Highlights from Adnan Oktar's Interview dated February 15, 2011


Gaziantep Olay TV, 15 February 2010

  • The Turkish nation thrives on spiritual matters. It has no problem with bread and food. Half a loaf and a bit of cheese is enough, nobody is at all worried about that. Our nation’s concern is morale. They will follow whoever espouses spiritual matters. There has been a severe economic crisis in Argentina, they attacked shops and places. Our nation went through a very rough patch, in a terrible position, but it made not the slightest error in terms of respect for the state. And even if worse things happen, they will still not make a sound. Nobody will pour out onto the streets here. Ours is a very noble nation. We are people with the upbringing handed down from the Ottoman Empire behind us, who know about the manners of state and have moral virtues. The public look at whatever our political parties say and ask themselves whether they speak of Allah and religion. Are they devout? Are they reliable when it comes to Islam and the Qur’an, or do they make concessions? And they look to see whether parties are opposed to terror and communism. That is all that concerns them.

My Signs were recited to you and you turned round on your heels, (Surat al-Muminun, 66)

He says the verses of the Qur’an were read to them. Who will turn round? Bigots. Those who reject the Qur’an and espouse nonsense. They speak nonsense for hours, and some people listen to that nonsense with their mouths wide open. Even if they say: “Tell us of the Qur’an. Tell us the truth, tell us of the al-Qutub as- Sitta,” they still do not say, “Tell us of the works of Sunni scholars,” and they keep listening to nonsense right to the end.

If the truth were to follow their whims and desires… (Surat al-Muminun, 71)

In other words, if there were a situation outside the Qur’an.

the heavens and the earth and everyone in them would have been brought to ruin. (Surat al-Muminun, 71)

Now, what has happened to the world. Has that happened? Yes, it has. Even the skies and the ozone layer have been ruined. The sky and the earth have been ruined. The soil has been ruined. Lands have turned into desert. Erosion began. Everyone and everything went wrong. People went wrong. Animals went wrong and everything.

  • A sincere Muslim will realize that the world is metaphysical. There is no question of not realizing that. We see the entire universe in a  space the size of a lentil. So there is no question of wondering whether it is true or not. It is clear that all power is in Allah’s hands. And all the portents have come true.
  • The world will enter a whole new era of civilization. In science and art and everything, insha’Allah. Peace, security, goodness and beauty will enfold the world. The whole world has clearly seen the horror of the dajjal. Now they will see the light, purity and warmth of the way of the Mahdi. “O Allah,” they will say, “it appears we were in hell.” Then they will say, “So this is real life, thanks be to Allah.” They will see the huge gulf between the two. Almighty Allah creates these means in order to show that difference. Allah first shows the darkness and pollution of the dajjal. Then He shows the purity, beauty and learning of the way of the Mahdi. Because everything in the world is relative. One cannot understand anything without making comparisons. For example, one understands a person’s purity by comparing it to impurity. Purity can be conceived in comparison with impurity. Take a spotless, immaculate house, and a badly maintained one that is falling down. Someone leaving the dirty house and entering the clean one will feel a huge sense of relief. He will be delighted. We are heading for a time when that delight will be experienced all over, insha’Allah.


Kackar TV, 15 February 2011

  • We entrusted Macedonia and Albania to Allah. Temporarily. Including Greece. Right as far as Rome. Including Rome. We have entrusted them to Allah. But we will take them all back, insha’Allah. With love, affection and friendship. Not by seizing lands back. We will engage in a conquest of love, not one that oppresses people, insha’Allah. They will all take their places in the Turkish-Islamic Union. That is why those brave souls in Albania and Macedonia must treat Christians with love. They must treat atheists there with love. The spirit of the Turkish-Islamic Union will reign everywhere. Greece has suffered an economic collapse. It thought that joining the EU would save it. But joining the EU is no escape. The way out lies in loving Allah. Priests came out and prayed, but that is not the prayer needed. That is the prayer of Muhammed, a prayer made in love of Allah. It will only happen when that prayer is made. That is why those brave souls in Macedonia and Albania have much work ahead of them. They must first eradicate division. They must stop fighting one another. If they obsess about whether people are Wahabbists, Selefis, Nakshibendis, Qadiris, Hanbalis, Hanafis, Shiites or Jaferis, that will be terrible corruption, may Allah forbid. They are all radiant Muslims. They must embrace everyone who says, “Laileha illallah Muhammadan Rasulullah.” Islamic Union is the greatest religious obligation. They must all love one another. It makes no difference if they are Jaferi or Shiite or even Christian, they must embrace all those who say, “Lailahe illAllah.” They must affectionately embrace and build an alliance with all Jews who say, “Lailahe illAllah.” Because there is the corruption of godlessness in the world. There is irreligion. Ninety nine percent of people have no Book and do not believe in Allah. So it would be a terrible error for Muslims to fight one another. And a struggle based on racial discrimination would be a particular disgrace. They are all the children of the Prophet Adam (as). Superiority lies in taqwa (righteousness) alone.
  • There is so much knowledge in the world that it is impossible for a person to hold even one-millionth of it in his mind. That is why Allah sent the dabbat-al ardh. The computer, in other words. If you do not make use of the computer and rely on memory alone, you are like a teacher of 100, 200 or 300 years ago. People could not carry books at that time, they had nothing. Their only libraries were in their memories. They used to travel round the villages and preach. It is impossible to win the struggle against the way of the dajjal in the End Times, when we have the way of the Mahdi, on the basis of memory alone. Computer support is essential. With computers and by reading the Book. When it’s through reading, it can be highly effective. We need millions of pieces of information. If you notice, I transmit information that people have never heard of. How do you oppose the dajjal, who knows no religion? The reason for our intellectual power in the demolition of Darwinism and materialism is the computer and the internet, and thus the dabbet-ul arz. Since I work hand in hand with that, I achieve a devastating superiority.
  • Good must not be delayed. One must not delay a thing that is good. Turkish-Islamic Union is a good thing. Delay would be the work of satan.
2011-02-26 20:50:59

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