Highlights from Adnan Oktar's Interview dated February 3, 2011

Kaçkar TV; Kahramanmaraş Aksu TV, 3 February 2011

  • Our brothers must attach no credence to those who try to alter things they could not believe in through demagoguery into a totally different form, because that is not the faith. Religion is something requiring genuine belief, a sincere opinion. For example, we believe in the angels and shaytans and djinn. They moved to a system that altered these in this century. They cannot believe in hell. They look and see no such thing. What are they to do? They turn the Sun into hell and say, “Hell is the Sun.” Paradise? They say, “Allah will beautify the Earth, and it will be paradise in that way.” People must not go along with these sick souls. We will act in the light of a pure and sincere faith. The truth is what we honestly and genuinely perceive, as we first perceive it with our conscience.
  • Each atom is a world. The entity we refer to as “me” is the soul. The soul has nothing to do with atoms. The essential thing is the soul. Your soul is now listening to me, seeing and feeling. We will be recreated with a totally different creation in the hereafter. Physical laws will all change. All physical laws will change. The atom is used there, but not the atom we know. But the soul cannot be split or divided. Allah says He breathed of His spirit. Allah's spirit can in no way vanish. His spirit exists eternally and for ever. It can never be vanished. Allah adds a body to the soul. The body dissolves away a little every day. The body is constantly being split up and renewed. A person does not have the same body for his whole life. There is a nitrogen exchange going on every day from the destruction of cells in the body. The body keeps receiving proteins and proteins keep being destroyed. We have nothing to do with the atom. It is the soul, not the atom, it is Allah's soul that watches. It is my soul that hears, not the atom. I touch a thing, and it is my soul that feels it, not the atom.

  • There will be 2 wars. The 3rd war will be bloodless. The 3rd war is that of Hazrat Mahdi (as) against the dajjal. The 2nd war is bloody. There will be 2 great wars, that is right. That is in the hadiths, and they happened. The First and Second World Wars. Our Prophet (saas) even says, “cities will be destroyed in a day.” Atom bombs were dropped over Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and the cities were destroyed in a day. Flattened. So cities are destroyed instantaneously.

  • Allah says in one verse that eyes cannot comprehend Allah, but that Allah  comprehends all eyes. It is Allah who looks from the eyes of all animals, who looks from all places; from right and left, up and down, He sees us from all directions. But our eyes cannot make Him out. The spirit of Allah is in animals. The spirit of Allah is everywhere. But they have no consciousness, no awareness. They cannot ask who they are or who created them. They are like cameras, or robots. For example, if you tread on a cat’s tail it will cry out, but it is like a machine. Allah has not created awareness in them out of pity, so they do not oppress one another. They feel pain, but have no awareness of pain. You cannot have suffering without consciousness. Once a human being’s consciousness is clouded over, that person is finished. They feel no pain. They feel the body, but have no understanding. They cannot receive it as a perception. And neither can animals. But Allah will give them a soul in paradise, and they speak with consciousness. They speak of Allah and religion. They give thanks to Allah, they have souls. Hud, for example, the bird of the Prophet Sulayman (as) had faith, and as far as one can tell, a soul. Allah gave it a soul. It speaks and has faith. Ants speak among themselves. “Let us hope the army of Sulayman does not crush us unawares” they say. They have souls. By Allah’s choosing. But not all of them insha’Allah.

Samsun AKS TV, 3 February 2011

  • Nobody has ever encountered anything he cannot bear. That has never happened in the history of the world. Allah inflicts injustice on nobody, but people fail to realize as they do not think deeply.

  • Human beings are weak entities. That is why threatening them with hell is important. Otherwise, they would be disloyal or unloving. They would be selfish. That is why it is essential people be instilled with a fear of Allah. There are those who think one should not frighten people. But then the other party will be sick. But if they fear Allah they will be loyal and loving. If not, they will be egotistical. They may do the strangest things, but not if they love Allah. It is a great error to regard fear of Allah as something peculiar, or to say, “Why fear Allah so long as we also love him? What is the need?” If fear of Allah goes, the whole quality of life goes, and all beauty. People are unable to get their heads around that. Reason is the first thing to go. That is why it is wrong to say there is no need to fear Allah. Reason departs if one has no fear of Allah, and the result is an unbalanced approach. We need to act out of a fear of Allah in order to be able to analyze and interpret. A person cannot be normal by loving Allah alone fear is also essential.

  • Allah shows us Israel and America and atom bombs in our brains. It is Allah who creates weapons, angels, Jebrail and Hazrat Mahdi (as); so fear of Jews, of communist China, the CIA, the KGB; if we persisted in that mindset Islamic dominion would be impossible even if a million years went by.
  • Time goes by after death, but we do not perceive it. People are unaware how much time has passed. They spring up like grasshoppers, then realize what has happened and say woe to us. They begin running as if to an upright marker. They all imagine that salvation lies that way. They all begin running. That is what is wanted; for them to run. But it is easy for Muslims. Their deaths are easy, too. Allah says their souls are taken very gently. When Muslims rise again they imagine they will stay very little. Muslims are questioned as to whether they preached, and they say what they told people about. They say what would normally say in 60 years in just 60 seconds. It ends at once, because time is relative. The last to be questioned thinks he is the first. The reason why Muslims are questioned is to honor them. But the reason why unbelievers are questioned is to crush and humiliate them. They are asked why they did this or that cruel thing. And they will deny they did it. But Allah proves they did it. They are amazed they lost control of their bodies and their tongues and skins begin talking. Their boldness persists even in the hereafter. He says they hide their regret. That same immorality of theirs continues.

  • Some people think of paradise as a place like Kusadası or Fethiye. But it is not. You will find somewhere you never expected. Allah says that no eye has ever seen it. If we are in a dark cell before coming to this world, if we then say we will send you to Earth and start talking about cars and houses, you have nothing to compare them with. Now people talk about paradise, and when we get there it will delight us, and we will not be that astonished. It will be clear from their reactions that they never saw the like of it in this world. They will speak calmly buy joyously.

  • Allah says creation is easy for Him. We can imagine a thing in our minds whenever we want, streets, roads and cities. One walks down totally unfamiliar roads in dreams. One may even see totally unfamiliar sights. It is easy for Allah to create paradise. But people who think in materialist terms are unable to comprehend. But this world and paradise are both totally metaphysical.

  • It would normally be dangerous to go out onto the streets. There is the threat of death. But people in Egypt are still organizing and going out onto the streets. This looks very normal, but it is actually metaphysical. They take part in clashes and risk death. People are normally afraid death and avoid that kind of thing. The regime was not so bad as to make them do that. The regime was suited to their earthly desires. But they still opposed it. That was organized by just one person. Someone charged with the job by Allah. When Hazrat Khidr says let’s go, they start, and will they stop when he tells them to.

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