated 11 September 2010

11 September 2010 Kocaeli TV

Allah manifests as a flower, as a human being, as a fish, but nothing is greater than human beauty. When human beauty is considered, female beauty is created in a way that we feel compassion.

In animals, Allah Manifests as the “Compassionate and Merciful”. It is a glorious manifestation of Allah. Allah shows His own moral values. He shows the great importance He attaches to politeness, cleanliness and innocence. And also in children.

(Regarding suicides) Nobody who fears Allah could commit such a murder. It means killing someone. Furthermore, that person dies without repenting. The repayment for murder is hell. If he has gone mad, that is another issue, of course. But in such a case the family should notify the relevant authorities and his friends and relatives should take precautionary measures. These things do not just happen overnight. There are signs. And when the signs appear, precautions should be taken. It generally arises from lack of love. But first there must be love and fear of Allah. It will be impossible for anyone to commit suicide in the End Times, in the time of Hazrat Mahdi (as). It will never even occur to people in that climate of love and brotherhood. We are told in the hadith that “even the dead in their graves will long for it.”

There is no compulsion in the religion. Faith is based on love and free will.

They call the PKK a social movement. Rather than saying that, it is a communist, Marxist, Leninist, Darwinist and materialist movement. They should rather say that there needs to be an intellectual and philosophical struggle against it. Such an extreme system could not enthusiastically persist were it not a communist movement.

They are engaged in widespread propaganda there and say, “we are on an intellectual, scientific struggle.” They say, “they cannot oppose us intellectually.” Because they adopt a scientific mask while talking about Marxism. Bediuzzaman speaks of, “spreading among people through the materialist system, the Darwinist system, the Marxist system, the Leninist system.” Here Bediuzzaman talks about events in the Southeast and the world. He describes the system of the antichrist very clearly: “Materialist, Marxist and Leninist thinking grow as the power or preaching and description grow.” He says it grows one-sidedly and is constantly growing, and that it is time for a counter movement, but that some people are covering up the matter.”

There first needs to be a diagnosis made. A diagnosis that there is a Marxist, materialist, Leninist, Darwinist terror movement. The state has its own sociologists and experts and scientists. These people must talk about the philosophical invalidity of Marxist, Leninist and Darwinist philosophy. Young people in southeast Turkey will listen to them on the radio and television. They will then radically lose their beliefs. Otherwise, they will have 100% faith. They tell the young people, “the world came into being by chance, through an explosion, and molecules emerged by chance, then protein, and then human beings emerged by chance from the cell. Then there was a primitive society, then a communal system, and a feudal system and so on. Now look and you will see feudal, capitalist society.” The young people agree they can see it. They say that the other side cannot rebut what they say scientifically, that they can only respond with pressure and aggression. And that, they say, is fascism. They teach that the state defending itself is also a fascist movement. For example, that Hitler was unable to oppose communism through ideas, that Mussolini could not oppose it with ideas, and they were eventually defeated. Ideas are defeated by ideas. Our army is at work to save the soul of the nation, but in their eyes that is a fascist movement.

“If Darwinism were wrong it would not be taught in official text books”, they say. Look, let’s read from a school text book they say. In essence, the book says you came into being by chance. “The state confirms what we are saying” they say. If you agree that living things evolved, then you must also admit the evolution of history, they say. Since they have joined the ranks of Marxists and Leninists it is impossible for there not to be violence. A movement that loses its intellectual strength is finished. How can a movement whose intellectual validity has been disproved have any power left?

They have turned southeast Turkey into a great big school. Some people are saying they should come down from the mountains and engage in politics. But they have been doing that already for years. They come down as freely as they like and go back just as freely. Communism is poison. Darwinism is poison and materialism is poison. My nation will reject it, vomit it back, it will make them sick. We want no such life.

For example, one of our Kurdish brothers wants to come from Mardin to Istanbul. He wants to get on his car and come outright. But they will tell him that is impossible, they are going to set up a border crossing between them, that there will be passports and visas. We want no such borders.

Faruk Beşer says, "the antichrist is the internet." You reject the existence of the antichrist, so why this scourge of the internet? If you admit the existence of the antichrist, you must also admit that of Hazrat Mahdi (as) and the Prophet Jesus (as). The internet is Allah’s sword in the spread of Islam, the Qur’an, the religion. Some people may use it for satanic ends, but when used in a community of believers it is hugely powerful in describing the religion. In addition, the internet shows what disbelief is. We will surely know, see what it is. Allah speaks of disbelief in the Qur’an. We know what disbelief is evil and we will strive against it.

Developing a bulldozer, a snow plow, in order to put an end to terrorism. This is of no use. There needs to be an anti-Darwinist, anti-terrorist and anti-materialist campaign. They open schools and start talking about it right from the very first day; one day there was a chance explosion, then there was muddy water, then you came into being. “So, enjoy your new position; now you are an intellectual,” they say.  You are an intellectual, so go and engage in work, they say. Once the foundations have been laid, making you a communist is the work of a few moments. You have laid the main foundations, erected the building, the walls and columns and everything are up, all you need to do is to put the panes of glass in the front door. That is why it would be wrong to insistently deny the need for an intellectual campaign.

There is one and only remedy for disbelief, anarchy and
materialism, which is the greatest threat now in this time.
It also embraces the truth in the Qur’an. Otherwise that scourge that
turned that huge Chine into communism in a short period of time would not
be silenced by political and material forces.

- What ONLY silences it [communism]is the truth of the Qur’an.
(Said Nursi)

The Master says that communism would not be silenced by military or police methods. He says that only the truth of the Qur’an can silence it. He says that intellectual, philosophical activity is essential against materialist, communist, Leninist, Marxist movements. Otherwise, he says, they will never stop. And have they ever stopped? No. They have been going on for 30 years.

As a requirement of the new engineering project, since they are unable to deal with Bediuzzaman’s explicit statements about the movement of the Mahdi and Islamic Union, they reject the Risale collection, since they are unable to overcome them with the hadiths they reject the hadiths, they are unable to deal with them using explicit references in the Qur’an, so they say let us only accept part of the Qur’an and reject the other part. Prayer, fasting and the hajj are fine, but let us reject those verses about Islamic moral values ruling the world, about Islamic Union, they say. They twist their tongues into knots. But they still cannot deal with the problem. They cannot bring a different interpretation to bear. Even if they twisted their tongues for 30 km they still could never talk their way round these truths.

Harun Yahya TV, 11 September 2010

Let us first come to an agreement with our brothers on this; will Islam reign or not. Will there be Islamic Union or not? They say there will. Then we say, so when Islam rules, will Muslims be as one. No they say, there may be 4-5 leaders. But we say, when you look at the Qur’an you only see one leader. That is not right, they say. They twist their tongues into knots. This is the first time in the history of Islam I have seen anyone so desperate to escape the Prophet Jesus (as) and Hazrat Mahdi (as) and Islamic Union. If there is Islamic Union, then it will have a leader. Has that not always been the case in the history of Islam? This is the first time in the history of Islam that Muslims have had no spiritual leader. If there are 5 leaders, then there can be no Islamic Union, and at the moment every state has its own leader. So when there is one leader there will be Islamic Union.
The Master says there will be terrible corruption in the End Times. Look at the oppression going on in Afghanistan. We learn about an incident in one small of Afghanistan, in a small town, during fighting among a small drugs gang. While they were busily accusing one another of using drugs,  we learned that they cut Muslims’ fingers off and martyred them. We would have no idea about events in Afghanistan were it not for the fighting over heroin. Contact with Afghanistan has been broken off. People go to our brothers’ homes and rape their immaculate women, our sisters. They cut our brothers’ fingers off and martyr them, but nobody knows about it. That is one example of the corruption of the End Times.

I am sending a question to our brothers on the Risale web site, asking why Bediuzzaman said that the Risale in fact belonged to Hazrat Mahdi (as) and not to the followers of the Nur. When does the Master mean by, “right until the End Times”? If it is now, then what does ‘the broad sphere of life’ mean? Has it come about now?

Why should saying that Hazrat Mahdi (as) will come diminish Bediuzzaman?
I, for instance, am awaiting Hazrat Mahdi (as). But I speak of Bediuzzaman all the time. I speak of him with love, insha’Allah. On the contrary, I want his importance to grow insha’Allah.


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