Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 21 June 2011


Gaziantep Olay TV; A9 TV,  21 June 2011

  • The love of the Mahdi (as) has been around for hundreds of years, in everyone’s hearts. It has never been erased. But it is now being raised very seriously, since the time has finally come, insha’Allah.
  • It is obvious that Allah is One; it is unbelievable there should still be a debate on this in the 21st century. It is amazing that grown-up people still say that Allah is three (Allah is beyond this), or some other number. The fact that Allah is One is immediately apparent. There is nothing complex or hard to understand about it.  
  • It is a disgrace to silence a person who is speaking. Let him go and talk from the pulpit or on television or write whatever he likes. I support freedom of ideas right to the bitter end. All ideas, that is. People can talk about irreligion, fascism, communism and everything. But there must be no insults or disrespect. Freedom of ideas, within the bounds of propriety. Is something that is very relaxing. Science and art grow in such a climate. Pressure and the lack of liberty is a terrible thing. Let people live, think and speak as they like, so long as they do not harm anyone.
  • How excellent it would be for us to unite with Syria, and Iraq. Let us open the borders up and be brothers. Let young people loudly sing songs, drink and travel around freely, with nobody frightened of anyone. Fear makes people ill. For example, go to Iraq and ask a young person what he is afraid of. He will fear the police, and the military, and anyone who is not from his own sect, judges, prosecutors and everyone. So what is going on here?  They are frightened of everything. The human soul is feeble. Allah says in one verse that “man was created weak”. Nobody can stand so much pressure. Bans to the right and fear to the left. May Allah forbid, people are losing their foresight and strength. That is why liberty and democracy are so essential. In a secular, sincere environment, everyone will be able to freely express his ideas. But insults, insolence and aggression all hurt people, and are immoral and a violation of good conscience. Of course, these have to stop. Someone may be a communist, but I will respect and not insult him. I may criticize him scientifically, but I will not swear at him. Swearing is very vulgar. If freemasonry has positive aspects, I will praise these. I will also criticize what is wrong about it, but I will not swear at them. Swearing is wretched, facile and a characteristic of foolish people. Of course, someone can apologize if an oath slips from his mouth by mistake due to ignorance. He must not persist in rudeness and disrespect and riding rough over any opposition. That has to be stopped.
  • “A relaxed eye.” This expression of our Prophet’s (saas) is a very important one. There being a calm in one’s glance. Feeling calm wherever the eye looks. Not troubling the eye or the soul is all a very excellent thing. One must look at all the Prophet’s (saas) prayers and analyze his character. Our Prophet (saas) refers to a coolness after death. People want to be at ease after death. There must be no tension at the moment of death, nor after it. Almighty Allah has given many guarantees about the end. Allah says you will experience no difficulty of any kind. You will not grieve of fear. Allah even says you will not even be harmed so much as a fiber in a date seed. The clarification is most excellent. But asking for a relaxed eye after death is a superb thing to say. To go with Azrael and the other angels in a cool and calm state. Because Almighty Allah sets out the stages for arriving at paradise; yet there may still be tension in some people. That is why Allah gives so many guarantees in the Qur’an, so people can relax. When they enter paradise they do so with greeting. There is a relaxed air. Saying “Salaam” means enter in safety. Once one has entered paradise one is fixed in eternity. Death is dead after that. Death is dead for all eternity. For example, our Prophet (saas) says, “enlighten my veins.” An enlightened vein is never sick or blocked. “Enlighten my flesh” he prays. An enlightened flesh never develops tumors or cancer or anything. These are excellent expressions, masha’Allah.
  • Religion is not complicated or hard to comprehend. Allah wants everything from us we know well. That is the issue, what is described in the Qur’an. Allah reveals honesty, sincerity, warmth and generosity as religious obligations in the Qur’an. He wants us to love one another, and live in peace with no bloodshed... Once we have that the world will be a fine place. The world has been created in a most excellent form. But they try to portray it as a system of pain, suffering and compulsion.
  • Women are treasure troves of affection. They know about affection, since they are mothers. Because they have the spirit of motherhood. They live by love and passion in the finest way and hand them on to others. But women are also fragile. They are easily saddened and hurt. They can easily start sulking. One has to treat them very carefully. Allah compares them to flowers in the Qur’an. To carefully grown flowers. That is why only a highly intelligent Muslim can keep a woman in a good balance. An unintelligent person just damages a sensitive instrument. If you give someone a very delicate instrument, they will make the best use of it if they are an expert. But if they are crude and stupid they will just break it or tear it apart. That is why Allah speaks of “good men for good women” in the Qur’an. Allah has divided people into good and pure men and good and pure women. That is why believers are very fine, intelligent and pleasant people; and they must be together with pleasant and intelligent. These are the people they get married to. Then they can be happy together. Otherwise, the result is suffering, as one sees all across the world. A woman then becomes a terrible problem for a man. And a man for a woman. And they turn into machines that wear one another down. He wears her down, and she him. They constantly irritate one another. They are constantly tense and a fierce hatred results. If a believer is pious and both sides are intelligent then they bring out the best in one another. They appreciate their moral and physical similarities. They take pleasure from that. And that causes them to love one another.
  • For one thing, believers have affection. People who believe in Allah have affection. Affection is a feeling that never dies away or decreases. Affection reaches a peak when a woman is ill. It reaches a peak if she is crippled, may Allah forbid. Or in old age. If she trips over, affection enters the equation, or if she is not strong enough to do something. Affection is a most pleasurable feeling. A particular feeling, like physical passion. It has a huge effect on the soul. It is a lovely feeling. A state of soul that never ends. It constantly rules the soul. Affection is a great blessing. It is a special feeling given to believers by Allah. It is believers’ internal energy. Allah loves this moral virtue. Affection is a manifestation of the names of ar-Rahman and ar-Rahim.
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