Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 03 April 2011


A9 TV; harunyahya.tv, 3 April 2011

  • If people realized how lovely the way of the Mahdi is, they would demand it like mad. They would not waste a second. But they are hesitant because they do not realize. Because the way some people describe it is really terrifying. And they support it thinking it will be terrifying. Because it is impossible for Islam to rule under such a system. If one has to struggle with Islam, you have to support that mindset. If someone wants to struggle with Islam and the Qur’an, that is if he is against the Qur’an, then the most rational, powerful effective way, the way to achieve the fastest results, is for that mindset to be supported. In that case there is no need for them to struggle at all, they may as well sit back at home, drink their tea and do nothing. They are actually striving very hard to eliminate Islam, but they are unaware of that fact. They think they are doing something very splendid.
  • We must treat Jews with love and affection. They also love and admire the Qur’an. If we embrace them they will wish to become Muslims. Everyone will want to be a Muslim. Being a Muslim takes nothing away from anyone. It brings a lot with it, but it takes nothing away I live Islam, and Islam has always brought me good things. It has brought me joy, health, happiness and a good life. It has given me a high quality life. If a person fully lives by Islam, his life will be based on a perfect cause or ideal. Allah changes everything; the buildings around me have been beautified, and the people, and everything. My life has become good. And my soul. I am fit and strong. It has been very good. Being a Muslim has been and still is a huge benefit for me.
  • Why does one get married? If one does it for this world, if one marries a girl of 20, she will be an old lady two decades later, by the age of 40. Everyone knows what a woman of 40 is like. Her bone structure and skin collapse. One cannot get married just for those two decades. One gets married to have a companion for all time. Marriage must be based on love and compassion. It is important to see the manifestation of Allah. Love and affection are what matter. It is important to be rational. That is the essential thing, compassion. Because human beings are created to be weak, delicate. Pleasant words affect them, but pleasant words must also be spoken properly. Not every pleasant word is right. That is why one must speak properly and nicely. When getting married, the most important thing is for the other person to have faith. They must really love Allah. They must fear Allah. They must be dedicated to Allah. They must have a cause. So long as they believe in the truth. One must be sure they are a sincere Muslim. Not a bigot, but a true Muslim. One must be sure they are rational. If they are rational, they will in any case be genuine. They will be full of love and display a powerful love and passion for Allah. Human beings have a powerful love, hidden in their souls. It does not normally come out, it stays where it is. There is a special system, linked to several other systems. For one thing, a person has to be devout. They have to be honest. They have to be one’s confidant. They must be completely submitted to Allah. And they must pray to Allah. In that case, there is a powerful passion in the soul and brain. Allah gradually starts to bring that powerful passion out. There is a power of love. When it emerges an unbelievable electricity with a huge impact appears in a woman’s face. It shows itself in her eyes, her voice, her skin and everywhere. It has the same effect in the man she marries. Her face becomes full of beauty, depth, powerful passion and cleanliness. When two such people meet, they attract one another very powerfully. The result is mutual attraction and delight. That delight is far greater than mere sexuality. Sexuality is just a vehicle within it. Sexuality is not the aim. When sexuality becomes the objective, it is very degrading and unpleasant. Sexuality cannot be an aim. Sexuality can be an aim when combined with passion and love. In that case, because of the great passion that results, the woman does not age easily. Nor does the man age quickly. Even if they grow old, they still love one another very much. They love one another greatly even if they are sick. And when they die they immediately find their spouse in the hereafter. Theirs is a union that never breaks. 
  • Our Prophet (saas) was such a lovely person. He was so virtuous. He was very considerate and emotional. His cleanliness and beauty and intelligence were all wonderful. He was highly intelligent and affectionate. He was stunningly forgiving. In other words, he was a complete prophet, a glorious human being. All the companions loved him with a passion. His face and nature and person were all lovely. His gait was lovely. They modeled themselves on him. They loved our Prophet (saas) with a passion because they saw his sincerity. They loved him so very much. Everything he did, he did for Allah’s sake. He was utterly submitted to Allah even under the most difficult circumstances. There were no police or prosecutors in those days. He was surrounded by low-lifes, pagans and hypocrites. There was no law, they would kill someone without batting an eye. There was no law, just mob rule. Our Prophet (saas) had just a handful of companions. They were materially weak. They were in very dire straits. But Allah helped them all the time. His life was one long miracle.
  • You will see that Hazrat Mahdi (as) loves young girls and young men very much. He will love old men and women. The whole world will love the life brought about by Hazrat Mahdi (as). Jews will rejoice, you will see. Christians will rejoice, you will see. Muslims will weep from joy. Because he will eliminate all pain from the world. Why should there be any wars or conflict? We will say we do not want it. But at the moment they want Armageddon. We are espousing peace. If you tell someone that, he will regard it as quite normal. But now, 999 out of 1000 people want to see war. Get them to talk and you will see that at once. At least 999 out of 1000 want war. But those who want peace will reign. Allah loves peace. There will be peace and security and safety. It is not easy to espouse peace. One has to keep insisting on it. Even a man of peace may go 10 miles, but ask him to go another mile and he will opt for war. I mean, he will espouse peace right to the bitter end. But the way of the Mahdi is a system that espouses peace right to the end. Hazrat Mahdi (as) will never abandon peace. He will never agree to bloodshed. Why should children die? Why should women or young girls die? Why should dams be bombed? Why should people be poor, hungry and wretched? Why should they be humiliated and kept as prisoners? That is where Hazrat Mahdi’s (as) quality lies. He will stop the two sides fighting, say there is no need for it, and then there will be peace.
  • Bigotry is the root of pain and suffering. It is very, very important to protect people from the scourge of bigotry. Bigotry is a vile, filthy system. That is why one must adopt a firm (intellectual) stand against bigotry. If you have noticed, at least half of my activities are devoted to combatting bigotry. It is vital. It sucks the joy out of life. It kills art and happiness and science and the joy of faith. It kills love of Allah. And bigotry targets Allah (may He forbid). It portrays Him as something terrible and stops people loving. They portray Allah as something oppressive (may He forbid). But Allah is light, eternal light, omniscience, and infinite love and compassion. Allah behaves in the most perfect and excellent way. It is Allah Who teaches us compassion. Yet these people have the effrontery to try to teach compassion to Allah (may Allah forbid). It is Allah Who creates compassion within you. You would not know the first thing about compassion if Allah did not create it inside you. Allah creates it. But they make up ideas about Allah (may He forbid). They seek to describe compassion with the compassion created by Him.

A9 TV; harunyahya.tv, 2nd Program

Surah Maryam,

39- Warn them of the Day of Bitter Regret when the affair will be resolved. But they take no notice. They have no belief.

Allah says they will suffer terrible regret, because they are not honest. Because they ignored the faith, even though the religion is true and they know that everything is true, they will suffer bitter regret.

41- Mention Abraham in the Book. He was a true man and a Prophet.

He was always honest. Prophets never lie. Most people lie, but not prophets. Not telling lies is a great blessing. Some people speak and you can be sure they will lie. That is very painful. One cannot establish direct connections with them. Allah reminds us of the beauty of honesty in the person of the Prophet Abraham (as).

42- Remember when he said to his father, ‘Father, why do you worship what can neither hear nor see and is not of any use to you at all?

And we ask Darwinists if matter can see? No. Can it hear? No. Does it make you independent of anything? No. So why worship it? Blind matter cannot do such conscious and intelligent things. It cannot bring the most perfect visual system in the world into being. It cannot bring the finest hearing system into being. Not even the best quality music equipment has such a sound technology. Consider the sounds that form in the human brain; there is no hissing or imperfection. Just a breathtaking clarity and stereo effect. A piece of flesh the size of a lentil does that. Allah does it in that piece of flesh the size of a lentil. Yet some people ascribe it to chance.

43- Father, knowledge which never reached you has come to me, so follow me and I will guide you to the right path.

 He says he wants to save him.

44- Father, do not worship satan. Satan was disobedient to the All-Merciful.

He says, he (satan) will make you rebel against Allah, too, and lead you down crooked paths.

45- Father, I am afraid that a punishment from the All-Merciful will afflict you,...” He says he is afraid Allah will punish him.“and turn you into a comrade of satan.’You will become one of satan’s people, so I am warning you in good time, he says.

46- He said, ‘Do you forsake my gods, Abraham? If you do not stop, I will stone you. Keep away from me for a good long time.’

He says he will kill him in a terrible way. Stoning is one of the most painful forms of death. “…keep away from me for a good long time.” Do not approach me,” he says.  Consider the kindness, beauty and love of the Prophet Abraham (as); then look at those people’s ruthlessness and psychopathic natures. He threatens to stone his own child. He threatens him with stoning. And he tells him to keep away. That is why children leave their fathers. “...keep away from me for a good long time.” They do not share the same beliefs, so he has to leave.

47- He said, ‘Peace be upon you. I will ask my Lord to forgive you. He has always honored me.May Allah forgive you, he says. Allah bestows blessings, he says.

48- “I will separate myself from all of you and all you call upon besides Allah …” I will never accept that belief, I will leave and break all binds with you, he says. “…and I will call upon my Lord. It may well be that, in calling on my Lord, I will not be disappointed. If you pray, Allah will heed that prayer. There is an extraordinary system. Prayer is very important. People do not realize how important prayer is. If you pray, Allah will heed your prayer. The world revolves around prayer. The whole system is based on prayer.

49- When he had separated himself from them, and what they worshipped besides Allah,…” I do not want to be a Darwinist-materialist, I do not want to be irreligious, he says. I can no longer live in this house with you, he says. He leaves his family and emigrates. Some people wonder how anyone can leave their parents. But what is he to do if they are irreligious, if they encourage him to be irreligious? Tell us, what is he to do? Is there any other way out? As with the people of the Cave. “…We gave him Izaac and Jacob, making each of them a Prophet..”


  • The way of the Mahdi will transform all corruption and scourges into a boundless ocean. Things will be very calm. Things will calm down, but only for a short time. Then it will go wrong again.

Then the Day of Reckoning, insha’Allah.

  • Many people in small, fragmented groups will become Muslims en masse. That will gain great impetus toward the final times. There will be a huge excitement all over the world. Prime ministers, minsters and artists will become Muslims one after the other. Islam will spread like an avalanche all of a sudden. That is where we are headed, insha’Allah.
  • If there is no prejudice, how are people to tell we are followers of Hazrat Mahdi (as)? If you are a follower of Hazrat Mahdi (as) there has to be prejudice. You cannot have a follower of Hazrat Mahdi (as) without the dajjal (antichrist). He will have prejudices, make false accusations and generally act like the dajjal for us, as followers of Hazrat Mahdi (as) to spread the shadow of the way of the Mahdi over them. Let us spread that light. Hazrat Mahdi (as) will be subjected to unbelievable tortures and slanders. Allah is charging a bigot with the sole task of making things difficult for Hazrat Mahdi (as) in Istanbul. An ignorant bigot, but a weak one.  So he can oppose Hazrat Mahdi (as). Allah will bestow an astonishing victory. The Messiah dajjal has one blind eye. He is a pitiful creature who has trouble walking, but Allah gives him strength.  
  • The government in Azerbaijan is very uneasy. This is what our brothers in Azerbaijan should do; they must guarantee the government that the state will not be torn down and that there will be no corruption and disorder in the state. The state is in a panic over that. The state will fear such things. The state has a self-defense reflex. For example, that state takes precautionary measures if a situation between those who cover their heads and those who do not is likely to turn into strife. The state does not want the public to be one another’s enemies. If precautions are taken, the state will have nothing to say against those who cover their heads. A guarantee on that subject is very important. That tension has to be eased. In particular, the state will protect itself if there are divisions between Muslims or non-Muslims, or Sunnis and Shiites, one group claiming it has the right to run the state. It has a defensive reflex. The state will defend itself wherever it is. People must treat the state with affection. With love and reason. You cannot have an Islam that tears down and destroys. Muslims have nothing to do with strife. We also feel affection for communists. So the crisis can be resolved if approached with a unifying mindset. Street protests and all that just raise tensions. They are already tense, and that will just increase still further. One must approach things with a desire to solve problems and with love. Once must make it felt that art, science, and in particular democracy and secularism, are under protection, in a rational and satisfying way. Otherwise, the state has no problem with Islam. Islam is in favor of states. It is in favor of governments. Religion protects the state ideologically. It does not want any state to collapse. That is why communists are opposed to religion, the state and moral virtue. Communists are opposed to religion since it essentially protects the state, the family and moral values. That is why it is important to send the government a moderate message in that regard. They must demonstrate warmth and moderation. That is what religion is. There is no other kind of religion. You cannot have Islam without democracy. You cannot have a non-secular Islam. Islam means freedom of thought and ideas. Nobody can be forced to be a Muslim.
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