Highlights from the interview of Mr. Adnan Oktar dated February 2, 2011

Samsun Aks TV; TV Kayseri, 2 February 2011

  • Deep faith is the greatest blessing; it gives rise to deep love of Allah, proper fear of Allah and profound joy. Allah bestows it on selected servants. Happiness and profound faith stemming from that happiness, insha’Allah. That is why the best thing one ask for a person in prayer is for Allah to give him deep faith. To ask for Allah’s approval of him. That is the best thing.
  • You would be amazed at the detailed way Hosni Mubarak is described in the hadiths. Our Prophet (saas): “He is tall and destroys those who oppose him.” He had being tall made one of the preconditions of the presidency. Mubarak is tall. “Who destroys those who oppose him.” What did he do? He had them hanged, killed and assassinated. “He is tall…” look at the detail here. This is the person who will come in the End Times, in the time of Hazrat Mahdi (as). Our Prophet (saas) describes him. He says “he is very powerful.” And he is physically very strong. He used to be in the military. He also has his own people in the military establishment. He has a private army of 25,000. He was supported by the CIA and other intelligence organizations. So he considers himself very powerful, and on the surface he does appear to be so. “A broad-shouldered Arab will assume the leadership.” “A tyrannical Egyptian who kills the good will rule,” he says.

“Naim b. Hammad narrated in the Fitan, and Abu Jaffar from Muhammad b. Ali, that he said: A star the shape of a horn will appear in the East when Abbasid comes to Khorasan. When this comet first appeared, the people of the Prophet Noah (pbuh) perished, the Prophet Abraham (pbuh) was cast into fire, Pharaoh and his people who fought against Prophet Moses (pbuh) perished, and John [Yahya] (pbuh) passed away.. When you see that comet, take refuge in Allah from the evil of fitna. THE BIRTH OF THAT STAR WILL BE AFTER THE ECLIPSE OF THE SUN AND MOON. THEN CORRUPTION WILL PERSIST UNTIL THE COMING OF A ‘ROOK’ IN EGYPT. (Al-Muttaqi al-Hindi, Al-Burhan fi `Alamatal-Mahdi Akhiraz-Zaman, p. 32)”

  • The reference to the horn means it will have two ends, in the same way cattle horns have two ends. You know that the comet Lulin also has two ends, two tips, one here and one. Comets normally have only one tail. Bit this comet has two. Our Prophet (saas) describes it in detail; he says, “it will travel in the opposite direction to other comets.” See the detail here? The eclipses of the Sun and Moon happened long before. Then the comet Lulin appeared. And he speaks of corruption. Corruption has begun. It has begun and intensified. A rook… Look at a rook’s head, its nose and mouth, and then look at Hosni Mubarak’s mouth. It is identical to that of a rook. His nose and hair and facial expression are all identical. Masha’Allah, our Prophet (saas) draws a perfect parallel. He described him as if he had seen him just the day before. A Companion says; one day, our Prophet (saas) described all the events of the End Times, right up until the evening. Our Prophet (saas) is always saying, this person will or that will appear… Allah shows him them one by one. He describes their appearance and types… Our Prophet (saas) looked and compared Hosni Mubarak to a rook. He is identical. The way it looks to the side and the expression in the animal’s eyes are all identical. He looks like a rook, and his clothes resemble one, as well.

“A MAN WITH A FLATTENED NOSE WILL EMERGE FROM THE QUREYSH IN EGYPT. HE WILL BE DEFEATED, HIS POSSESSIONS WILL DISAPPEAR AND HE WILL FLEE TO RUM. He will bring them to Alexandria and he will fight against Muslims and this will be the first bloody slaughter.”

His nose is flattened. That means there will be upheaval in Egypt. That is what we are seeing. He will abandon his duty and ally himself with foreign powers. With the CIA or FBI, foreign powers, whoever. And he has done all that. It does not mean these things all happen at once. It is a character being emphasized here. Our Prophet (saas) says this person will appear in the time of Hazrat Mahdi (as). Has not the exact same thing happened? Yes, it has.

Since nobody apart from me provides detailed information about the way of the Mahdi, in this vitally important time, the time of the coming of Hazrat Mahdi (as), I describe him with all my ability.


Kaçkar TV, 2 February 2011

  • One must first establish love before describing religion. If a person reacts badly to someone else, then even if that person tells the truth he will tend to regard it as false. But if he likes the other person, he will tend to see what he says as true. One must describe the Qur’an with complete honesty. One must describe the time of the Companions together with the main sources. There is no nonsense in Islam. And many verses of the Qur’an are critical of it. Allah strikes the pagans all over the place.
  • There will be no more sects when Hazrat Mahdi (as) comes. They may persist legally and in administrative terms. We can see from hundreds of portents that Hazrat Mahdi (as) has come. So why should we not realize the antichrist has come?You cannot see him, because Allah has shrouded your mind. For the first time ever, 95% of people are irreligious. What does that mean? It means that since the antichrist’s main work has been done, the antichrist must be here. If Islam were to rule the world or if someone were to assume leadership of it… It is a terrible violation of conscience to say one does not know whether Hazrat Mahdi (as) has come. All the sheikhs of the sects are in agreement. They all say that when Hazrat Mahdi (as) comes there will be no more schools or sects. If a spiritual guide says that their work will still go on when Hazrat Mahdi (as) comes, then that person is not a guide, but something else.
  • Bigots treat women who uncover their heads the same way they would treat satan. They have always oppressed them, Excluded them. Kept them from the faith. Regarded them as apostates. Superiority lies in taqwa. Just covering one’s head does not save anyone. Covering up entirely does not save one, either. They say women should also cover their eyes. Otherwise they are apostates, they say. That is just going to propel people into the arms of irreligion and the antichrist. Forget about excluding people like that. You have turned the whole world against Muslims by insisting on doing that. That is no longer permissible. They are radiant whether or not they cover their heads, they are still immaculate. They are radiant Muslims.

2011-02-11 14:07:40

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