Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 30 May 2011

A9 TV , Adıyaman Asu TV, 30 May 2011 Monday

  • Hypocrites think they are very clever indeed. They see that the Qur’an and the Sunnah of our Prophet (saas) are very easy. ‘What can I do?’ he wonders. How can I turn Muslims from the true path? He tells Muslims; “You have no faithfulness. You make praying and worshiping too easy. That is wrong. I live by all kinds of nonsense. I make things really difficult. You must be like me. If not, you will be in disbelief. But if you make up all kinds of nonsense, then you will be faithful.” He encourages Muslims to invent nonsense and smothers them in it. “I called you and you came and suffocated,” he says. That is how the hypocrite works. He tries to get Muslims caught up in nonsense and to drown them in it. He knows he cannot destroy them directly.
  • The dajjal (antichrist) has two horns and two arms. He has one blind eye and one swollen one. The swollen one is bigotry, and the blind eye is atheism, Darwinist and materialist thinking. He has two arms, one is bigotry and the other Darwinist and materialist thinking. That is why he goes arm in arm, hand in hand with Darwinists and bigots. They understand one another very well. The reason why bigots are opposed to Hazrat Mahdi (as) is that they say “he has destroyed our religion.” That religion is bigotry. Hazrat Mahdi (as) is restoring things to how they were in the time of the Prophet Solomon (as). But for bigots, the time of the Prophet Solomon (as) is disbelief, may Allah forbid. If the Prophet (saas) were to appear now they would declare war on him, may Allah forbid. The bigots of the day martyred Hazrat Hussein (as) and Hazrat Hassan (as). Why did they martyr Hazrat Ali (as)? Because he was against bigotry. What did Hazrat Ali (as) say? He said the Qur’an was enough. He said the way our Prophet (saas) set out and applied the Qur’an was enough. What did Hazrat Umar (as) say? He said the Qur’an was enough. That is why he was martyred by the bigots. They rejected nonsense. They said they would only act by the Qur’an and how the Prophet (saas) applied the Qur’an. That is also why the 12 imams (Twelver) were martyred.
  • Hypocrites are very cunning, but not intelligent. Muslims are intelligent. The greatest cunning in the world is as nothing compared to intelligence. Cunning can never overcome understanding. It is like an ant facing a lion, even the greatest cunning. But intelligence is devastating. It is directly linked to Allah. Cunning is linked to satan. And is always defeated. Every time. They act very cleverly, but Allah always confounds them.
  • Arrogance devastates a person, may Allah forbid. It means arrogance and thinking one is perfect. So one must always bear that possibility in mind and say, “insha’Allah, I am a devout believer, but I can make mistakes.” One must not be too sure of oneself.
  • The idea that Hazrat Mahdi (as) will not appear, the idea of the collective personality, is making Muslims wretched. We see suffering wherever we look. You cannot have Muslim communities without a leader, or without love. The Islamic world needs Hazrat Mahdi (as) as it does food and water. That is why our Prophet (saas) gives the good news of Hazrat Mahdi (as). That is why the way of the Mahdi is important. Without it, this suffering will continue. We see the people who believe in the idea of the collective personality. They just sit back and watch the suffering. That is all they can do.

2011-06-10 14:13:43

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