Highlights from Adnan Oktar's interview dated 15 September 2010

    TV Kayseri, 15 September 2010
    This is the characteristic of communists that they rule the masses with a small party. They think that the masses can be more easily driven by using violence and panic. The protests are crowded as most people use the ability to think reasonably through group mentality. He cannot think straight. Crime may take place through group psychology. He does something that he cannot do alone without the group. Communists know very well that people cannot be communists individually. However in a crowd the influence of satan increases and a spell comes to pass.Satan can make them shout any slogan; he can even shout a slogan he has heard for the first time in his life. You think that all of them are conscious and determined, but they are not. For instance, we see in protests organized in the South East region; there are turbaned old aunts and old uncles walking along with a group. But they are unaware of the communist ideology of the PKK. They do not know that communism will eradicate family and that communism considers chastity as an obstacle.
    To give the South East region away means Turkey to be destroyed. After that Turkey would be broken into pieces and it would go on incessantly. There would be no respect for the police, the military or among the people. May Allah forbid; it would even cause a very bloody civil war. What does that mean? It means that there will never be a break-up. This is so about Cyprus as well. When you say “Take it, it is yours” about any piece of the homeland, you would have no chastity, purity, pride or honour left. They will think according to this. It is not possible. There is no reason to insistently suggest this over and over again.
    But these people want Armagedon to be realized for sure. Because they think that if there is no Armageddon, people will have no respect for the Bible. They know that for Armageddon to happen, there must be no Turkish-Islamic Union. Because they know that the Turkish-Islamic Union is the only obstacle to a bloody war insha’Allah.

    The Evengelics Desire to Spill Blood:

    The government in America is always determined by the Evangelics. The foreign policy of America, CIA, FBI and all ministries is dominated by the Evangelics. Therefore the Evangelics also govern the world politics and everybody knows this.
    “According to Evangelic belief the first step to Armageddon is a great Muslim-Jew war.”
    Therefore, first an enmity towards Jews is required. Muslims need to be provoked against the Jews.
    “This war is told to be far bloodier than the Israel-Palestine conflicts that took place so far, and is planned accordingly. According to Isaiah 17:14, “In the evening, sudden terror! Before the morning, they are gone! This is the portion of those who loot us, the lot of those who plunder us.”
    What does this mean? This means that an atom bomb will be used.
    “So it seems to be almost imperative to use nuclear weapons.”
    When people are having fun here and there, they are embattled to completely destroy a city.
    “The Gog and Magog war explained in the Hezekiel part of the Torah is interpreted as a war between Muslims and Jews, and it is one of the essentical notions in the Evangelic belief.”
    They are considered as irreligious when this main belief is not present. Just like we accept someone who denies prayer and says, “There is no prayer in Islam” as irreligious. Right? Or we call someone irreligious when he or she denies our Prophet (saas) or says, “There is no fasting.” Just like that.
    “ According to this, many countries from the North will unite against Israel.”
    They mean Turkey. She will unite will Arab countries and attack Israel.
    “But Israel will overcome as a result of a miracle.”

    Because Israel has too many atom bombs. Those were fortified by America to Israel. They realized that Israel is not able to make them and they fortified nuclear weapons to them. Israel really has atom bombs enough to bomb the whole region. It is said that she will lanch atom bombs to everywhere; to Tehran, Ankara, Istanbul.
    “This will be such a great war and many Muslims and Jews will die.”
    Of course, when they attack Iran, other countries will attack those countries and they will launch atom bombs to there also. Therefore, there is a great effort to prevent Iran making atom bombs, so that they do not take up position in this war. They say that this war will take place anyhow but it is also against their beliefs if Iran destroys Israel completely with atom bombs. Because as they understand from the Bible there must be a number of Jews left. If there are too many atom bombs in Iran then they say that there would be no Jews left. So this is something against their belief.
    “And there will be great disorder in the world. Many people will disappear.”
    The blood already spilt is not enough; it says blood will spill throughout the world and people will disappear.
    “According to Evangelic belief, after the Muslim-Jew war, which is called the Hezekiel 38 senario, the false Mesiah meaning the anti-Christ will emerge. The anti-Christ will be the person who causes the peace treaty between Israel and Palestine (or all Muslims) to be signed.”

They see Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) who will emerge from among Muslims as the anti-Christ. Since Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) is against war, they will say, “Here the anti-Christ has come.” Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) never spills blood. He does not spill even a single drop of blood; he does not bleed any noses or wake up those who are asleep. He makes peace with the Jews and embraces Christians. He also embraces Muslims. They say, “No he is very dangerous.” They say, “If he talks about blood I would applaud him.” Otherwise they say, “If he wants peace then he is surely on the side of satan.” They say, “If he does not cut people he is satan.” They say, “If he is doing good deeds, he is satan.” But if he kills and cuts up, then they say, “You are like an Angel.” They belive that Turkey is also among the army of the anti-Christ as she tries to arbitrate between Israel and Palestine.

    “and all Christian executives avoid a peace agreement between Israel and Palestine not to reach that position.”
    Because as  they understand from the Bible, there must be no peace. Obama for example talked about peace but they began to make his horned drawings calling him the anti-Christ.
    “Until the end of the 7th year, Red China and the “Kings of the East” will make a move against the anti-Christ.”
    Red China is considered to be an ally. They see them as on the right way. They see Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) who says “La ilaha illAllah Mohammadan Resulullah” as the anti-Christ. This is so and both sides see one another this way. We see them as an aid to the system of the anti-Christ as well. He says “I will spill blood.” How is pilling blood a compassionate act? You are talking about blood flowing over the heads of horses. And you are talking about a fierce cruelty and say “I will turn people into steam.” Is this not a game of satan? Who wants blood? Satan does. What does Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) say? He says “I will not spill a single drop of blood” and he acts with the Prophet Jesus (pbuh). How could he be the anti-Christ, right? They also call Jesus Mesiah (pbuh) mentioned in the Qur’an the anti-Christ. 
    “He will pass the Euphrates and come to the canyon where Armageddon will take place.”
    This is the region where the PKK is active. The area sought to be broken off Turkey. Iraq is also included; that is why Iraq was occupied. They say that America will get out of there but there is no issue of getting out of there. America is residing there fully. The purpose there was land control, land check for Armageddon. But now the region of the Euphrates needs to be taken under control. We see that the PKK is assigned to do that.
    “(During the Muslim-Jew war, those who had met with the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) by being taken to the sky) will come down the Earth and kill all worldly powers.”
    They will probably attack from the sky. They will say “Look the army of the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) is coming from the sky.” They say “We will kill the others left by coming down from the sky.” Therefore there is a thorough proposal of blood.   
    Let no one be deceived by this panic. The explicit explanations of Bediuzzaman are being covered up and misleading dates are given for the collective personality; some postpone it to 1000 years, some to 570 years and some to 5 billion years ahead. Take any book and look; you will understand. They hide all of the portents of the Day of Judgment. Scholars very rarely tell the stopping of the waters of the river Euphrates. The eclipses of the Sun and the Moon by 15 days apart are told very rarely. The comet Lulin passes very rarely and our Prophet (saas) tells this very explicitly. A Muslim would normally tell this miracle by screaming the place down. Many people cannot say anything out of fear. Because when they accept those they think that they will have to accept Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) and the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) sequentially.
    I am a person full of love of Allah and my soul is filled with love. I see a flower, I fall in love; I see a beautiful woman, I fall in love; I fall in love with a baby, even a cat. I gaze at the butterflies having my eyes on them. I gaze at them at length. I smell a rose, I fall in love; I see a baby, I fall in love. There are very beautiful beings. We live for the love and fear of Allah. If there is no love of Allah, then what is there?

    Praise is to Allah. If there is no praise to a butterfly, a bird or a child then the world would be very soulless. I am filled with love of Allah. This is how I am. I cannot live in a kind of world that they want. Do not look in the sky, do not look to your right, do not eat or drink; everything is forbidden. It is like being dead. There is no such life. I want the soul of the Age of Bliss, which our Prophet (saas) lived, which Allah wants and which is praised by Allah in the Qur’an. Allah reveals in the verse, “These are for the believers in the life of this world, purely (theirs) on the resurrection day” insha’Allah. I know the Qur’an, I know the life of our Prophet (saas). They should not tell me anything besides those. I do not accept superstition. I am anti-superstition.
    It is suprising that some of our brothers are not interrogating the obsession of collective personality. People look at evidences in order to believe sincerily. If there is no evidence then how could someone believe? He must deceive himself. One needs to read, examine and look at the Letters of Imam Rabbani and the words of Bediuzzaman from their works and see.
    I would like my friends who are searching and examining to take notes in written format. For example in this explanation of Bediuzzaman:

Surely that great urge to protect within that great power will rejoice and HAZRAT MAHDI (AS) WILL TAKE CONTROL AND LEAD TO THE TRUE PATH AND THE TRUTH… (Letters, p. 473)

" Surely that great urge "

So Muslims will get carried away and struggle against oppression in order to have salvation. They will wake up from a sleep and lose weariness. Just like Necip Fazil saying “Sakarya, get up.”

This is the part they will ask

" Hazrat Mahdi (as) will take control and lead to the true path and the truth."

They should say “Who is the Mahdi who will take the lead? Explain this to us.” Now we take their interpretation;  they say “A collective personality will take the lead.” All of the Muslims are collective personality. How could a collective personality take the lead of a collective personality?
The circumstances of the “Great Mahdi” do not fit the narrations alluding to the earlier Mahdis.
Who is this Great Mahdi?

If they are claiming that this is a lie, they can openly say that Bediuzzaman lied here. A statement is either correct or false. I would like to see the man who says that Bediuzzaman is a liar after his death.


They must explain this to us. They must openly say “Bediuzzaman was a hypocrite and he lied.” If they believe him to be honest, they must say, “He is telling the truth.” A middle, second way...

The most important and greatest and most valuable of the three duties of THE PERSON AWAITED BY THE COMMUNITY
Who is this person awaited by the ummah? He says “the ummah is waiting” and “the individual who will come in the End Times.” Who is this individual?
He says, “The Prophet Jesus (pbuh) will submit to the Qur’an.” What do you say? You say, “He got out of the window.” Where did he go? You say, “We buried him.” Tell us where you buried him. It is told in the hadiths that he will be buried next to our Prophet (saas). Why do you not say this? Why would the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) die before Islam prevails and Christians say “La ilaha illAllah”? This is against the Qur’an. It is revealed in the verse very clearly.
How did they talk about this and convince people about a collective personality? It is incomprehensible.

Our brothers can also write and ask this question;
1.  In the end times
2.  the broad sphere of life
3.  the lords of the broad sphere of life
4.  Hazrat Mahdi (as)
5.  And his follwers
6.  will come by the leave of Almighty Allah
7.  When is in the end times?
8.  What is the broad sphere of life ?
9.  Who are the the true lords of the broad sphere of life, Hazrat Mahdi (as) and his followers? 10.  Where is collective personality here?
“…when I taught you the Book and Wisdom, and the Torah and the Injil” (Surat al-Ma’ida, 110)
 This is a special explanation. Statements aimed at the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) emphasize the facts. The Book here is the Qur’an. It is actually the Qur’an that the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) will learn.

    It is very nice and exciting to witness the miracles of our Prophet (saas). The miracles of our Prophet (saas) are always told, learnt and talked about by people. The portents of the Day of Judgment are one of the proven miracles of our Prophet (saas). It is an instrument that will excite people and strengthen their faith. The miracles of our Prophet (saas) not being told and being hidden is something that has not been seen for 1400 years.
    We will put emphasis on this subject [the subject of Mahdism] because when Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) appears the world will turn into a carnaval place.
    Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) is hidden by 70 layers of veils. Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) has hidden himself with the use of innate sciences. They will look and say “It is impossible. He cannot be Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh).” That ignorant scholar of Madina [Istanbul], they will say “He is a deviant. He can never be Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) as he sees those veils.”
Harun Yahya TV, 15 September 2010

3/200- You who have iman, be steadfast; be supreme in steadfastness; be firm on the battlefield; and have taqwa of Allah; so that hopefully you will be successful.

One can be consistent in good moralty through patience. Be determinant in the intellectual struggle against those who are against Allah and the religion. Tell the religion at nights. Be determined in the struggle through books, science, knowledge, internet and television. Be determined in behaving in a merciful and nice way. Be prepared for the struggle; prepare books, write articles, support democracy, establish channels; these have hundreds of meanings. Take turns. Look we are taking turns in the evenings; now people are asleep but we are awake.

Our brothers who criticize me must first say, “I want the Islamic Union. I love Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) very much and wait for him with enthusiasm and love and I also wait for the Prophet Jesus (pbuh ) with enthusiasm.” And then they can criticize as much as they would like.  But how could someone not want the Islamic Union, not be filled with love of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) and the Prophet Jesus (pbuh)? How could he or she not want compassion and mercy? If you do not want these then what do you want?

My brothers can write;

... It appears from this truth that; THIS BLESSED PERSON WHO WILL COME LATER WILL DISSEMINATE AND IMPLEMENT THE RISALE-I NUR AS A PROGRAM … (Bediuzzaman Said Nursi, The Ratifying Stamp of the Unseen, p. 9)
1. Who is to “Come later”?
2.Who is “This blessed person”?
3. How is he going to, “Disseminate and implement”? They shall also ask this.
"disseminate and implement the risale-i nur "
Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will open the Risale-i Nur and explain it to everyone from the television and internet.  I am also a Nur student so I will be explained to as well insha’Allah.
There is Yeni Asya publishing, Tenvir publishing and other publishing houses. Risale books are being published, distributed and told day and night. Ustad says “They cannot extirpate this from Anatolia and everyone will listen to these truths.” But the lecture he is telling here is a special lecture. There are two sorts of Risale lectures. One of them is that Risale-I Nur students will establish training center, school and organize night lessons; they will tell everybody in Turkey and the whole world and they will be called ‘seeds’.” However, there is a second lesson. There is another lesson told by a separate group, by a separate individual. I wonder what this is. They should ask this. Bediuzzaman says that the manner of telling of Nur students and the manner of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) are different. How is Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) going to tell the Risale-I Nur? What is he going to explain from the Risale-I Nur that is being hidden? What are they going to cover up that Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) is going to uncover? So this means that many of Nur students will hide something in the Risale-I Nur and Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will bring out this hidden knowledge insha’Allah.

Those people who are not sayyids, but who say they are, and those who are sayyids, but who say they are not, are both sinners, and in the same way that such claims and denials are forbidden … so adding anything to or removing anything from the hadiths and Qur’an is forbidden. (Bediuzzaman Said Nursi, Reasonings, p. 52)

What is this like? Bediuzzaman says that it is like adding a verse to or removing a verse from the Qur’an; or like adding to or removing from a hadith. They say that Bediuzzaman has committed this sin. There are many statements by Bediuzzaman saying that he is not a sayyid, but they say “He is a sayyid but he has hidden that. He committed this sin by saying that he is not a sayyid. He committed this sin.” Have some fear of Allah. How can you talk like this behind a man who died? He spent 30 years of his life in prison and he does not fear anyone other than Allah. Why would he not tell the truth? Have some fear of Allah.

     (About the claim that Bediuzzaman did not say he was a sayyid as he was afraid of the courts)
    Why would Ustad fear the courts? He is being imprisoned because he tells everythins as it is. He would not be imprisoned if he were scared. He would give an appropriate testimony and he would be let go. He tells what he knows as the truth explicitly. The verdict is that of the court. This is why he was imprisoned. Bediuzaman also tells his students that he is not a sayyid. The court does not know those statements. His statements in the court are separate, but he also tells in his chat with his students that he is not a sayyid. It is a shame that they are making the claim that Bediuzzaman engaged in something forbidden by religion because he was afraid of the judges and to be imprisoned. Also what will the court say to him if he says, “I am a sayyid”? Does that mean “I am Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh)”? There are millions of sayyids. I am a sayyid. My brother is a sayyid. My whole family is sayyid. There are hundreds of sayyids in Istanbul. Mardin and Urfa are full of sayyids. If they imprison everyone who is a sayyid then the prisons would be completely full. Who had been imprisoned for saying that he is a sayyid? Is every sayyid Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh)? Bediuzzaman could say, “Yes I am a sayyid but I am not Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh)” and it ends. It is that clear. Is this so complicated? What does that have to do with crime? He would say his being sayyid proudly as the opposite would be illegal by religion.
     (About Bediuzzaman talking in private environments)
    Bediuzzaman talks in private environments. The environment of a house is private. Where is he going to talk? If they are saying that this subject cannot be talked about on television or radio, Bediuzaman has written this in his books and millions of his books are sold all over the world. He also has works commented upon. Otherwise, Bediuzzaman would say that it should be kept as secret and would not write it in his Collection. He writes it in the Collection for it to be read. How could something that is read be secret?

There are works of Bediuzzaman, which he told is secret and should not be read, but that should be read only by his close students.  Those are separate. But he says that these should be read.  He has written them in the Collection with his own hands and published them in his own time and Bediuzaman also made people read these himself. He wanted these to be published throughout the world.  If he wanted them to be kept private then he would not have put them in the Risale-I Nur. Every subject that is in the Risale-I Nur is no longer private. But there are works of Bediuzzaman that are secret. For example, the explanation of the Surat al- Kawthar. There are some secrets in its explanation. That could be secret. He certainly has some secret works. He says that those should not be read for instance. They must be honest here. I looked for them myself but could not find. Allah knows but he is probably explaining them in more detail there. “Kawthar” might as well be a sign for the world dominion of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh). The elder brothers know some things. I say Brother Sungur. I asked “Is Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) going to be a Nur student?” He said “He will not be a Nur student.” I was surprised. He said “He will be completely different.” I find it very suprising that he told me this as soon as he saw me. He saw me in the mosque. He asked “What is your name?” I said “Adnan Oktar.” He asked “Where are you from?” I said “I am from Ankara master.” He took some paper and pen from his pocket and wrote my name and surname and made a mathematical calculation. Then he walked with me and I asked this question.

The victories of the Risale-i Nur collection up until now and its breaking the attacks of the atheists and of the ones going astray and its rescuing the faiths of hundred thousands of miserable servants and its training hundreds and thousands of genuine muslim followers; one of whom is equivalent to hundreds and thousands, confirm the warning of the Loyal Informant just as it is; and prove it through events and it will continue to do so insha'Allah. It has taken such a root that nothing can ever take it out of the bossom of Anatolia insha'Allah.   In the end times, the true lords of the broad sphere of life, Hazrat Mahdi (as) and his followers come in the End Times, by Almighty Allah’s leave, and broaden that sphere and cause those seeds to flourish. We will watch from our graves and give thanks to Allah . (Kastamonu Addendum)

The victories of the Risale-i Nur collection: Having a positive effect on people and being beneficial in faith related issues.  It’s breaking the attacks of the atheists and of the ones going astray: Breaking the influence of the irreligious and the disbelievers.
And it’s saving the faith of hundred thousands of poor servants: How is this hidden? We are supposed to tell this secretly.
A Loyal Informant: That of our Prophet (saas). Informer. He informs beforehand and everything he says happens.
Confirm and prove it through events : For example, he says that  the comet Lulin will come out and the comet with two tails come out just as he says. He says that the water of the Euphrates will cut off and it does. There is no need to discuss the validness of the hadith as it has already happened.

Insha'Allah it will continue to do so: Did it go on after Bediuzzaman? It did. This is the wisdom of Bediuzzaman.
It has taken such a root that nothing can ever take it out of the bossom of Anatolia insha'Allah: So he says that no one can prevent the Risale-I Nurs Collection. This is also wisdom. It could have been banned, prevented or forgotten. The students might have given up. Look how Faruk Beser says that Risale-I Nur is invalid! Samanyolu TV, Mehtap TV are the channels of those who say that they are Nur students. The man gets on those channels and says that Risale-I Nur is invalid. This state of mind could have spread and made Risale-I Nur invalid. But Bediuzzaman says that they will not be able to. This is a miracle. What does Abdulaziz Bayindir say? He says that Risale-I Nur is completely invalid.
in the End Times, by Almighty Allah’s leave, and broaden that sphere and cause those seeds to flourish.

Now I am explaining the section, which is told to be private. I am not a person who is keen on having secrets. I will tell everybody. I have broken this speciality. He says “I will be dead by the time. I will be in the grave.” He says that the real owners of the Risale-I Nur are Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) and his students.

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