Highlights from Adnan Oktar's Interview dated January 27, 2011

Kahramanmaraş Aksu TV; Kaçkar TV, 27 January 2011 

  • When speaking of the faith, one must first love the people one is dealing with. One must not put people off as one speaks about Islam. Because the Qur’an tells us to obey Allah, and He will show us the truth. The first thing is to obey Him. One must first establish relations. For example, our Prophet (saas) was very affectionate and loving toward children. He loved them all, and joked and chatted with youngsters. His approach was not one of banning things and constantly forcing them into a corner. His language was one that imparted ease, relaxation and joy. His language imparted glad tidings. First and foremost, a Muslim must visualize in his own mind the peace he will impart and the psychological delight and excitement. Things visualized in the mind have a positive impact. It is rather difficult to expect a profound faith from people right from the outset. One must first describe the physical and psychological benefits they will enjoy. One must tell them, with proof, of  the health that becoming a Muslim will bestow on their souls and bodies. But not with demagoguery. That just angers people. An irrational and meaningless language really irritates the intelligent, college-going young people of our day and causes them to passionately flee religion entirely. Because they will say, “If this is religion, I want nothing to do with it.” 
  • They imagine that by embracing religion, it will take something away from them.  They think it will take away their happiness, joy and fun, that they will never again be able to listen to music or talk with their friends or wear anything nice. This is very dangerous. And out of the question. Of course one can dress up and listen to music and talk to one’s friends. One will have a life filled with love, even fuller than before, incomparably fuller, and will enjoy true delight. Because what does it matter if people play music or not if they are suffering inside? They cannot be happy, no matter what. One must think positively about Allah. For example, when one loves another person one always thinks positively about them and tries to see the positive aspects when one looks at their face and to see the positive aspects in their soul, without seeking anything negative or unpleasant. One looks for the positive aspects even in one’s cat, or in a flower. Of course, when Almighty Allah is loved one can only look at Him positively. One cannot look at Allah from a neutral standpoint. That is a grave error. Because even if one does have a neutral view, things always eventually end up in Allah’s favor. You realize that what Allah says is true. So what is there to hesitate over? How distressing that is. What a person really wants to avoid is adopting any negative position. Once a person has clearly seen the existence of Allah, it is a great virtue to be on the side of Allah. Because whatever emerges, will be in favor of Allah. Whatever ideas emerge will all be in His favor. The same with physics. But when people try to consider all possibilities they become stuck. But when one considers the existence and perfection of Allah in examining the laws of physics, then it is very easy to obtain results. But if they engage in research in the light of disorder, they can never manage it.
  • Darwinists have been so crushed that it never even entered their minds. I remember from middle school, how Darwinism enjoyed a totally unshaken domination. It had installed itself across the world. They were incredibly stubborn and sure of themselves, with their universities and institutes and laboratories, thousands of books about Darwinism and with every subject having been analyzed in great detail. It had conquered the world, and that was that. But I won people over with my ideas. They are now trying to work out what happened. It really is a great miracle the way such a system as that of the dajjal has blown away like grains of sand in the palm of our hands. They made things up with terrible false evidences. They deceived the whole world. But Allah struck them from where they least expected.


Samsun Aks TV, 27 January 2011

When news of any matter reaches them they spread it about, whether it is of a reassuring or disquieting nature. If they had only referred it to the Messenger and those in command among them, those among them able to discern the truth about it would have had proper knowledge of it. If it were not for Allah’s favour to you and His mercy, all but a very few of you would have followed Shaytan. (Surat al-Nisa’, 83)

For example, something happens. Someone takes his brother to the doctor, who says it looks like a malignant tumor. He spreads the word to all the family. But some relative has a weak heart and then suffers a coronary. He goes into a coma. That is really not sensible. That is why, when news emerges, one should first hand it on to an expert who can analyze it properly before spreading it around. That person can then decide whether or not to pass it on.


Those who make hijra in the Way of Allah will find many places of refuge on the earth and ample sustenance. If anyone leaves his home, making hijra to Allah and His Messenger, and death catches up with him, it is Allah Who will reward him. Allah is Ever-Forgiving, Most Merciful. (Surat an-Nisa’, 100)

How does a Muslim go on the hegira on Allah’s path in the time of Hazrat Mahdi (as)? His mother says; "We regard Islam and religion as nonsense. We do not want you to talk about religion. That is what I demand of you as your mother.” “If you pray, I will disown you,” she says. “Thank you. I will be delighted if you do it at once,” he will say. “I no longer want you in this house” she says. "I do not want you if you turn to Allah and religion, to Islam, and take Muslims as your friends” she says. “Thanks be to Allah,” he says. "Kiss me goodbye, I must be going” he says. And he will go on the hegira to be with other Muslims.


  • For example, someone says, “humans are descended from apes, and it happened by chance.” Some people will immediately be fooled and say, “I used to think Allah created me,” may Allah forbid. What is happening to you? Pull yourself together! It is an image in your brain telling you that, and you believe it in your brain. You believe in sound forming as a perception in your brain. Who creates the image in your brain for you? Allah. Do you or anyone else have the power to create an image? No. Who shows you that image. The image forms, and you have to see it. Someone has to see it. An eye without an eye has to see it. An ear without an ear has to hear it. Who shows and plays it for you? Why do you at once abandon Allah? That is the issue. You must not abandon Allah. You must always be on His side, insha’Allah. You will think the best of and love Allah. You must not abandon Him for a moment Think and reflect, but cling tightly to Allah. Allah must not be left for a moment. If you abandon Allah, He will abandon you. May Allah forbid!
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