Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview dated 03 March 2011

Kahramanmaraş Aksu TV; Kaçkar TV, 3 March 2011

  • Muslims must absolutely have a leader. The moral values of Islam will rule the world, but not through blood and pus, not through conflict and bloodshed, but through democracy, love, peace and reconciliation, insha’Allah. And it will be secular in nature, based on a secular system, insha’Allah.
  • Every atom is a separate world. Atoms have nothing to do with anything else. The entity we refer to as ‘me’ is the soul. If we enter the atom, we encounter something as vast as the Milky Way. The essential thing is the soul. The soul has nothing to do with atoms or anything like that. It is your soul that is listening to, seeing and feeling me. Objects are made up of atoms. We will be totally recreated with a brand new creation in the Hereafter. The laws of physics will all change. The physical laws when we enter the fourth dimension are totally unlike those here. Atoms are used there, but not the atoms we are familiar with. But the soul is neither divided nor separated. Allah says He breathed of His spirit. Allah’s spirit can never disappear. It exists eternally in the past and future. It never ceases to exist. Allah adds a body to the soul. But the body dissolves away every day. It is constantly being renewed. There is a constant loss of nitrogen from the body, stemming from cell deaths. Protein is constantly lost and manufactured in the body. We have nothing to do with the atom. It is not the atom that watches, but the soul. It is my soul that hears, not the atom. It is my soul that feels what I touch, not the atom. It is quite clear if you think a little about what I say. There is nothing complicated about it.

Surat al-Inshirah,

Did We not expand your breast for you

2- and remove your load from you?

This refers to a spiritual easing, the lifting of pressure. But a secondary meaning suggests that our Prophet (saas) has lost weight.

3- which weighed down your back?
Allah says He has bestowed ease on you.

4- Did We not raise your renown high?

An abjad value of 2009.

5- For truly with hardship comes ease;

An explanation of the secret of the test.

6- truly with hardship comes ease.

Since this is reiterated twice we need to pay attention to the numbers here; 5 and 6 refer to 1956, insha’Allah. The date when the ban on the Risale-i Nur was lifted and of the harshest oppression of Bediuzzaman. Allah states this twice.

7- So when you have finished, work on [with prayer and worship],

In other words, never stop. Stopping work is harmful, it harms the mind and the soul. We must be in a constant state of activity.

8- and make your Lord your goal!

Submit to Allah alone. Abandon yourself to Allah. If one submits to Allah one’s mind and soul become very healthy. There is no tension. The other way, one is always worried about what to do next. For example, does one have heart disease? Another source of worry. One combs one’s hair and a few seem to be falling out. Then one worries about going bald. Someone says something and one takes offense and frets over it for hours and hours. Everything disturbs one, everything that comes to mind. But all these things vanish in people who place all their trust in Allah. This brings health to Muslims. A person’s worst enemy is himself. A person inflicts the worst damage on himself. Nobody else can oppress him as much as he oppresses himself. A person hurts himself more than anyone else. Almighty Allah tells us in the Qur’an that He does not oppress people, but that they oppress themselves. They oppress themselves terribly. They terrify themselves, cause themselves to fret and despair and inflict lack of fortitude on themselves. And since the soul commands the body, it starts to wear the body down. The soul attacks the body in such situations, when people do not place their trust in Allah. The soul commands us to lift or lower our arm. The soul commands, and we open our mouths and speak. Muscles have no understanding. The mouth consists of flesh and bone. The jaw muscles. Isn’t that right? It starts moving when the soul commands. Muscle understands nothing, it just stays there and waits and waits. But when the soul tells it to speak, it starts. Therefore, a Muslim must make complete submission to Allah a most important objective. Forgetting that has a poisonous effect. In the same way that someone who forgets to take his medicine falls ill… treatment is possible, but he has to keep taking his medicine. Stop taking it, and you fall ill again. Or when you cut someone’s water off they are totally devastated. Or he will fall ill if he does not eat. People also fall ill if submission to Allah is cut off. I wanted to submit last week, they may say. But submission to Allah, worship, prayer, fortitude, moral virtue and trust in Allah must be constant. You cannot have fluctuations. You cannot have them in one part of life but not in the rest.


Surat al-Ghashiyya,

Has news of the Overwhelmer [who will weary you every day] reached you?

Some faces on that Day will be downcast,

Have reports of the Day of Reckoning reached you? The verses refer in one way to the End of Times.
3- laboring, toiling endlessly,

He has engaged in business and become rich. He says work is an act of worship, but if he has turned his back on the Qur’an and Islam, then Allah says it is of no value.

4- roasting in a red-hot Fire.

5- drinking from a boiling spring.

They have no food but a bitter thorny bush

Unpleasant plants of the kind they had in mind when they talked about evolution. Poisonous, foul-tasting plants.

7- which neither nourishes nor satisfies.

The way that a plant can cause one to gain weight or grow is quite extraordinary. A piece of wood from the earth; something brings it into being from the muddy water; it produces apples or oranges. People then eat them and become strong and healthy. “...which neither satisfies nor nourishes.” It is of no use, it has no effect, Allah says.

8- Some faces on that Day will be radiant [from happiness],

9- well-pleased with their efforts

10- in an elevated Garden

11- where no prattle is ever heard.

Muslims who believe truly, if they truly have faith in this world, then a genuinely heavenly life opens up for them as of that moment. From the moment they genuinely believe, without the slightest doubt or skepticism, then a great blessing starts as of that moment. Then death is a pleasure, and the passage to paradise and the life of paradise. They will feel no doubt at any time. Allah guarantees that. He also gives a guarantee for this world and also for the Hereafter. His giving a guarantee for this world is a great miracle. They can also live at ease in this world. The Gospel says that when one of the Prophet Jesus’ (as) followers saw him walk on the water, he wanted to do the same thing. The Prophet Jesus (as) called to him and he really began walking. But when he felt a moment’s doubt, wondering if he would sink, then he began sinking at that very moment. The Prophet Jesus (ass) said he was weak in faith. But he could have continued had he had no doubts in his faith, had he had really powerful and deep faith. What Allah wishes to emphasize is that one must never abandon deep faith and complete trust in Allah.
As our Prophet (saas) says in a hadith, “he has faith in the morning but none in the evening; he has faith in the evening but none in the morning.” Hazrat Mahdi (as) will behave in a rational manner, in line with the requirements of the century. He will not eradicate anything that is good. Secularism is good, and he will maintain it. Hazrat Mahdi (as) will permit nothing to damage the human soul or mind. There is no compulsion in the way of the Mahdi. The way of the Mahdi is discretional, people will accept voluntarily. I describe this in all my addresses. There is no obligation or compulsion under the way of the Mahdi, people will listen to Hazrat Mahdi (as) because they love him very much. Not because they are afraid of him. They will listen to Hazrat Mahdi (as) for Allah, and because they love him.

Surah ‘Abasa,

He frowned and turned away

Allah provides details of immorality. Forwning is immoral and unlawful. It is an ugly form of behavior, very annoying. Some people sulk like apes. Monkeys julp up and down and make a fuss. That is fine for monkeys, but not for people. It is a disgrace to turn away from the person one loves.

5- As for him who thinks himself self-sufficient,

What does regarding oneself as self-sufficient mean? It means self admiration and being deaf to criticism. For example, you tell someone they should be modest. But I am modest, he says. You tell them to speak properly, and they say they do speak properly. So there is no point in saying anything. They must be really perfect. In that event, a person is mentally ill. They lose their equilibrium. It is very dangerous to regard oneself as self-sufficient. If someone tells us to be modest, we must say, I do strive to be modest, and I shall try harder in the future. There is a verse in Surat al-Alaq that says how dangerous it is to regard oneself as self-sufficient. It is a psychological sickness. A person becomes ugly and loses his reason. His powers of judgment decline. He becomes negatively charged and repellent. It is a grave danger. Nothing lovable about him is left. Someone who is happy to be criticized is very popular, and a positive electricity flows through him. The surrounding environment also becomes very pleasant. One feels love for such a person in one’s heart. One softens, a gentleness enters the soul and one becomes very human.

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