Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 15 April 2011


A9 TV; Kocaeli TV, 15 April 2011

  • The whole world is hearing about the warmth of the way of the Mahdi, its conception of art and science, how it embraces everyone, its enlightened spirit, its spirit that brings with it ease and that it embraces all, its modern spirit. Alhamdulillah, masha’Allah. These things are just the beginning. There will be no more fanaticism or bigotry; an enlightened, relaxed and loving conception of Islam will enfold the world.
  • What requires the greatest care in marriage is for there to be deep love and fear of Allah. If a woman loves and fears Allah very much, Allah bestows on her an irresistible attractiveness and beauty. He will give her a glorious beauty. He will give her physical beauty and beauty of the soul and moral beauty and a huge power to affect others. The result is an extraordinary power. Anyone tasting that power will develop a huge thirst for life. A person gets married to taste that depth and passion in paradise, as well. One does not marry a person so they will wash one’s clothes, do the washing up and finish the ironing. That is hugely annoying and repulsive. The aim of marriage is to experience passion and love of Allah. You choose your companion in paradise, your companion in the hereafter.  Allah says we will be with our spouses in the hereafter. Passion remains hidden in the majority of women. Even if they get married, that passion remains hidden. They cannot find the strength to bring it out. Because the right conditions do not form. A person is born and has normal physical functions, but spiritual functions only begin appearing later. The power of the brain only begins appearing later. Metaphysical characteristics begin appearing in someone who lives by Islam and the Qur’an. How is it that prophets can work miracles? Extraordinary states begin developing when they are given the prophethood after having been regular people. Allah produces an extraordinary effect in their faces and in their speech. An extraordinarily effective mechanism appears in their eyes. And in their voices. They have a power that eases the soul. They attain an ineffable power, by Allah’s will. It is the same with women. They are normally entities made up of flesh and blood. If they do not follow the Qur’an and if a profound spiritual depth and love and fear of Allah does not settle in their hearts, then they cannot operate as women. In order for their true function to emerge, in order for a stunning power to emerge, the woman’s profound passion has to emerge. Profound passion is actually what has the effect. Allah has also noted this in the hereafter; Allah says their eyes are for their husbands alone, and they concentrate on them, with passion. Allah emphasizes their expressions, but they are devoted with passion. There is a power known as passion. It is an intense state in the soul resulting from profound love of Allah. When combined with earthly love it has a devastating effect in marriage. But when it is lacking, men soon grow tired of women. Then Allah will not bestow that power. One has to have a profound love and fear of Allah in order for that power to appear and produce an intense state in the soul as a manifestation of Allah.
  • Grief, may Allah forbid, is a rebellion against destiny. Against whatAllah  has created, may He forbid. Grief, sorrow, saying that one is devastated and in a terribly sad state, means that one is in an intense state of rebellion against Allah, may He forbid. Everything Allah creates is for the best, and there is great wisdom in it. So why be sad? If you have made a mistake you can be sorry. But not the kind of sorrow where you go round tearing your hair out. Sorrow means being determined not to do it again. That is fine, but not terrible grief.


Kaçkar TV; A9 TV, 15 April 2011

  • The Risale-i Nur is a work that will astonish people in this century. Careless people may imagine it is just another book, but looked at carefully one sees it is a marvelous work. For that reason, the English-language edition of the Risale-i Nur would be very good for our brothers. After the Qur’an and the hadiths, there may be no greater work. Some who reads the Risale-i Nur from cover to cover will experience great growth and alteration in his intelligence, judgment, perspective toward events and training of the soul. For example, it has a very positive influence on the way an individual interprets a day-to-day event, and on his whole life and way of thinking. It enables one to be a very sound, rational and quality kind of person. Bediüzzaman had such an impact, and the spirit in the Risale-i Nur is quite unique.
  • We can see the stamp and artistry of Allah everywhere, and in all things. We see a stamp with only one origin. We see a single force in animals and human beings and the universe, a glorious stamp. I am amazed at the way ants, termites, the human eye and the universe were all created out of nothing. I am amazed at the way this image in my brain is in full color and three-dimensional. I am amazed at who sees this image and at the manufacture of proteins. I therefore spend my whole day rejoicing, and this is a special blessing created by Allah. Muslims are constantly amazed at the marvels in the universe.
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