Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 21 May 2011

Kocaeli TV; Aba TV, A9 TV, 21 May 2011

  • A deep state is in charge in Syria. Bashar Assad cannot cope with it. Assad is a well-intentioned, polite person. Hafez Assad was utterly immoral, sufyan (a devil incarnate). But his son is innocent. But the Syrian state is terrible. What Syria needs to do is to immediately decide to unify with Turkey. Before things get any worse. They need to decide on unification before the United Nations and NATO get involved, and that will be the best thing to do.
  • The coming of the Jesus the Messiah is a great blessing, a huge event. Allah is doing it to honor the Mahdi (as) and also supplying a great blessing. To show the station of Hazrat Mahdi (as). He is making him the chief assistant to the Ulu al-Azm, a prophet loved by the whole world. You can appreciate the station of Hazrat Mahdi (as) from that. A prophet whom the whole world loves, Christians and all Muslims. The Jews will also love him. Allah is making a prophet in whom the whole world believes the right hand of Hazrat Mahdi (as). Allah is making Hazrat Mahdi (as) the leader of the whole world, governor of 7 million people. Nothing like it has ever happened before. 
  • Great excitement and Islamic zeal has begun among the followers of the Nur. There was no such thing before. It has just begun now, alhamdulillah. I spoke day and night of Islamic Union, Islamic Union. Allah made me His instrument. Insha’Allah Islamic Union in all its loveliness will now arise. There will be a democratic, secular, warm Turkish-Islamic Union full of love and science, insha’Allah. Allah will bring down the tyrants. Allah is bringing low the enemies of Hazrat Mahdi (as), humiliating them. Hazrat Khidr (as) is walking abroad. They can never overcome Hazrat Khidr (as). He is uprooting Hazrat Mahdi’s (as) enemies. He is devastating the enemies of Jesus the Messiah (as). He is ruining and humiliating them. They cannot overcome him.


Kahramanmaraş Aksu TV, Gaziantep Olay TV, A9 TV, 21 May 2011

  • They have bound Muslims’ hand, mouths and eyes, and then they have set them before disbelief. They have abandoned the words of the Qur’an and our Prophet (saas) regarding earthly desires, and they have adopted nonsense. They have also weakened Muslims by depicting peace and love as bad. They have taken science and art from their hands and turned them against technology. They have thus made Muslims weak. But I am putting that right, insha’Allah.
  • Our aims are to be rational, to spread the warm language of the Qur’an. To strive for people’s happiness and Islamic Union, insha’Allah.
  • A rational person never harms his own surroundings. But a clever person can harm them. But a rational person always behaves reasonable and logically, insha’Allah.
  • Had the moral values of Islam come to prevail there would have been no tensions in people’s brains or souls. There would be a holiday air everywhere, and great joy. There would be no thorns beneath people’s feet. They would board ships and go where they will. The world would be their oyster. It is one thing to have one’s own room, and quite another to have the world as one’s home. Muslims will have a boundless home. Their home will be everywhere, in Africa, Asia, Japan and America. Everyone will be Muslim. Every home will be a Muslim home. They will give greetings as they enter these homes, saying may Allah grant you peace. There will be no danger, no aggressive people, no war, terror, anarchy, weapons or conflict. That is how it should be. Some people say what I am doing is wrong. But people are making napalm bombs and weapons. That is what is wrong.

2011-06-06 13:25:26

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