Highlights from Adnan Oktar's interview dated 30 November 2010

Kaçkar TV, November 30, 2010

•    Turkish-Islamic Union is not a union that will come about through guns and tanks and invasions. It is a community based, not on military or economic superiority, but on love and affection. And it is a community that will protect and watch over Christians, Jews, Armenians, Orthodox Christians, Catholics and everyone, though of course it will embrace Muslims with a tremendous love. It is a system that will bring together the Turkish and Islamic worlds. The states in it will be independent and free. There will be complete democracy and law. Love and friendship will rule. What does America want? Is that not what America wants? Therefore, the idea I am describing is not one that America, Russia, China or Israel will oppose. America wants the model I am describing. There is no country opposed to it, so they must not go round inventing pretexts. Our nation, the Turkic and Islamic worlds, must simply say, “yes, we want this union,” and pray to Allah for the system of the Mahdi to appear in all its beauty and grandeur, and for the coming of the Prophet Jesus (as).

•    Turkish-Islamic Union is the subject of discussion everywhere. This, the movement of the Mahdi, is what America is talking about. What is the Islamic Union? It is the movement of the Mahdi. All Middle East policy is currently revolving around the way of the Mahdi. All the commentators are talking about the system of the Mahdi. When we investigate what they mean by Islamic Union, Turkish-Islamic Union, Turkey’s pretensions to becoming an imperial power and the rest, we encounter one single idea; the system of the Mahdi. There can be no Islamic Union without the system of the Mahdi. Islamic communities will not unite without the community of the Mahdi. Shiite Iran will not accept a Sunni leader without the system of the Mahdi. Nor will Sunnis accept a Shiite leader. There will be no Islamic Union under those circumstances. But Shiites and Sunnis and Wahabbists and Christians and Jews will all accept Hazrat Mahdi (as). Christians are also awaiting Hazrat Mahdi (as). The Gospel say, "Go to him who carries a water pitcher on his back.” “Find a person carrying a water pitcher on his back, and follow him.” In other words, someone with a birth sign in Aquarius, someone who ushers in the Age of Aquarius. That is Hazrat Mahdi (as). But some people refer to the movement of the Messiah, or Turkish-Islamic Union, or Islamic Union, or Turkey’s imperial foreign policy or being a regional power. These are all names for the system of the Mahdi. I first spoke of this two years ago, of what the Prophet (saas) of Allah said all beginning to come true, and now no power can stand in the way of the destiny of Almighty Allah. Everything our Prophet (saas) said is now all coming true, one thing after the other. And it will all continue to do so.

From Ibn Umar (ra) “People will remain another 120 years after the Sun has risen from the West.” (Al-Barzanji, Al-Isha'ah li-ashrat al-sa'ah)

•    These hadiths variously refer to a period of 100 or 120 years. The narrators reported what they heard on the subject in different ways. And there are conflicting accounts. But they all agree on 120 years, the coming of Hazrat Mahdi (as) and the Prophet Jesus (as), and then the Day of Judgment.  I take this 120 as meaning the year 2120. The movement of the Mahdi takes the offensive in 2000, and the Day of Judgment 120 years later. That is the 120 years of which Bediuzzaman spoke. There will be the movement of the antichrist (dajjal) and the sufyan within these 120 years after 2000, and also the elimination of that system. There will be the victory of Hazrat Mahdi (as) and the coming of the Prophet Jesus (as). There is the neutralization of Gog and Magog and the end of the other portents of the Day of Judgment. There is the start of the Day of Judgment as the result of another comet striking the Earth. There is no rigidity in the hadiths. On what subject is there anything fixed? They refer to 100 or 120 years, but generally to 120 years. From that, it appears that all these events, the movement of the dajjal, of the sufyan, Hazrat Mahdi (as), the Prophet Jesus (as), the Day of Judgment and everything will take place within these 120 years. Because all these matters appear in the hadiths. Therefore, according to the logic of hadithic exposition, we must look at the common points in these hadiths. What do they all refer to? To a period of 120 years, to the antichrist (dajjal) and the sufyan, to Hazrat Mahdi (as) and the Prophet Jesus (as), to Gog and Magog, to the dominion of Islam and the disappearance of the religion, to the degeneration of Muslims, to the corruption of disbelief and madness. That is what is being referred to here; 1, 2 and 0. This is very important. "Odd and even numbers,” Allah says; “the even and the odd”. And He refers to the comet that will strike, insha’Allah.  A truth is revealed. The narrators cannot remember everything, so we must look at what they say in common.

We have seen that we must look at common points in such hadiths. The narrators listen, and one remembers things one way and another remembers more of something else, but when we combine everything they remember, then a true fact emerges. In other words, the narrators cannot remember every single thing. But we see the truth by looking at what they have in common.

•    I have already explained this in earlier statements. He says that people will live for another 120 years after the Sun has risen in the West. After the rising of the Sun of Islam, of course. Our Prophet (saas) refers in many places to the coming of Hazrat Mahdi (as) as the Sun. He emphasizes Islam as the Sun, and Hazrat Mahdi (as) is a Sun, he says. That is what the hadith is referring to. There is variation in the hadiths, but the common point is 120 years. People will live another 120 years after the open appearance of Hazrat Mahdi (as). And everything, the Prophet Jesus (as), Hazrat Mahdi (as) and the collapse of the dominion of Islam will come about in those 120 years.

•    They can encourage those brothers who want to improve their religious knowledge to follow my work on the internet and my television conversations. The whole question is their having faith. Everything is easy after that. They can pray and fast, and give alms and go on the pilgrim (hajj). But the signs leading to faith are very important. Let them encourage them to visit my web pages for the signs leading to faith and to enhance their faith. They can set up a satellite broadcasting system and watch us every evening. If they listen to my conversations, then by Allah’s will the desired effect will follow. There will be happiness in the heart, and a light of faith. There is no second way, insha’Allah, and throughout their lives they can do nothing else, insha’Allah. If the heart and soul are pure, if they have faith, then all our brothers need to do is listen to me talking just once. But if they deny, they cannot be saved. It settles in the heart. Accurate description is essential. Then they will look and see a rational conception of Islam has emerged, built on honesty and sincerity and scientific accounts. There is nothing irrational in it. They will also see my honesty and sincerity from the language I employ. Written material in opposition to me comes in, for example. I would never write to someone I do not like. If someone sends me a page of writing, that means he is under my influence at 2 in the morning, right down to his very cells. I have seen this, by Allah’s leave. I mean, this happens by Allah’s choosing and with His help. And if they look at my face and our talks, they will have no more strength to espouse disbelief after listening for just 5 or 10 minutes. Because if people espouse Islam and the Qur’an with such sincerity, it must be the truth. Nobody will espouse something untrue at 2 in the morning. It is infinitely true. Islam is the true faith until the end of time, insha’Allah.

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