Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 13 April 2011


A9 TV; TV Kayseri; Samsun AKS TV, 13 April 2011


  • When I was a child I used to wonder, “How will Islamic moral values come to rule?” I saw that Islam is the light. I looked and I saw love, affection, friendship and brotherhood, and of course it will reign. That is perfectly natural. Of course nobody will allow that if it adopts a bigoted form. Neither America would permit it, nor Russia. Nowhere in the world would permit bigotry. For one thing I would not permit it, let alone anyone else. May Allah forbid. Because that would ruin everything. The people engaging in bigotry would be ruined. That is why Allah has created the way of the Mahdi. How excellent. You embrace Armenians, and Jews, and the Orthodox and the Greeks. You also watch over and protect communists and irreligious people and they also become first-class citizens. Women who cover their heads and those who do not will be able to move around freely. Anyone who chooses can pray as he wishes. People will be safe, and there will be no terror or anarchy.
  • I have nothing against the communist conception of social justice. That is something also espoused by Islam. They took all that information from the reference to the Mahdi in the Torah. Karl Marx was from a family of rabbis. He was himself a kind of rabbi. He knew the Torah very well. The Torah speaks of global dominion, of a heaven on earth and a perfect social justice. It speaks of Hazrat Mahdi (as) distributing goods equally. It refers to everyone being rich. Marx went weak at the knees when he read that, of course. But did he believe in Allah? No. Because he lived in Darwin’s time. He thought what an irreligious way of the Mahdi might have been like and launched it as communism. That is why, when he also added violence to it, the result was an unbelievably oppressive system. But this was not information Marx could have thought up for himself. It was already there for him.
  • Sincere faith has been installed, and that is very important. Imitation faith has gone and has turned into genuine faith, alhamdulillah. People used to regard Islam as unnecessary, but now they realize it is life itself. They say how lovely Islam is. Islam is riding the crest of a wave in Europe. They have read my books. They have read them from somewhere. That was what really had an impact. The same thing happened with me. I read a lot of books. Imam Rabbani’s Maktubat, and Imam Gazali, but the work that really opened my eyes was Bediuzzaman’s Risale-i Nur. Of course the Qur’an and hadiths are different, but there is a scholar who caused me to love Islam, who was instrumental in my loving the spirit of Islam and growing deeper in Islam, and that was Bediuzzaman Said Nursi. Making the Qur’an accessible, interpreting it, is very important. Who describes the depth in the Qur’an? Bediuzzaman Said Nursi. Bediuzzaman has a perfect method of interpreting the Qur’an. I took that spirit from him, and his is the model I adopted.

A9 TV; Kaçkar TV, 13 April 2011

  • We are created to enjoy beauty. Enjoying beauty is a very pleasant thing. Colors are lovely, music is lovely, food is lovely, loving Allah is lovely and worship is lovely. That is in the human soul, the human soul constantly seeks it.
  • Some people’s attitude toward Muslims is a portent of faith. If nobody is opposed to them, there must be a problem. They called our Prophet (saas) mad, and also the Prophet Abraham (as) and the Prophet Moses (as) (may Allah forbid). His father opposed the Prophet Abraham (as). His wife and sons opposed the Prophet Noah (as). Many of his relatives opposed Rasulullah (saas). That is a sign of faith. But we must have good intentions and work to save people with the best of intentions, insha’Allah. But even if not, that is still for the best. There is no harshness of hurting others in Islam. We must seek to save people for their own good.
  • In loving animals, we love the manifestation of Allah. Allah knows all about love, and for all time. We can only know and experience it to the extent Allah wishes. We love Allah eternally as a belief, an act of faith. But we cannot know love as Allah knows it. He has given a small manifestation of His own manifestation, and the result is great beauty.
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