Highlights Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 18 June 2011


A9 TV, 18 June 2011

  • Religion bestows the most enormous calm. We learn true love, how to love people, through religion. Otherwise we would fear people and animals. Religion teaches us to love flowers. The concept of beauty comes from religion. Religion contains all kinds of concepts. Religion lies at the root of the family, moral values and the State. But as a satanic system, bigotry is as least as dangerous as irreligion and must be avoided. Irreligion and bigotry are the two horns of the dajjal (antichrist). Both are very dangerous. Both make people unhappy. They impair one’s equilibrium. Look, fascism and communism appeared and wrecked the world. They led to the deaths of more than 300 million people, and to as many again being crippled. That is what irreligion does. That is why people eschew it.
  • Before, nobody could openly say they were a Muslim. Nobody could say they were Muslims when I was at the academy. But people are much more relaxed now the Darwinist and materialist system has been brought down. An excellent counter-attack has started. There is a self-confident development going on everywhere. Muslims are not now fighting tooth and nail with Darwinism. We have already strangled them intellectually. Our brothers are walking at ease on the ground we have prepared for them. They can move around freely in universities and everywhere. 
  • I praise and remember Allah day and night. I learn as I tell people about Him. I talk about Him, but I am learning more than anyone else. That is the system Allah has created. It is the person preaching who learns most. He comes to understand very well. It is also to teach himself. People imagine they are teaching, whereas they are really learning.
  • Pressure is why people become depressed and sick. There is pressure in all third world countries. It is as if most people are crazy. Art and science grow in free countries, if you notice. A free artist can produce a very fine picture or building. For example, no artists came out of communist Russia. They could not do it. Nor from Red China. There was no architecture. Show me a bit of architecture of a work of art! Let them show me just one picture. A free system is very good. It broadens people’s horizons. One has to be free in art. One has to be free in the production of clothing, free in speech, free in politics. People can speak well in free politics. Freedom is vital, it is people’s adrenalin. It works like adrenalin. It expands the mind. That is why people will enjoy the greatest freedom in the time of Hazrat Mahdi (as). They will make the best use of the blessings of democracy. And they will be under the guarantee of secularism, insha’Allah.
  • Prayer is a shield against polytheism. For example, someone has a job to do and thinks he will do it himself. May Allah forbid, things keep going wrong. He is unhappy and cannot understand it. He misses an exam he should have sat, or ticks the wrong box. Allah confounds everything he does, may Allah forbid. One must start out by praying to Allah. One must say: “O Lord, make this auspicious for me, help me with it.” One must say, “It is You Who will do it, O Lord.” If one says, “I will do it” that offends Allah. Things that look like snags are in fact all for the best. If one misses a bus that is all for the best. It is good, the best thing. But if one forgets that, then one starts thinking of things as unfortunate problems. And one is unhappy, and that is when polytheism arises. The other way, one performs a religious observance and everything goes smoothly. Missing that bus shows that everything is going well. Allah has protected him from an accident or some trouble, insha’Allah.
  • Allah creates the Mahdi’s fine way of speaking. Allah creates all his speech. Allah creates his well-directed work. He can do nothing by himself. But one has to avoid thinking of the Mahdi as an equal of Allah. It is Allah Who gives the Prophet Jesus (as) that power and Who creates the miracles he will work. If you say that Jesus (as) performed a miracle that is wrong, one must say that Allah performed it.
  • We see a finely calculated marvel of engineering, finer than lace, in the atom, in the structure of the cell and chromosome. This applies everywhere, the golden ratio rules and we can see that everything is based on a calculation. Sounds and images are never lost. And in technical terms it is clear that people will live forever.  It is impossible for any sound to be lost. Nothing that exists is ever lost.
2011-06-29 21:47:37

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