Highlights from Adnan Oktar's interview dated 21 September 2010

Gaziantep Olay TV, 21 September 2010

•    (In regard to news on America and its allies preparing for nuclear war) In truth, there is no such organization named Al-Qaeda. There is the need for an enemy, for a reason to undertake an operation, to use weapons and bombs. Such a reason does not emerge all of a sudden. So, that reason has to be produced, and they did produce that. They are using people in destitute and particularly commissioning them to portrait a Muslim image of voracious character. As a matter of fact they immediately crush such people, but by means of these people, they are able to agitate masses and take them under control.

•    They are creating a repulsive Muslim profile with such attitude, life, way of talking, behavior, aggression and ignorance. The purpose of this is to name that person abnormal in the eyes of the ones who see him. They attained that through Saddam. Saddam was a communist, Stalinist. He is performing prayers, but he is also a Darwinist, materialist and an enemy of Muslims. He adopted an attitude that looks down on -may Allah forbid- Our Prophet (saas). He is just the type they are looking for. They are inventing that as a model along with its derivatives. Then they will say, “Look, we were right.” We are striving to prevent that to happen.

•    It is very startling to see that bigotry encircling the world to such an extent and people believing in such ideas. For instance, Evangelicals claim they will live over the clouds for 1000 years. Grownup men come to believe this. Others bring fossils that became granite, and they say “This is maximum five thousand years old.” They thoroughly reject science. Bigotry has   overwhelmed the entire world. They want blood that would reach up to horses’ necks. Where will you find that much blood? He claims it, believes it and yearns to see it. That is very surprising. Even if all slaughterhouses worked day and night to that end, blood would not reach a horse’s neck. But he aspires to see that happen because his faith is based on that condition.

•    The conflict between India and Pakistan, that is also the consequence of a plan. They do not have a high opinion of Asian people and based on Darwinist thinking, they regard them to be an inferior race. They hold grudge towards them. In fact, they do not even like Christians from that community.

•    Solution is to abolish Darwinist philosophy intellectually and establish belief in the Creator on scientific basis. Once he accepts Darwinism, then Marxism naturally follows. If he is a Marxist, then definitely he has to be a Leninist because otherwise he would be a revisionist which communists would not approve of and outwit scientifically. Once Marxist, then he has to be a Leninist and once a Leninist, he must be a terrorist. All their statements are explicit, and materialism, as well as Darwinism, are openly published in state books. Then this is what follows. We do not say those should not be communicated, on the contrary they may explain those ideas in the most comprehensive way; but their responses must also be given. Are you allowed to say that there are 350 million fossils that prove creation in the textbooks published by the states? No. Can proteins be formed by coincidence? They cannot, can you write this in the books? It is forbidden. When there is the need for more than 60 proteins for one protein to be formed, that brings the point to a deadlock. There is 0 possibility, the matter is all closed but we cannot put it in the textbooks. For instance, are you allowed to say in the textbooks of the states, that the Piltdown man and the Java man were fake? It is forbidden, you cannot say that.

•    Guerilla method and how treacherous it is should also be explained. PKK has advantages in its fight against a regular army, but this is not known. They wonder how our soldiers are not able to deal with them right down. It is incredibly hard to fight against guerilla method with regular armies. Since it is not possible to struggle with them illegally, that is a disadvantage for our soldiers. Even if they fought by using the same method, they would not ever triumph without defeating them on scientific terms. If Darwinism and materialism are approved of in books, and if belief of that man is advocated, that would give an appearance of downfall. If that man comes up and says, “State is of the same opinion with us,” then how will we respond to that person?

•    Youth should be taught of love. An anti-love policy is adopted. They appear on television with cold, aggressive and quarrelsome faces. Love is the reality of this world, affection is the reality of this world, love is the reality of life. Love is one of the greatest blessings of Allah. They do not show even the slightest trace of love. It is very important to love everything and to be exceedingly understanding. When a person goes out, he wants to come across familiar eyes and people who would welcome him with love. If you will see frowning faces in the streets and nobody looks in another’s face or does not look up, then how is this? That would mean an atmosphere just like in an horror movie.

Verily among the signs of the Last Hour is the greeting [Salaam] is limited to those known only… (Ibn Ahmad Hanbal)
The Hour will not come until hearts become strangers, words become apart, and brothers adhere to other religions. (ad-Daylami)

•    One of the siblings is religious, the other irreligious; one is a Muslim, the other is a hypocrite. He goes out and after an hour if he sees one familiar person, he may only greet that one. In 1900s there was nothing like that and people would salute one another with love. But right now this is not happening and it is miracle of our Prophet (saas) that what he said came to happen exactly the same.

•    Hypocrites resort to – so to say - agonize our Prophet (pbuh), as if the Prophet (saas) would ever be concerned of those. In fact hypocrites enhance the fervor of the Prophet (saas). They were jealous of his marriages, and those hypocrites are still experiencing that pain. If you look at websites of atheists and hypocrites, you may see they continually discuss on marriages of our Prophet (saas) and his affection for women.

•    Allah reveals a long list in order to infuriate them, there is special explanation on this. For instance there are women who give themselves to him and hypocrites are greatly annoyed by this and say, “Where did this come from, how come women give themselves?” Our mother loves him with great affection, will you obstruct her freedom? “I am in love with you, the Messenger of Allah, I give myself to you, and I do not want any other thing,”  she says. At that time, they oppose their dedication. They also raise objections to our Prophet (saas)’s marriage with the daughter of his uncle. Allah tells him to marry them all, including women who give themselves to him as well as ones under his right hand and makes marriage with them all lawful. Hypocrites do not understand the passion and affection of our Prophet (saas), they wonder how it could be possible. It is possible, because the Prophet (saas) is just perfect, that is the sign of a true prophet since they enthuse with love. That is how prophets are. Because hypocrites only see from a sexual point of view and consider women to be a lump of flesh where they can throw their dirt into, and because they do not understand love at all, they are bewildered with the Prophet (saas). They do not appreciate the righteous love and affection of our Prophet (saas) and are embarrassed foolishly and try to bring excuses for this. They say that he has had old wives as well. But he also has married eighteen year old women; why are you distorting the truth? When you get married you do and that is acceptable for you. They all get married, take their wives to suburbs with tambourine and drums. How is it that you may do it, but not our Prophet (saas)?

•    According to their stiff necks, our Prophet (saas) will not eat, will not laugh, will not walk through the bazaars nor will he like women. Then what will our Prophet (saas) do in Paradise? Let me tell them, he is currently feasting at banquets in Paradise. He will visit markets in Paradise and he is already doing so, he is going to be with thousands and tens of thousands of houri girls, listen to the music in Paradise and he is doing all these right now. They are ashamed of marriages of our Prophet (pbuh), why are you getting married then? What is special with you that you deserve marriage, but our most beautiful Prophet (saas) cannot? They do not explain these topics and they hide them away, but I do not abstain from talking about these. All wives of our Prophet (saas) were in love with him, their eyes were in tears of love when they saw him. He had an overwhelming strength, he was very handsome with dark black eyes and wide shoulders. Well done, masha’Allah. They are also ashamed to mention his strength, what is there to be ashamed of?

•    Not talking about unity in Islam is a sickness just like not mentioning Turkish – Islamic Union. It is a sickness not to speak on the signs of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) or it is an anomaly to be afraid of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) or return of the Prophet Jesus (pbuh). In addition, it is a deviation to distort explicit statements regarding the appearance of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) by looking into our eyes.

•    A great number of Muslims do not want Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) thinking that he will harm their reputation, their communities or holdings. They do not desire the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) for the same reason. Some of them act with a mentality that Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) should not come, and they keep what they have in hand even if a small amount. They do not definitely desire Prophet Jesus (pbuh) to return also. While listening to the Qur’an, they are in tears when verses regarding the return of the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) are recited in Arabic. But, he does not approve of the discourse on return of the Prophet Jesus (pbuh). Our brothers should emphasize that persistently and question why they do not mention unity in Islam at all. They do not talk about unity in Islam, because if that is fulfilled, then there needs to be a head of that unity. So, ultimately, they will have to accept Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh).

•    They should not recognize scholars who do not advocate unity in Islam as true scholars. Those ones who do not support unity in Islam should have fear of Allah otherwise they should not talk about oppression against our brothers in Palestine or Afghanistan. He has left the door open and then talks about the monster that comes and devours people. Close the door so that the monster will not come in. Closing the door is yearning for the Turkish – Islamic Union. If you leave the door wide open then talk, then I do not believe in your sincerity.

•    (On Sheikh Ahmad Yasin’s statement Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) has come) His Highness Sheikh Ahmad Yasin is not a person of vanity, he has no egotism or self interest. He is explaining these all only for Allah, and his manner of discourse shows his modest character and distance from arrogance. Therefore what those provocateurs whom CIA consult say about this humble and dignified person is due to their jealousy. Ones that get prepared to Armageddon or Evangelicals would not appreciate the statements of our Sheikh. Do not ever esteem who speak against His Highness, he is a perfectly honest and noble person. His Highness Sheikh Nazim is also a descent of the Prophet (saas), he is an honorable personage from the lineage of the Prophet (saas). Nobody should also deem those statements against him by whom Evangelicals feed as valuable. These people of high esteem are superiorly modest. His Highness Mohammad Rashid Erol as well as His Highness Gaws are the roses of the same garden, and they are of the same opinion. These blessed saints are roses of the same garden. Sheikh Ahmad Yasin does not intend to say that he has personally met Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh), he is talking about his signs. We are also saying how it will be and Ahmad Yasin does not make these statements out of his head but bases them on Bediuzzaman. He has respect for all guides and this is how a true guide is, he loves them all. He explains that companions of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) are of high quality. Would Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh)’s followers be unqualified, definitely they will be of high excellence and he is telling the truth. These signs he is mentioning are based on Bediuzzaman and the hadiths. Therefore, he does not say, “I saw him with my own eyes, met him or held his hands.” He is elucidating what the scholars have explained based on the hadiths and the Qur’an.

•    I have pity for Evangelicals, I am not hostile towards them. Would a man be Allah? Would it be proper to pray to a man? Isn’t this a disgrace, you are pushing people towards disbelief. American kids have become deviators. How do they call man, Allah? Now, because they would not listen to what we say, Allah sends the Prophet Jesus (pbuh). You will once again see that all Bediuzzaman told, will come true. You will testify that for the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) also. Children living today will witness a period of decline in Islam. Stability will be preserved until 1506, or 1507-1508, but then you will not be able to stop the degradation despite what you explain. A savage communist revolution is expected in 1543. Yet, Allah has brought the executioner of this world close, Nemesis has come by.

•    Recently, an Alawite Dede (Elder) visited me. He is my senior that I love and respect very much. In my house, in order to prevent any harm to a tree, I pulled down a corner of the house and then restored it. He was amazed to see that I did not have the heart to harm that branch. That branch grew along with the tree and it was damaging to the house, so I had that part of the house pulled down. He has the spirit of compassion like Yunus Emre. I would not allow discriminatory mentality.

•    Conditions of marriage for a Muslim are that he has faith, he struggles and shows efforts in the way of Allah, he has devotion in Allah and the cause, he aspires Turkish – Islamic Union, he is an affectionate lover as he submits himself to Allah. Did the Prophet Moses (pbuh) go and look for a wife? He made himself distant from the Pharaoh to spare his life. Then under a tree he prayed Allah, “I am in need of any good that You send me.” (Surat Al-Qasas, 24) Yes, you will say the same. There were two girls who could not water their flocks because of the shepherds, but they came nearby the Prophet Moses (pbuh). They understand his trustworthiness from his face, so this means Muslim women will refrain from people who are not reliable and she will trust in Muslims and be close to them. This attracted their attention right away as they say, “He is strong and trusty” in regard to the Prophet Moses (pbuh). Then he says he will water the flock and takes away the entire flock and waters them for Allah’s well pleasure. One has to possess fear of Allah and love of Allah and superior morality to be trustworthy. Women’s father also recognizes his dependability and says, “"I intend to wed one of these my daughters to you, on condition that you serve me for eight years; but if you complete ten years, it will be (grace) from you.” Now, this is a grace of a prophet. His manners are very graceful and so kind, and this way provides the means for accommodation for the Prophet Moses (pbuh). He acts as if he obligates the Prophet Moses (pbuh) to serve him for 8 years but in truth, he grants him the facilities which the Prophet Moses (pbuh) is looking for. In fact, the Prophet Moses (pbuh) has no place to stay and although he needed to ask, “Master, may I stay with you,” he does not let him forward this question at all.

•    The Prophet Moses (pbuh) had many wives, he was a person of strength. The Pharaoh was greatly jealous of him, because the Pharaoh was incapacitated. We can even see this in tablets from his time and that hypocrite, rascal was so envious of him, that he had that inscribed on papyri. In his opinion, he mentions of the Prophet Moses (pbuh) as “Egypt’s scholar” and has inscribed “Egypt’s scholar is very strong in arts of impressing women.” He had that noted down in history, why, were you put down? Would that be of your merit? Surely the Prophet Moses (pbuh) is worthy of that. Wife of the Pharaoh also ran away and took refuge in the Prophet Moses (pbuh). But that malicious villain, Pharaoh, ultimately traced her and had her martyred. She was passionately in love with the Prophet Moses (pbuh), and she emigrated away from the Pharaoh in sight of his crudity. Do you see the courage of our mother, her braveness? This is how a woman should be, she does not abstain from the most brutal infidel. They ask how marriage should be, here is the way of marriage.

Kaçkar TV, 21 September 2010

•    The greatest issue in the world right now is spiritual depravity and pains. Only a minority of people live happily and we are trying to set that aside. System of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will resolve both the economic crisis and spiritual crisis. Again, system of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will put an end to political conflicts.

•    Allah does not let Muslims to live in monotony. They wanted to live in dullness in Iraq and Afghanistan, so Allah shattered them.

•    His Highness Abdul Qadir Jilani’s affection for Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) is seen in his words. His Highness Jilani, says, “When he is before the presence of Allah, He grants him with blessings and gifts.” Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) is a person whom Allah takes special interest for and loves. He says, “[Allah] makes him sleep in his own cell.” Allah shelters him in an exceptional and delightful place.
Our Word was given before to Our slaves, the Messengers, that they would certainly be helped. It is Our army which will be victorious. (Surat As-Saffat, 171-173)

•    Forces of Allah, followers of Allah and ones who love Allah will conquer the world. The only time is now and there is no other for world dominion. The grounds for domination of the world is established right now.

It is He Who has sent His Messenger with Guidance and the Religion of Truth to exalt it over every other religion, though the idolaters hate it. (Surat As-Saff, 9)

•    Everyone will understand that here, Allah reveals about the prevalence of morals of Islam all over the world. Even if unbelievers, hypocrites, some false scholars or holding owners do not want, as well as the Evangelicals, Allah says He sent down the religion of truth to proclaim it over all and that He will do this. This is very clear and has no secondary meaning.

We will leave you the land to live after them. This is the reward of those who fear My station and My threat. (Surah Ibrahim, 14)

•    This is a reward for the ones who have fear of Allah. Allah informs this is a reward for Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh), the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) and their companions and followers. Allah reveals they will inherit the land, ones who have true fear of Allah will prevail.

[Prophets] They asked for Allah’s victory, and every obdurate tyrant failed.  (Surah Ibrahim, 15)

•    System of the anti-Christ is definitely deteriorated but on the condition that people ask for it. If they want it to be so, it will be eradicated. If they do not want that and they bring up excuses and try to delay, claiming that Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) is like a collective identity, and behave like holding owners, then this will not happen. Allah says He will give dominion after the system of anti-Christ for those who fear Allah. And, Allah reveals “This is the reward” granted to Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh), the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) and their followers. This has not come to happen for centuries, but when Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) appears and the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) returns, Allah makes this happen. They cannot stop it.

•    There are significant items that Sheikh Ahmad Yasin points out in his statements. Some claim that he is implying himself to be Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh). However, His Highness states that “This is not the time for sects.” What does this mean? Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) does not belong to a certain sect. It is not possible for him to be a Sheikh from any sect, because all sects are abolished. He does not have any bond with a specific guide. Ali Haydar Efendi, the beautiful roses of Manzil and also Bediuzzaman pronounce this. So he refers to the evidence given by Bediuzzaman. Bediuzzaman states that the principal verification for Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) is his defeat of Darwinism. Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) carries out a scientific struggle based on knowledge. He informs that Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh)’s mission is to give a lesson to the entire world in such a way to put an end to Darwinist and materialist philosophy in every respect. His Highness Sheikh Ahmad Yasin has no work on Darwinism and materialism. “[Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh)] does not know Arabic,” it says, but members of all sects are very fluent in Arabics. “He was imprisoned,” it says but Sheikh Ahmad Yasin was not imprisoned. Such hearsay will strengthen His Highness more as he is a very sincere person. Bediuzzaman also mentions Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will appear from Istanbul and says that he would come to Istanbul if he were in Mecca or Medina. He says he will be preparing the grounds there.

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