Highlights from Adnan Oktar's interview dated 16 September 2010

Kaçkar Tv 16.09.2010
•    There is the problem about passing on a subject correctly and sincerely as it actually is; they need to explain subject matters correctly.  Our brothers who read Risale-i Nur Collection should take the Risale-i Nur as it is. They should not take people who put on a strange hat at their heads, who shape their mustaches strangely and who accuse Bediuzzaman bluntly of telling lies and who claim to do so because of their love for Bediuzzaman, into consideration. For instance he says "I came home today." And they paraphrase "The 'I' here means a collective identity; what he means by 'today' is the whole past time, the word 'home' means the places covered by the collective identity spreaded all over the world. And by 'came' he means 'he will come'." Why is there the need for such inconceivable, such illogical, and such pathetic attempts? It is really amazing that they get used to such claims as they really see those reasonable. 

•    They have been asking me "Master why are you keeping the system of the Mahdi on the agenda to this extent". The whole policy of the world is founded on this. I am explaining it by means of social events; I am telling the social aspects of Evangelicals and the point of view of the atheist masons. The system of the Messiah and the Islamic unity are the subject matters with the highest priority.  That is the reason why I have been dwelling on these points. 
•    Bediuzzaman says "I am spiritually a sayyid". Everyone who feels love for Hazrat Ali (ra) would be both al-Hasani and al-Husayini. "I may spiritually be counted among the Ahl al-Bayt but as per descent I am not from the Ahl al-Bayt," he says. It would be seen when we look at his family tree anyway. 
•    A seal dies and they move heaven and earth. A seal washes ashore and they all begin to mourn. Hundreds of people die in Afghanistan everyday and they see it perfectly normal. They do not even hear about it. 

•    They are determined make the South East Anatolia communist and I keep saying that an intellectual struggle is necessary against this.  When a member of the PKK dies in the South East Anatolia take any one from his funeral and ask "What is the movement of PKK?" They would all give comprehensive information.  Especially youngsters.  They are very much informed about the subject matters of Marxism, Leninism, the origin of terror, the reason why terror is a necessity, how the Darwinist materialist philosophy developed. These are all people who have been trained at lenght. Do not be fooled by their appearance, they are all very much informed. 

•    Lately some people came from the PKK camps and I said "these came to make propaganda". They actually have spread among the public and started to propagate communism. It all came out to be just as I have said it would be. It was quite apparent from the way they looked; they were classical communist types. The state should support the counter propaganda against this.  They are responding to weapons with weapons, but shouldn’t respond to ideas with ideas a necessity as well? It is not acceptable. Our citizens, our brothers should draw up petitions about this point so as to make it known that this is the general conception of our nation. 
•    Bediuzzaman says "this plague will advance so long as the ability of persuasion and indoctrination progress". Sometimes our senior administrators hint to this point. They say "social precautions should be taken", but they do not say that "scientific struggle is necessary". If they were to say that a scientific philosophical struggle is necessary; what is there to conflict with the structure of the state in that? Which aspect of it conflicts with the constitution, with the laws? Some people go to the bridge to commit suicide and we call people who they love to prevent them to ruin themselves. By indoctrination they persuade their brain.  They also take people with psychological disorders and give them mass therapy. Mass therapy is also needed  there, as well. Those people are intellectually diseased, and they are able to commit murders. This is a kind of social mental disease, and it should be treated. They need to use scientists, psychologists, palaentologists and biologists. 

•    They tell those men "what you have been doing is a shame. This is cruelty". Those men are actually communists. What do they understand from shame or cruelty? How can one say "this is a shame that you do this" to these people? These men are Leninists; they act on the things Lenin talks about. They say "there is a struggle in between the powerful and the weak; power is a weapon, it is bombs." They say "whoever uses force will win. So we will use it." Intellectual defense will solve this matter fundamentally here.  Being proud about this matter would give a very negative result. To be proud about this point would result in a negative way. 

•    For once, the Darwinist propaganda should be ceased all over Turkey.  The state officially engages in Darwinist propaganda.  Once you defend Darwinism you would automatically be nourishing the dialectical philosophy. Mao says "The origin of the Chinese communism is based on Darwin and the evolution theory." A handful of communists got hold of China. The Chinese people wouldn't know the first thing about communism.  Mao openly states that "The origin of the Chinese communism is based on Darwin and the evolution theory." The state should immediately stop the Darwinist propaganda.  It is okay for the state to defend itself with weapons and it should, but ten thousand times as much result can be taken through ideas. It would be very wrong to be too proud for that. Not being proud is an indication of quality here. 
•    We do not claim that the state should not talk about Darwinism, it should. But it should also talk about its response.     For instance Darwinism maintains that proteins are formed by coincidence. That is okay, let them talk about this as much as they want. They can even explain these by stating all their resources. But they should also state that it is impossible for a protein to be formed by coincidences. 60 proteins are needed for a single protein to be formed. How is it possible that the youngsters do not see this in the text books of the state? That is a scientific fact.  How is it that a fact commonly stated by the scientists does not take place in the textbooks of the state? How is it that the superstitions of Darwin takes place in them but not the scientific truth? For instance Darwinism maintains that there are transitional fossils. They can talk about those as much as they like. But not even one has ever been found until now; they should also state this scientific fact. The state should also state this. It is the duty of the state to support science, we do not ask the state to tell superstitions. We just ask them to respond with pure science. The state should support science by with the constitution. I don’t claim that the state should be saying anything superstitious. We will put an end to this with pure science. Otherwise it would develop. That is because a PKK supporter takes the text book published by the state and says "all living things are formed through evolution, you have been formed through evolution as well". Allah is above their claims, and he says, "Allah does not exist". "There is no difference in between you and a dog. It is the same if a dog dies or a man dies. It is the same if a bug dies or a man dies," he says. The man doesn't accept that murder is a sin. And shows the biology text books as a source for that. He says "the universe is formed by coincidences".

•    It is better to read the verses of the Qur'an from the book, as one might forget a word while saying it by heart. Anyone can make a mistake but there would be no errors while reading.  Allah starts by saying "Read", right?  When we read it directly from the book the person listening would be satisfied.  There are some people who know the complete book by heart but are like donkeys loaded by weighty tomes.   There are reactionist bigots. They haven't taken the spirit of the Qur'an at all.  There is no art, science or love in them, there is only supersitition for them. No one can live by religion like this. We ask the bigot himself and see that he cannot live by it himself either. He is a classical crook. He can never do the things he himself talks about. He would get suffocated in between all these superstitions. What we should do is to abide by the Qur'an completely without making interpretations from our minds. We will learn the religion from Elmalılı Hamdi Yazir Commentary and Omar Nasuhi Bilmen's work explaining the principles of Islam. 

•    Just like salt dissolving in water, the PKK that is the system of antichrist would melt in the face of scientific propaganda.  Scientific counter propaganda would melt the PKK just like salt melting in water. If the state gives way to us, if we do not tear them down intellectually in two months, they can say anything they like to us. The spirit of the PKK will be removed, that will be all; removing the body wouldn't do the effect. The spirit can only be removed through pure science.  I will not confront them with religion.  I do know that the state is secular, I will get to the point with pure science.  Only through real science. This cannot be done by swearing and insulting, it cannot be done with cannons and tanks. Scientific struggle is a must. That is what matters and there is nothing more. Our soldiers fought in Canakkale. They were convinced and went there for religion. Ataturk says "they are all faithful and they all know that they will soon be martyred but because they believe in Allah they sacrifice themselves."

•    Those militants engage in fake academic studies every day at the mountains. These men are taking Darwinism- Materialism training everyday for hours, they are using the methods of Mao Tze Tung and Ho Chi Mihn.  There are books about these and these are all tested methods. America could not defeat the Ho Chi Mihn methods in Vietnam. They have used high technology weapons, rained down bombs on the mountains of Vietnam. But finally they had to leave them and go. In total they are given thousands of hours training.  They join the PKK when 16 and they take training night and day until 46. They bring experts from Europe. They bring experts on Darwinism and experts on materialism and have them teach continuously. 

•    Ever since the creation of Adam (pbuh) until the Last Hour there has been no strife bigger than that of the antichrist … No prophet who did not warn his community against him has ever been sent. (Al-Barzanji, Al-Isha'ah li-ashrat al-sa'ah, 8th. Edition, p. 225)

•    There has never been a greater strife than the Darwinist materialist strife. Six billion people directly surrendered to atheism and materialism.

•    He says that all the prophets drew the attention towards the anti-Christ. He says that the antichrist will come and Hazrat Mahdi(pbuh) will appear as its contrary.  Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) is awaited in all ancient scriptures. In dead Sea Qumran scriptures, in Aztec and Inca scriptures it says that a man in a white dress will come. Everywhere in Budhist works from very old days, the system of the Mahdi is mentioned. They say that he won't be like them. He will not be in the Aztec appearance it says. And also his beard is mentioned.

•    Time was removed for our Prophet (saas) and he had seen the past and the future as a single  moment.  In Islam this is called convolution of time. He has seen the past and the future and Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) in great detail. 

•    «O servants of Allah! I will tell you about him in a way that no prophet has ever done…»

•    «He [the antichrist] will first say, “I am a prophet.” Yet there will be no prophet after me. He will then make a second claim, saying, “I am your Lord.” Although you will not see your Lord until you die. (Sunan Ibn Majah, 4077)

•    Our Prophet (saas) says; "I will tell you about the anti-Christ in such a way that no other prophet has ever."  This also means that he will give that much detailed information about Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) as well, so that you will know him like you know your own child.  He says that he will inform us about those portents in such clear details that it would not be possible for us not to understand. 

•    The Godless system which would see that atheism and materialism has been destroyed in the End Times would come up under the name of religion. There will be an antichrist who would claim that he is Allah (Allah is beyond their claims) but he won't be a person to be taken seriously.   He would influence people in general. He too will use the Darwinist materialist system and claim that he is Jesus Messiah. He would say that the Darwinist system is correct and will use hypnosis and hallucination features.  The Prophet Jesus (pbuh) will make him inactive but this is not what will be effective worldwide.  The real problem is the the world wide Godlessness and irreligious movement and it is the Mahdi who will make those ineffective. Jesus Messiah will make the Antichrist inactive. Just like the Darwinists and materialists saying "the creatures from outer space made the first cell" as a result being cornered, they will employ such meaningless illogical claims.  The Prophet Jesus (pbuh) will remove antichrist's hypnotic power.  It will also be a miracle for a human being to remove such mass hypnosis. But he would also have miracles like curing the Vitiligo
disease and knowing what is in people's houses.  He may also revive a person who has been in the morgue. But believing in it will not be an obligation. 

•    (News report stating that Economic crisis stroke England)  The reason why the economic crisis did not hit Turkey is because Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) is in Turkey. Two years ago I have said that the crisis will not affect Turkey. The economists claimed that it would mainly hit Turkey and I said nothing of that sort will happen, and you see the result.
•    Both the atheistic masons and the Alleged Ergenekon Organization have become enemies to me and my friends. What have they done? They said "let us find fake secret witnesses and infiltrate agent provacators among them". They have infiltrated 2 such agent provacators among us and everyone saw this. Those two agents went to the security department and the day after there had been an operation against us.  The alleged Alleged Ergenekon Organization is at the moment pended. We have presented the evidence we have about the Alleged Ergenekon Organization struggling against us for their case file.  The alleged Ergenekon Organisation is organizing the activities against us. I of course do not mean anyone who is being tried or arrested now; I consider them free of these. When they planned to defame and slander, it wasn't difficult to find a prostitute to do that with. It wasn't difficult to find secret witnesses either. We have been telling all sorts of things about the Alleged Ergenekon Organisation and we will continue to do so. Let them infiltrate ajan provacators, let them use fake informants, we will continue our way. They have even provoked some people who loved us before, against us and made them attack us.

•    Thanks be to Allah, I have been acquitted from each and every single one of the lawsuits brought against me.  They have been bringing lawsuits against me continuously and I am being acquitted from every one of them.  The state explicitly sees that the Alleged Ergenekon organization has openly been fighting against us. The state should take action against this. The Alleged Ergenekon Organization has defined us as "their real target". They are telling it openly. "We will start websites against them and find fake witnesses," they actually have written those and these take place in their case file as well.  The state should defend the citizens. They plotted the cocain conspiracy against me and they have gotten away with it, we still do not know who did it. The state needs to do what is necessary. 
74/47    Until what is certain to come did come upon us.

74/48    The intercession of the interceders will not help them.

•    What happened to their claim that the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) would go to the Christians and Jews at their death bed and enable them to have faith? Actually the Prophet Jesus(pbuh) will come to earth while they are still alive and enable people to have faith while they are conscious. 

23/99- When death comes to one of them, he says, ‘My Lord, send me back again.

23/100    so that perhaps I may act rightly regarding the things I failed to do!’ No indeed! It is just words he utters. Before them there is an interspace until the Day they are raised up.

•    In the alluded meaning he says "Send me back so that I will believe in the Prophet Jesus (pbuh)" and Allah says "No it is not possible, it is just words you say".

10/90    We brought the tribe of Israel across the sea and Pharaoh and his troops pursued them out of tyranny and enmity. Then, when he was on the point of drowning, he said, ‘I believe that there is no god but Him in whom the tribe of Israel believe. I am one of the Muslims.’

10/91    ‘What, now! When previously you rebelled and were one of the corrupters?

•    That means their claims regarding the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) which state that when a Jewish man is about to die, the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) will go to him as an image and say "I am the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) so have faith in me" is wrong according to this verse. What is more one's believing in the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) is not something that would save him. And they claim that it will be just before he is about to die, and that is not acceptable. That means the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) will come, wander around among people and the people will see him. That is also the case with Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh). 
•    One of the features of the hypocrites is that they do not appreciate Muslims.  As a mere formality they seem like they do but we understand that they do not even appreciate our Prophet (saas). What is more they even regard themselves greater than Allah (Allah is beyond their claims). The friendships of the hypocrites are also fake. When they leave each other they start gossiping about each other.  There is actually hatred in between them. 
•    With ignorance and lovelessness it brings along bigotry and has a very cold countenance.  That is a terrible thing. It is at least as terrible as communism.  Against such a massive evil, we are to develop a clear attitude just as we do against communism. They keep saying that our people refrain from backwardness, they are right to do so. As I refrain from that as well. That is a very serious danger. However when you intend to give a struggle against backwardness that cannot be done by being against the Qur'an. Against bigotry, it is essential to make statements that would relieve our intellectuals, our loving people.  That is trouble for them but wouldn't it also be a trouble for us as well? That is a great trouble. A bigot doesn't want democracy, and he doesn't want freedom. We ask him what he wants and he says that he wants blood, superstitions and ignominy. And we do not want any of those. I do not even want to look at the face of that man, I feel disturbed. We certainly would never ever let them kill science, love, beauty or art. We do not want that. It is a necessity to explain this point so that people will feel relieved. It would be very nice for our senior administrators to state that we are committed to be against the dark, insane mentality of reactionism.  It would be great if they have stated that they are against this mentality as well. They need to say this at least several times. That is because people actually fear that. 
•    It would really be nice to let them know that we all hate bigotry and backwardness. It would be great to underline the fact that they will be able to live in brotherhood and love in the best way possible. These people have really been scared, and they are living in the fear of something that should not happen. Actually, we do hate that system as well but they are unaware of this.   Those people directly attack religion and thus they cause the fanatics to become uncontrollable. If you come up against them by being irreligious, the fanatics would break out in open revolt. By this you would be giving ammunition for them to use for their purposes.  Our Prophet (saas) says "70 thousand turbaned people will abide by the anti-Christ". The army of the bigots is meant here. What is meant by 70 thousand is that they will be very crowded. It could as well be 700 thousand. They have martyred Hazrat Hasan (ra), Hazrat Hussain (ra), Hazrat Umar; they have martyred all of them. They wanted bigotry to come instead. The enmity towards love is a fundamental principle for them. They do not want beauty. They want to take away the blessings Allah granted us. I want to drink coffee, yet he says, "it is unlawful". I am about to sit down, he says "you can't". "Niether can you laugh," he says "laughing is prohibited. You are to cry frequently“. There is a verse aout this, Allah says for the unbelievers that they are to laugh little and weep much. I would of course be very cheerful. Let the sordid men cry instead. 

20/83- ‘Why have you hurried on ahead of your people, Moses?’
20/84    He said, ‘They are following in my tracks. I have hurried on ahead to you, My Lord, to gain Your good pleasure.’
20/85    He said, ‘We tried your people after you left and the Samaritan has misguided them.’
20/86    Moses returned to his people in anger and great sorrow. He said, ‘My people, did not your Lord make you a handsome promise? Did the fulfilment of the contract seem too long to you or did you want to unleash your Lord’s anger upon yourselves, so you broke your promise to me?’

•    Allah says : "after you left your people went astray". That means Muslims behave perfectly when they have a leader but when there is no leader one pulls from one side and the other from the other side and they  dissolve and start behaving abnormally.  Allah says that "a hypocrite deviated them". When the Muslims do not have anyone as their leader hypocrites pester. 

did not your Lord make you a handsome promise?
meaning; "did not Allah tell you that He will send Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh)?"
Did the fulfilment of the contract seem too long to you ?
In the alluded meaning; did the fulfillment of Hazrat Mahdi's (pbuh) 40 years of service seem too long to you?    

20/94    He said, ‘Son of my mother! Do not seize me by the beard or by the hair. I was afraid that you would say, “You have caused division in the tribe of Israel and taken no notice to anything I said.”’

•    That means he had both hair and beard. This is especially stated in the Qur'an.
20/123- ... But when guidance comes to you from Me, all those who follow My guidance will not go astray and will not be miserable

•    Regarding the End Times, all those who follow Hazrat Mahdi will not go astray. 

20/124    But if anyone turns away from My reminder, his life will be a dark and narrow one and on the Day of Rising We will gather him blind.’

•    Who ever turns away from Allah, Allah says that He will send an economic crisis on them. 

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