Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 30 March 2011


TV Kayseri; A9 TV, 30 March 2011

  • Some people constantly want to delay Islamic Union. Yet everyone would be very happy if we had Islamic Union. But Islamic Union has to be under the leadership of Hazrat Mahdi (as). Allah directs the world. Bigotry will be buried in such a way as never to rise up again. The way of the Mahdi is anti-bigotry. All the young people of the world will attain very happy lives. They are worried over nothing. Because this is the system that will give them the easiest access to art, life, love and liberty.
  • The way of the Mahdi is a law, like the rotation of the Earth. The way of the Mahdi is in destiny and Allah has created Hazrat Mahdi (as) in such a way as to produce results. Let everyone relax. There will be a fine, loving environment. It will delight everyone. It will happen in the same way that day follows night.


Kaçkar TV; A9 TV, 30 March 2011


  • Some people think of the world as a place for weddings, entertainment, eating and drinking and dressing up. But when these things are looked at rationally, the person eating is really only experiencing an image. And that food does not necessarily do him any good. It may make him feel unwell or raise his cholesterol. Someone may do weight training. But when he dies his body still decays and falls apart. A woman may be very beautiful, but the soil will still rot her body away. That is the climate we are tested in. We know whether we are gentle or forgiving, we see and witness ourselves. This world is not a place in which to thirst for things. Human beings are weak. You know how a person ends up even if he does not wash his face. People look very strong to one another as they conceal their weakness. But people are weak and helpless. They have to wash their hands and faces and hair every day. They have to use deodorants, otherwise they become very unpleasant to be with. They have to meet their natural needs every day. People imagine they are really strong and healthy, without letting on how weak they are, despite headaches, cancer and backache being very common. Almost everyone uses drugs. But they are unaware as they do not let on to one another and they cannot see one another’s weakness. They are madly devoted to this world because there is this climate of competition. But there is obviously nothing in this world to be passionately devoted to. The most delightful and never-ending thing is to love Allah. Everything else is empty. Food, cars and rank and position all eventually come to an end. We lose them all. The most famous people eventually disappear. Every famous person is eventually forgotten. Look, Sakıp Sabancı was very popular and in the papers every day, but now he is no longer here. Many prime ministers, artists, writers and celebrities are no longer with us. Quite ordinary people appear and are buried. It is vitally important for people to remind one another of that from time to time. Marilyn Monroe and people like that appear to great applause. But they took pictures of that woman’s dead body, her face was all swollen and she was in a dreadful state. Kennedy has gone. U.S. presidents appear to be invulnerable, but they have all left us. People are reluctant to think about death. But brief mentions are very important and useful, and will help people to think rationally.
  • Religion will soon give rise to a climate of friendship, insha’Allah. People do not trust one another, so they are not at ease. There can be no peace or ease when people do not trust one another, only tensions. Artists and people have to go everywhere with bodyguards. That is no life. But they still get shot. That tense climate will be lifted. Nobody will have to travel around with bodyguards. People do not even say hello to one another. There is a totally loveless environment in many parts of the world. These things will all come to an end, insha’Allah.
  • Love is a delightful thing. But it disappeared from the world and is only now coming back to life. It is love that most nourishes the human soul. If love goes, then the whole world goes, and nothing will be left. But they days are coming when we will properly appreciate love, insha’Allah.
2011-04-24 14:08:54

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