Highlights from Adnan Oktar’s interview dated 29 January, 2011

Kocaeli TV; Aba TV, 29 January 2011

  • (Answer to the question "What do you think of the description Indigo Generation?)

Allah manifests His name of the Hadi in the End Times. There is nothing confusing about it. New generation or old generation, it makes no difference. Allah’s servants are all the same. Allah does not discriminate on the basis of people’s ages. We have one soul, and that soul has no age. That soul is always around 33 years of age. It never changes. The body changes form all the time, that is unimportant, but the soul is always unchanging. For that reason, we take the age of the soul as our criterion. There is no difference between young and old for a Muslim. But the soul can mature. For example, Almighty Allah says 40 is the age of maturity, on the basis of a person’s experience and knowledge. Allah bestows happiness by manifesting His title of the Hadi. The shadow of the way of the Mahdi has fallen across the world.

  • People come into contact with the way of the Mahdi, willingly or unwillingly. They also have experience of shaytan in some way. For example, shaytan appears to them in human form, but they do not realize. Hazrat Mahdi (as) also appears before them, and again they do not realize it. When they see Hazrat Mahdi’s (as) face they are enlightened by it, but remain unaware. A literal spiritual bond forms. An electrical network forms and they are constantly under Hazrat Mahdi’s (as) sphere of influence. There can be no escape. When Allah manifests His title of theHadi, people develop a predisposition toward Hazrat Mahdi (as) in their souls. They fall under Hazrat Mahdi (as) influence, whether they recognize him or not. They head toward his electricity and light. It is enough to encounter his face or glance in some way, after which one falls under his influence and can never leave it. And one then remains under it for all eternity. That was how it was with our Prophet (saas). When someone looked at our Prophet (saas) one immediately came under his influence. If Allah manifested His title of the Hadi, then it was enough for someone to have seen his countenance from 50 meters away, and they would then become one of the Companions, insha’Allah.

  • Muslims are being oppressed everywhere. They are being oppressed separately in Egypt, Syria, Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria. They are unaware of one another. But if they had a leader, a leader beloved of Allah, if they had sought a leader that Allah had told them to “cling to,” then Allah would lift all these scourges from them, but they refuse to do so. Everyone chooses their own leader. Unbelievers can easily smother them since they are fragmented. But if Muslims were united such oppression would be impossible. There will be no such thing under an Islamic Union and Turkish-Islamic Union. But since they regard them as weak and unprotected, they say, “they have no strength or leader.” They are fragmented into a thousand parts, and it is easy to crush the parts, but impossible to crush the whole body. Islamic Union is essential. That is why Almighty Allah is inflicting these disasters. Allah says, “You will suffer because you are not one, not united.” "This blood will be spilled, disasters will follow on one another’s heels, but if you are united, then this suffering will cease, times will return to normal, prosperity and the economy will return to normal, and your sufferings will vanish, and I will even eliminate your sicknesses,” says Almighty Allah. He says, “All you have to do is follow My Mahdi, to follow Jesus the Messiah, and to obey the commands revealed to you by Rasulullah (saas).”  "
  • Underestimating the way of the Mahdi has led to terrible troubles. We are created to live with Hazrat Mahdi (as). We cannot live without a brain, for instance. So we cannot live normally without Hazrat Mahdi (as) and Jesus the Messiah. That is how Allah has created us. But if someone underestimates Hazrat Mahdi (as) and Jesus the Messiah (as), then Allah will cloud their minds and their foresight.
  • Human beings are so helpless. A tumor grows in their brain or ear… I mean a disease can emerge anywhere. Anything can make a human being ill. One bends down and suffers a stroke. Sitting at home one bursts a coronary artery. Death can come from any direction. But is this of any concern to some people? No. They want to live like lunatics. But Allah inflicts these sorrows and troubles for us to learn from and be closer to Him. They do not remember Allah even once a day. They eat the food and breathe the air that Allah gives them, and live with the soul He bestows on them. They smell the lovely aromas that Allah creates and eat the bread and fruit He provides, but they never speak a word of thanks, and their language is not the kind that appreciates Allah at all. So troubles come. May Allah forbid! May Allah make us grateful and submissive in the face of sickness, because things could be so much worse. People should give thanks for what they have. And they should not relax after Allah has cured them.


KahramanmaraşAksu TV, 29 January 2011

  • It is astonishing how the senses do not get mixed up. Because there are no wires or anything in the electricity heading to the brain, no insulating material. If you give the brain electricity it will receive it from everywhere. Because the brain is a piece of flesh and it will receive electricity from all directions. But the electric current heading from the eye always arrives at that part of the brain concerned with sight, never losing its way. It goes from the eye to the consciousness. That current heading for the sound cortex does not end up at the visual one. Electrical current intended for the hearing cortex always gets there. And from there it goes to the consciousness. Smell goes to the consciousness, and touch and sight and all of them. A space the size of a lentil. If it were to be confused, then everything would fall apart. Signals intended for the visual cortex would head to the sound one, and touch would go somewhere else, and it would all be total disorder. But they all go to exactly the right place, and in complete harmony. Like an orchestra. There is never a bad note or any discord. These are all natural causes, of course.

  • Human beings are entirely metaphysical. They look physical, but are metaphysical. If people would look at themselves they would realize what extraordinary entities they are. They appear to be physical but are made of spirit. They have a physical aspect, but would see they are essentially spiritual. If they reflected a bit they would feel and realize the existence of the soul. That might cause a huge exaltation on occasions, but they should not fear that.
  • One must pray alone. There must be nothing to distract one. Second, they must reflect on the position of matter. A person who prays will know he does not see the original of matter. He will know that Allah shows him an image in his brain, that he lives inside his brain. He will passionately love Allah and always be positive in his dealings with Him. He will look at Allah with love and never abandon Him. And he will always be optimistic. He will look at Allah with love and enlightenment, not with a troubled mind. And he will pray in that way. He must pray for spiritual beauty, not for earthly advantages.It is wrong to pray for material gain while underestimating spiritual sicknesses or deficiencies. One must pray to Allah to take away one’s spiritual flaws first. One must always be honest when one prays. One must try to be ever more sincere. That will do away with cruelty and ignorance. He must be as honest and sincere as possible when he prays. And Allah will then heed his prayer, insha’Allah.

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