Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 18 May 2011

18 May 2011 A9 TV, Samsun AKS, TV Kayseri, 22:00 hours

  • The micro-world is crucially important. Those who wish to preach must have a good knowledge of the micro-world if they wish to bring disbelief down. There are millions of secrets and details there. Allah has worked the micro-world like lace. The micro-world is laid out in the same way that a carpet consists of individual threads. There are millions of details in chromosomes, mitochondria and cofulae.

He said, ‘It is my staff. I lean on it and beat down leaves for my sheep with it and have other uses for it’.” (Surah Ta Ha, 18)

  • The prophets have always lived alongside animals. Alongside nature. Most prophets were shepherds. The Prophet Moses (as) worked as a shepherd. But this verse stresses the importance of the staff. Allah asks Moses what is in his right hand. That means the staff is a determining object. Hazrat Mahdi (as) will also have a staff, insha’Allah. Our Prophet (saas) also had a staff.
  • Loving with passion is very important. With passion, for Allah. To love things as manifestations of Allah. Love knows no bounds. One cannot say, let us love a little bit. We must love to the greatest extent possible. Love is a most delightful thing, a great blessing. We love as manifestations of Allah. We cannot love independently of Allah. If one tries to love independently, the result is polytheism. But if you love something as a manifestation of Allah, then Allah bestows the flavor of love. Love has a beauty that rocks the soul. It is bestowed on you then. But the souls of people who turn to polytheism are burned up. You become just flesh and bone. Nothing comes of flesh and bone. But the other way you see the manifestation of Allah’s title of al-Jamal. You experience the beauty and depth of that love. Almighty Allah causes you to experience it. People who say they prefer to love as they see fit, cannot love or know love at all. Allah bestows no love on their hearts. They cannot take pleasure from love. They try to love, but cannot do it. You cannot impersonate love. They try to impersonate love in films and in the theater and novels. There can be no impersonation in love. No matter how much they try. Love is a special power given by Allah. A special force. A candy has a taste. But if Allah does not bestow the flavor, one cannot enjoy it. No matter how much he eats. “How delicious it is,” he says, “just like honey.” What flavor does he taste? A bitter one. So why say it is like honey? In order to make a display. Allah bestows a special delight in love on Muslims. To those who love manifestations of Allah.

2011-05-30 11:07:39

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