Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 12 April 2011


Gaziantep Olay TV; A9 TV 12 April 2011

  • Muslims are generally in the position of captives. Increasing population or increasing numbers changes nothing. Quality is very important, faith is very important, a cause is important, determination is important, having a cause is important. The important thing is to attach importance to the way of the Mahdi and Hazrat Mahdi (as). To feel a deep love for the Prophet Jesus (as). There can be success when we have those. There is a world of 1.5 billion Muslims, but around 90% are prisoners, or even 95%. They are being slapped around by all. They are fragmented. They almost never speak of the way of the Mahdi, so Allah imprisons them. It is Allah Who gives sickness and Who heals. The sickness is the way of the dajjal (antichrist), and the way of the Mahdi is the cure. A person gets the sickness, but not the cure. He does not sign up to the way of the Mahdi. He does not want the drugs, he does not accept.
  • Every house that the TV station A9 enters is a school, a university. There is not an unbelieving or unnecessary word on it. Not an illogical or irrational word. Everything is proved, everything is perfect. It is all described very well, and so perfectly it will lead to profound faith. It would be a terrible shame to waste such an opportunity and sit watching empty words on other channels. What they must do is watch this channel all day. A9 is a university.


10-“There are some people who say,…”

Allah gives an example of human characters,

“"…We have belief in Allah;…”

They claim to have faith.

“…and then, when they suffer harm in Allah’s cause, they take people’s persecution for Allah’s punishment;…”

But when they set out on Allah’s path, when describing His religion, when talking about Islam, they are imprisoned or defamed. they take people’s persecution for Allah’s punishment;”

This is the secret of the test. Allah sets out the secret of the test. Pain and suffering will come to those who preach the word. There is no other way for training, for depth of soul, for the moral values of paradise. There can be no other model of education.
“…but if help comes from your Lord,…”

 Money comes, opportunities comes, or when someone is imprisoned he is at once released or is very successful, strength radiates around him or he makes material gains.
“…they say, ‘We were with you’.”

Allah says this is how hypocrites behave. We were Muslims and supported you and were always with you, they say. They portray themselves as supporting Muslims in order to make gains from Muslims.
 Does Allah not know best what is in every person’s heart?”

Allah says I already know your characters. Allah says, I know what you did, and why.

11- Allah knows those who believe and He knows the hypocrites.

It is because of hypocrites that Islam does not rule the world. Hypocrites are a terrible scourge and difficulty. Hypocrites are one of the main elements of the test.

12- “Those who are unbelievers say to those who believe,” You hear this a lot,‘Follow our way and we will bear the weight of your mistakes.’ They will not bear the weight of a single one of their mistakes. Truly they are liars.

Allah says that of course they cannot assume other people’s sins. The sinner bears that burden. They will bear a burden as well, of course. The person who commits the sin bears the responsibility, but the person inciting them also bears one.

13- They will bear their own burdens and other burdens together with their own. On the Day of Rising they will be questioned about what they invented.

  • Allah says they will be called to account for the nonsense they made up, all their false inventions that have no place in the religion.
  • There is nothing complicated in the Qur’an. There are many signs outside. There are many signs created by Allah on Earth. The Qur’an is very simple. There is paradise in the Qur’an, and hell. It wants us to be morally virtuous. There are prophets, and belief in destiny, good and evil and believing in Allah; the Qur’an refers to the existence of angels and djinns and satans. What is lawful and unlawful is set out. There are few unlawful things, and many lawful ones. But there are many signs on the outside. There are many things to think about on the outside.
  • Jesus the Messiah has enormous intelligence, a great depth of revelation and a mighty greatness. He conceals himself since he acts according to revelation. He is not like Hazrat Mahdi (as). Hazrat Mahdi (as) acts through inspiration. Hazrat Mahdi (as) is more at ease. Jesus the Messiah is not like that. He makes a claim. He says I am Jesus the Messiah. It is vital for him to be concealed. Terrible things will happen if disbelief hears of him. But he is currently directing global politics, insha’Allah.
  • There is a special reason why I use our best-looking young people for broadcasts. They say, “If these young people were good-looking, rich, educated with good general culture they would not talk about Islam and faith.” "What would they do? They would go and have a good time with girls and have fun and make money. As for the girls, they would find a rich husband, and the young men would find a pretty girl and get married and look to their business affairs. So they would have nothing to do with religion,” they. When you ask them, "So who would get involved with religion?” they reply, “Sick people, people with no hope, people with no money, people who do not much like themselves or have no way of finding a girlfriend or getting married, who have no more hope, in other words. It is a passport to hope for people who have fallen into despair in many ways. In a way, they console themselves with religion, and that is why they turn to it.” And what do I say? Look at these fine, good-looking people. They are really attractive. They have wealth and general culture. They speak well and lack for nothing. But what have they chosen? The hereafter. Allah’s approval, Islam and the Qur’an. So that is how I disprove what those people say.
  • It is Allah Who causes people to forget, and to remember. If He makes you forget, you can remember nothing, try as you might. Forgetting is also mentioned in the Qur’an. “Remember Allah when you forget,” He says.
  • People do not think about the angels much. Yet the angels live side by side with us. They are in close connection with us. They listen to us. There are angels here, now. They listen to us in all ways. They are now standing on my right and left and all round you. My greetings to them all. But since people cannot establish visual contact with angels they do not think about them much. Yet angels are very positive entities, that love Allah and have been created in that way. It is vitally important for the angels to be loved. It is a matter requiring great emphasis. For example, in former times the prophets and Hazrat Maryam and other great people very often enjoyed close relations with the angels. Sometimes they gave them inspiration. Sometimes people saw them directly. But not in such a way as to eliminate the possibility of free will. If people cannot see them, they will be unsure. It is the same with the djinn. Most people take very little interest in them. Yet we also live side by side with the djinn. There are djinn in just about every home. They generally live in families in the upper corners of houses. But people take no notice of them. It is very easy to make contact with them. They are not like the angels. The angels do not make contact with anyone they do not want to. But contact with the djinn is easy. There is the matter of their giving true information. That one can see the djinn in this world appears in the Qur’an. But most people do not make contact with them. They do not know and are not interested. They never wonder. “How can one make contact with them?” Allah leaves us free not to think about or be curious about them. But if we so wish, then contact can be made. They come at once for important matters. And when we ask questions they give true answers. But if one just calls them for a bit of fun, then they hang back. And even if they come they are reluctant to talk about whatever it is. They say they are very tired. Allah does not permit them. One has to really want and need to talk to them.
  • It is the same with the way of the Mahdi. The way of the Mahdi is a vital matter. Someone the whole of mankind has been awaiting for thousands of years is here. Christians have been awaiting Jesus the Messiah for 2000 years, and he is here. Hazrat Khidhr (as) is also here. But one needs great concentration to make contact. Allah makes connection possible when one has true concentration. The result is a really determined desire. Otherwise, it is impossible. One can make contact with the way of the Mahdi when one has a strong desire. One can make contact with the way of the Prophet Jesus (as) when one has a strong desire.  And with the angels. One can make contact with Hazrat Khidhr (as) when one has a very strong desire to do so. As with Hazrat Maryam. For example, the Qur’an opens up to someone who sincerely wishes to know what Allah is saying. It is very impossible to use one’s mind sincerely here. Allah wants us to have faith by researching matters. It is a sin for someone not to think and reflect when he has the intelligence to do so.
  • Since Hazrat Mahdi (as) does not act through inspiration and is not a prophet it is easy for people to embrace and love him. With Jesus the Messiah, it is as if people have been struck by lightning. That prophet is majestic and mightily radiant. Not everyone can withstand that. Some will faint or be speechless. Many people will be made speechless, unable to move. That is how it was with our Prophet (saas). It is unique to prophets. A special light emanates from prophets’ eyes when one meets them. Allah produces a special effect. It is literally paralyzing. One loses the power of speech. For example, Rasulullah (saas) would stroke his mouth when praying, and after prayer his mouth would open up again. He could not say a word. Many people fainted when they saw our Prophet (saas). One could immediately tell he was a prophet. Many believers first came to have faith when they looked at his face. It was like nothing they had seen before. That has a huge effect on people’s brains. They feel it in the whole body. It is like receiving an electric shock.
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