Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 03 May 2011

A9 TV, 3 May 2011

  • (About the events of September 11)

Technically speaking, that building could not collapse in that way. Planes hit the buildings. Flames break out on that floor. The building will not fall apart like sand. There is no question of that. The other building is made of very strong reinforced concrete. There are so many flames in those buildings. Technically speaking, those buildings could not collapse because a plane hit them. The planes hit them and those floors burn, that is all. The building would not collapse. Looking at the truth of the matter, they say the CIA did it, packed the building full of bombs and dynamite. They say you would need tons of dynamite to do that. There was no dynamite installed there. It was Hazrat Khidr (as). Simple as that. You could not pack tons of dynamite into the building. After planes had struck, and before the collapse, big explosions began on lower floors. Would people not see if dynamite were installed there? You would need a lorry-load of dynamite. It was Hazrat Khidr (as) who demolished it. There is a specific time and date in destiny. The event is totally metaphysical. The passengers on the plane. There were no such people. They say a plane struck the Pentagon. No plane or anything hit it. There was a huge explosion, terrible devastation. They did not know what had hit them. There were no remains of a plane. Look at the photos and you will not see any. The other plane that hit was not a passenger plane. It was something else, they say. That is out of the question. Both theories are out of the question. It is not true that terrorists did it, as there were not such people. And neither is it true that the CIA installed a load of dynamite. This is a historic event. The time came and it happened. It was organized by Hazrat Khidr (as), directly by Hazrat Khidr (as). It is completely metaphysical. An operation by Hazrat Khidr (as). If Hazrat Khidr (as) does a thing, nobody knows who does it. Allah gave him that facility. Nobody can work it out. That is part of Hazrat Khidr’s (as) plan.

  • Our Prophet’s (saas) miracles and those of the Qur’an are signs leading to faith. I talk about the miracles of the Qur’an, and they are all signs leading to faith. Hundreds of hadiths of our Prophet (saas) have come true exactly, sings leading to faith. There are hadiths about health, and they have come true, they are signs leading to faith. All his statements about science have come true, and are signs leading to faith. These things are known as signs leading to faith. But you can also talk about the artistry in birds and insects. That is one aspect of the way of the Mahdi. But some people accept one part and do not want the rest. They want to cover up the miracles of our Prophet (saas). They only consider the marvels in living things. Because those do not make them uneasy. In speaking of Hazrat Mahdi (as) one will have to spend his assets, will suffer if necessary, and will be endangered in talking about Islam. He will lose many things and have to work day and night. That is why they are unwilling to enter onto the subject of the way of the Mahdi, Islamic Union, as they will spoil things for them.
  • The community of the Mahdi will initially number 313 people. That is a specific period. Hazrat Mahdi (as) has an embryonic stage, and then a fully-fledged one. The number will not stay at 313 people, of course. Bediuzzaman speaks of millions of sayyids in alliance. Tests are performed to analyze the resistance of concrete blocks. A concrete block is brought in and 5 tons of pressure are applied to it. Six tons, 7, 10... Then at 30 tons it shatters. The breaking point has been established. That is how it is with the way of the Mahdi. Ten years, 20, 30, 35, 37. Then the breaking point is suddenly reached. There is a strange sound. And then the flood gates are opened, all of a sudden. Then it cannot be stopped. Not once the breaking point has been reached, and that is what matters. Allah refers in a verse to people asking about when the victory of the prophets will come. It is the same with the way of the Mahdi. They will keep pressurizing the way of the Mahdi right up to the last moment, until people are even more despairing; intellectual, scientific pressure. But then you will see that disbelief suddenly falls apart, to a loud noise, insha’Allah.
  • It is useful for Allah to be covering up the way of the Mahdi now. It will grow under that concealment. But a normal person should be able to understand all the evidence. There is nothing incomprehensible about it, it is crystal clear. But Allah wants those 40 years to be completed. Thirty years have passed, leaving another 10.
  • Our friends who support the way of the Mahdi must watch out for and protect one another. They need not try to be too many in numbers. There cannot be many of you just now. But in the years to come there will be a great alliance of millions of people. Wait for that day. For now, increase your knowledge. Set up libraries. Hold conferences. For example, I began my intellectual work in 1979. I could not have said that the moral values of Islam will rule in five years’ time. Not even if I spent billions. But that time will come. Things will happen.
  • They will want to cover up the matter of the way of the Mahdi. They will try to misrepresent the way of the Mahdi. There will be two classes of people. The supporters of the dajjal  (antichrist) and the supporters of the way of the Mahdi. Some will follow the dajjal unknowingly. And others knowingly. I am trying to warn those who follow unknowingly. I talk about the signs leading to faith so they do not develop an insincere way of speaking. There is no fervor or excitement. They are also divided among themselves. They have no love for one another. Allah takes away from them because they did not want Islamic Union. Allah takes away their strength and energy. He clouds their foresight and understanding. But if someone follows the way of the Mahdi, his mind clears. He gains a special strength. That is why our Prophet (saas) says “He who dies without knowing and following the Mahdi, even though he is here, will die the death of ignorance.” I am trying to keep this in people’s minds as it is so vitally important. But the way of the dajjal is always trying to cover it up. The way of the dajjal has only a millionth of our strength, however. I run rings around it intellectually.

A9 TV; Gaziantep Olay TV, 3 May 2011


  • Conscience is the heart of our nation. Our nation do not speak through logic, but through conscience. They support right, not might. This is a most lofty virtue. But in Europe and America they generally think might is right. Very few people support the truth. That is why we are a good role model. That is why you have a bright future. You are teachers of love. You will tell people of brotherhood, friendship and peace. You are a bastion against fanaticism, insha’Allah.
  • Some religious teachers are quite soulless. Religion means love. Sitting down and condemning and judging Muslims is not religion. There is a teacher whose whole business consists of running Muslims down and saying they are on the wrong road. "They pray in order to show off, they do this and that to show off. They are bad, they are wrong...” Why exaggerate like that? Tell the truth. Instead of harboring anger toward all Muslims, encourage people to love Allah and the Prophet, to love children and other people. Flowers. Tell them of the miracles of the Qur’an and Islamic Union. I also warn the bigots, but not in a destructive manner. I try to make use of their good points. One must work on their good points and set out their bad ones. Destructive language is unbecoming of a Muslim.
  • The Earth is big enough for everyone. There is no need for disorder. One must respect people’s beliefs. Of course, we are Muslims and we espouse our own beliefs. But we must also respect Christian beliefs. That is what they believe. Other people are irreligious, and we must respect them. You cannot force someone to be a Muslim. If you do, he will become a hypocrite. Love and peace are very easy, but people lack determination. They have to be determined and strive to bring love in right to the end. Peace also calls for determination and persistence. They manage it up to a point. People become friends but then fall out after a month. But one should use one’s will to maintain friendship. For example, if someone has a defect, you overcome it with kindness. You are patient and win them over. You win them round with love and friendship. Otherwise, life is too short. It is the same with peace. People make peace. Great. Then two years later they have had enough and fall out again. Again, you have to have patience. That is why so few people espouse peace. After a point they lose control and anger takes over again and they call for war. People damage the system with their own hands. They make it too complicated.
  • If you abandon someone who is fighting for his life, that is murder. The government should pass a law on that, because it is equivalent to murder. Such people should go on trial. If you ask such a person “would you like people to abandon you in such a situation?” He will say “May Allah forbid, of course not.”  So why did you do that? It is a serious offense. That is why we need an explicit law. Men beat women up in the streets, for example, and people stand by and watch. Is your own skin that precious? Go and save that poor woman. Call the police, do something. What if it was your own child or daughter? Is that not a sin? Intervening in such situations is a moral necessity. The law needs to encompass that. Simple as that.

2011-05-16 17:23:20

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