Highlights from Adnan Oktar's interview dated 19 September 2010

 Kanal Avrupa, September 19th, 2010

•    We have a sense of profound protection, love and compassion towards the People of the Book, that is the Jews and the Christians reminiscent from the Ottomans, reminiscent from the time of our Prophet (saas). This is the sunnah of our Prophet (saas). So how are Turks the enemy of the Armenians and how are Armenians the enemy of the Turks? Would an enemy go visit his opponent's house? They are all our brothers. They are the Loyal Nation, they can come in as they like and perform their divine services. They are our sons. Allah tells us in the Qur'an that the places of worship of the People of the Book are under protection. And some people are making a fuss saying "how could it be, they are trying to seize our country". You are building a mosque in the center of New York, are you invading the country by doing so? You are building a mosque in Germany, are you invading the country by doing so?  Such logic is not acceptable. Of course in our hearts we want them to say "La Ilahe Illa Allah" and accept that the Prophet Muhammad (saas) is a rightful prophet. But if they do not, then showing respect to every opinion and every belief is fundamental insha'Allah. 

•    A Muslim who is most fearful and obedient towards Allah is the one who feels the biggest dislike towards the hypocrite, the one who hates them the most. It is directly proportional to the fear and obedience one feels for Allah.  Feeling deep love toward Allah, feeling deep love towards the Prophet (saas) is a sign of faith and feeling a deep hatred towards the hypocrite is also a sign of faith. When I say hate, I do not mean in the sense that he would show a physical reaction, but in the sense that he would damn and dislike them.

6/125    When Allah desires to guide someone, He expands his breast to Islam. When He desires to misguide someone, He makes his breast narrow and constricted as if he were climbing up into the sky. That is how Allah defiles those who have no faith.

•    A hypocrite is constantly under stress. A hypocrite is constantly in pain. Just like a rabid dog getting distressed from everything, from water, from light, from noise but in the meantime it becomes all aggressive. It is all aggressive. And a hypocrite is just like that. 

104/6    The kindled Fire of Allah
104/7    reaching right into the heart.

A spiritual fire. A spiritual fire enfolds the hypocrites. He is in constant tension.

3/118    You who have faith! Do not take any outside yourselves as intimates. They will do anything to harm you. They love what causes you distress. Hatred has appeared out of their mouths, but what their breasts hide is far worse. We have made the Signs clear to you if you use your intellect.

•    A hypocrite is a backstabber. He takes the secrets of Muslims and gives them to the unbelievers. He wants to get them in trouble. What is evil? He tries to break the Muslims' enthusiasm, and makes propaganda against them and in his own mind tries to damage them spiritually. He also wants to do physical evil. He slanders, curses, even aims to kill. His desire to harm the Muslims is reflected in everything that represents hatred.  Muslims being arrested, imprisoned, their being insulted, spreading gossip about them, trying to break their power of communicating religion.  The hypocrites reflect their rage without fail. Because of their rage they reflect their hatred either by talking or by writing.  Muslims would certainly come across with hypocrites, in order to acquire merit in the Sight of Allah they need to come cross with them. Hypocrite is a nourishment for the spiritual growth of the Muslim. The hypocrite criticizes the Muslim but shows himself as if he is kind, giving the impression of humbleness, that is his cover, he covers himself under modesty but actually he is very rampant and aggressive. He has a direct tendency towards murder. That means Allah says "I have explained everything to you in My verses, I am showing you the features of hypocrites and unbelievers, you will grasp it completely if you think good enough". 

 3/119    There you are, loving them when they do not love you, even though you have faith in all the Books. When they meet you, they say, ‘We have faith.’ But when they leave they bite their fingers out of rage against you. Say, ‘Die in your rage.’ Allah knows what your hearts contain.

3/120    If something good happens to you, it galls them. If something bad strikes you, they rejoice at it. But if you are steadfast and have taqwa [fear of and obedience to Allah] , their scheming will not harm you in any way. Allah encompasses what they do.

•    The rage and pain they feel because of their envy and jealousy towards Muslims strikes them down to the tips of their fingers, they are biting their fingers in order to relieve that pain. A physical pain comes from their rage. 

•    What is goodness; that is what the hypocrites are jealous of; the increase of Muslims' devotion towards one another, the development of the Unity of Islam, the development of the Turkish Islamic Union, every kind of wealth and abundance would worry them.  They are also outraged by the love Muslims feel for women. Allah says this in the Qur'an very kindly, He mentions the fact they are annoyed by their love for women. They have been saying "What is the matter with this Messenger, that he eats food and walks in the market-place? "Allah says this very politely. According to them he needs to sequester themselves from the world and should not be with his lawful wives.  Just to annoy them just to make them feel that rage Allah bestows a right on the Prophet (saas) that is contrary to the habit and also encourages Muslim women. Allah gives a long list of lawful women for the Prophet and lists the daughters of his paternal aunts and the daughters of his maternal uncles and any Muslim woman who gives herself to the Prophet (saas). Muslim women are giving themselves to the Prophet (saas). They say "I am yours no matter what". The hypocrites are very jealous about this.  The love felt here is the love for Allah, that is a profound love. The hypocrite does not grasp the pleasure our Prophet (saas) gets from the women as the manifestations of Allah. There is no love for humans in the heart of a hypocrite, no love for women, no love for children, no love for animals, no love for flowers. He looks at a flower and asks how much money do those herbs cost. Women give themselves to him through their love for Allah, through their passion for Allah. Because they can never have enough of his love, Allah had manifested Himself strikingly in our Prophet (saas). 

•    They feel rage towards our Prophet (saas) for his being with his wives. Hypocrites are enemies to women, they are perverts. 

•    Especially the fact that women gave themselves to him, He made them feel outraged.  Hazrat Hassan (ra) for instance didn’t have the wealth to give dowries but women gave themselves to him. Hazrat Hassan (ra) was like the Prophet Joseph (as). Women fell in love with him even if they tried to resist, but this beauty of the Prophet Joseph (as), this effectiveness of him does not come from flesh and bones.  Allah manifested in him as glamour because of his profound morals. There are handsome men who do not have any effect on women, they are hollow. There are even people among the public who claim that they couldn't find that electricity when they are married.  The woman looks at him, he is just a flesh and hollow and it doesn't have any effect on her. The affection can only occur with the profundity of belief, it happens with the love of Allah. Passion only occurs with faith, profundity and self-sacrifice.  If the woman has a high character, then she would be loved but an immoral woman, no matter how beautiful she might be, her brain would be paralyzed. If she is immoral, his brain would lock her out. That is the same with women as well, no matter how handsome he might be if he is immoral her brain would lock him out.   

•    For a hypocrite a woman is a piece of flesh, for that reason he can't attach any meaning to Muslim's love.  I am looking at the websites that criticize our Prophet (saas), the only point they dwell on is his marriages and his love for women. He was a man full of love of Allah and women loved him with love for Allah. What would they gain, had they not married him? Even their bones do not exist any more. Thousands of years have passed, many generations have passed after them. What would happen even if they lived in palaces? Minimum 14 generations have passed after them. 

•    This is the reason why Hazrat Hassan and Hussain were martyred. This is a blessing Allah gave them. The hypocrites were observing them. They were observing them like weasels. They were martyred because of their joy, cheerfulness, and their living a beautiful life. Both of them wore silk. They both looked very much like our Prophet (saas). There were people who fainted and became tongue tied when they saw our Prophet (saas). Even Christians were coming as committees, normally they might have asked questions to see if he really is a prophet, they had every right to do so. But since it was apparent from his face, they instantly understood that he was a rightful Prophet and never asked. 

•    Since the hypocrites were upset with our Prophet (saas) they attempted to cast slanders on our mothers.  Even though Allah gives a guarantee in the Qur'an, those people who call themselves "Muslims" still attempt to cast slanders. In fact, the hypocrites even damn the fact that there will be sexuality in Heaven with an abject manner. Allah refers to passion and says that they will take profound pleasure from passion. Hypocrites also mention the blessings that Muslims will be given, but they do so with rage.  There is enmity towards women in every perverse religion. It is also valid for Buddhists. The man dies and they burn his wife alive with him.

•    If a man wants to hold someone tight should it only be for lust? It is the result of the love Allah, but in addition the power of lust has also been given to people. One might have al little kid, he embraces that kid, smells and kisses her and that is the love of Allah. Allah adds lust to that for his wife but the actual feeling is the love of Allah. You cannot do anything at all with pure lust. That is the reason why the hypocrites are in pain, and that is why they get twisted. That is the reason for the perverts in the time of the Prophet Abraham (as).  That is the reason for the perverts in our age. All life in heaven is based on love of Allah. You feel love towards the houses, children and music of the Heaven. You feel love towards the children of the Heaven. You additionally feel lust towards your lawful one but that is a small part of it, it is an additional part. It is the love of Allah that constitutes the whole. 

33/50 O Prophet! We have made lawful for you: your wives to whom you have given dowries and any concubines you own from the booty Allah has allotted you and the daughters of your paternal uncles and i and the daughters of your maternal aunts who have immigrated with you and any Muslim woman who gives herself to the Prophet if the Prophet desires to marry her: exclusively for you as opposed to the rest of the Muslims – We know very well what We have prescribed for them regarding their wives and any concubines they possess – in order that there be no restriction on you. Allah is Ever-Forgiving, Most Merciful.

•    That is a verse that drives the hypocrites crazy. They have been criticizing him because he had married his paternal aunt's daughter, and Allah makes him marry all of them. That has driven the hypocrites crazy. What really hit the hypocrites is that there were women who gave themselves to our Prophet (saas).  There were a lot of women saying " I do not want anything, I just want you for the good pleasure of Allah, I give myself to you even if you do not take me I have given myself to you I would like to be with you in Heaven and Earth. They would thus be a freed concubine.  Muslims can marry the daughter of their maternal aunt but they can't marry the other one. But Allah deems it lawful and just for our Prophet (saas) to marry them all. 
-    in order that there be no restriction on you: Allah tells him to "cut-off the filthy tongues of the hypocrites".  The hypocrites were attacking our Prophet (saas). But when this verse was revealed, that has all stopped.

•    2/223- Your women are fertile fields for you, so come to your fertile fields however you like. Send good ahead for yourselves and have taqwa of Allah. Know that you are going to meet Him. And give good news to the Muslims.
•    Allah says go to your fields however you like. Lawful sexuality is a blessing of Allah. The hypocrites want to darken life and to destroy it and they see sexuality as a debased thing. They have a filthy understanding of honor and they take it as a dishonorable thing. 

•    9/120- ... That is because no thirst or weariness or hunger will afflict them in the Way of Allah, nor will they take a single step to infuriate the unbelievers, nor secure any gain from the enemy, without a right action being written down for them because of it. Allah does not let the wage of the good-doers go to waste.
•    For instance scoring success against Darwinism would annoy the hypocrites. We have been crashing down Darwinism and materialism but in one respect this also is to upset the hypocrites. That is why we have been giving detailed information about the articles published, the books sold, the books downloaded would make them all go mad. 110 million books have been downloaded only this year, and 110 million of them have been sold all over the world. The joy, power, wealth of Muslims and their favoring each other, their beauties, their love for women, their scientific success would annoy the hypocrite intensely.  From the smallest to the biggest; you go to any café and sit there in joy and that makes them mad, you wander around and that makes them mad, you go for a conference and that makes them mad, you intellectually crash the opposition in the conference, and that makes them mad, you go on television and talk about religion that makes them mad, you publish books and that makes them mad.  They hear your voice in the radio they go crazy. The affection Muslims feel for each other, and their intellectually crashing the unbelievers, the hypocrites’ own helplessness, and their feeling of pain and restlessness in themselves makes them mad as well. And they see the Muslims as the reason for that pain. 

•    Even though Hazrat Mahdi (as) will not speak Arabic he will be superior to the renovators and scholars. That is the proof of Allah giving him an innate knowledge. This is how Allah wills to show what wisdom is, and to show how He manifests with His Name Al-Hadi. A person would come to Our Prophet (saas) and look into his eyes for 3 seconds and turn back with an immense faith. In those 3 seconds all of his body chemistry was changed. Our Prophet (saas) was saying "you are a lion now go and communicate the religion".  Within 3 seconds he was gaining the honor to be one of the companions and to go and communicate the religion. But there are some scholars that do not reflect the light of Allah upon them. They do not possess wisdom they are not sincere. These become instrumental in faithful people loosing their faiths and Hazrat Mahdi (as) is just the opposite of this, one would look at him and gain faith. 

•    “...[Thanks to his (Hazrat Mahdi’s (as)] blessing) SOMEONE WHO IS IGNORANT, FEARFUL AND MEAN AT NIGHT WILL BE LEARNED, BRAVE AND GENEROUS IN THE MORNING. His (Allah’s) help will go before him [Hazrat Mahdi (as)]...
•    Attention has always been drawn to Hazrat Mahdi (as) talking at night. Our Prophet (saas) said that he would talk for a long time after the evening time and will give long sermons.  He says that the public will see Hazrat Mahdi (as) from where they sit; this is referring to the television. That is also a miracle. Someone ignorant, someone fearful, someone mean who doesn't even want to distribute books would become a person who is learned generous and brave after Hazrat Mahdi (as) talks to him. That is Allah manifesting by His Name "Al-Hadi", that is Allah giving him guidance. 

•    Praying is very important. Loving Allah a lot is very important. Someone who loves Allah deeply would turn into an atomic bomb. A faithful Muslim would be as powerful as 800 thousand hydrogen bombs. It is very important to attain that power. Profound love for Allah, profound fear of Allah would turn into an invincible power.  That is also how Hazrat Mahdi (as) will be. For instance the Pharaoh had slaughtered thousands of kids at night to stop the Prophet Moses (as).  His mother placed him in a chest. Allah made the wife of the Pharaoh find the Prophet Moses (as) and the Pharaoh had taken him to his palace and raised him.  And then he razed the system of the Pharaoh to the ground. 

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