Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 29 April, 2011


A9 TV, 29 April 2011

  • A collective personality will not seek a leader in disbelief. Their leader is satan. He brings them together, and they form an alliance. Satan prevents Muslims uniting but encourages the unification of unbelievers. There has to be an individual for this aspect of satan to be forestalled. A collective personality does not come together. It will not happen with a collective personality. It is essential to seek refuge in its lord, to be bound to Hazrat Mahdi (as). If they say they refuse to accept him, that will prolong matters. By how much? By 6-7 years. But eventually destiny will happen anyway. They will resist, talking about a collective personality, but I will keep talking about Hazrat Mahdi (as). Eventually, the way of the Mahdi will prevail. Our elders have been busy with the idea of a collective personality for 40 or 50 years. It has all been fragmented. There was unity in New Asia, but that fell apart. They have been fragmented many times only, and then further fragmented into even smaller sub-divisions. Islamic service weakened and ceased. Because they do not listen to Bediuzzaman or the Prophet (saas). They do not trust our Prophet (saas) and Bediuzzaman. Of course, the great majority are radiant and immaculate people. I am just referring to a very few people.
2011-05-15 14:51:32

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