Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 14 July 2011

Kahramanmaraş Aksu TV, Kaçkar TV, A9 TV, 14 Temmuz 2011

The hypocrite is a monster. He travels around in camouflage, like a snake, in order to poison Muslims. That is why the greatest threats to Muslims are first, hypocrisy, and second disbelief. That is why Bediüzzaman says the Mahdi will shatter hypocrisy and disbelief. Disbelief relies on hypocrisy. Disbelief cannot act without the backing of hypocrisy. Allah puts the hypocrites in the lowest level of hell. There can be no system based on disbelief without hypocrites telling tales and being vile and two-faced. Hypocrites inflict all kinds of evil on Muslims while appearing to be Muslims themselves.

A hypocrite is a strong as 1000 people. That is why their punishment will be so much worse. Allah puts the hypocrites in the lowest spot in hell. But He says that He gave them that power. Hypocrites imagine they carry out those offensives through their own cleverness and strength. They do not realize this is in their destiny and that Allah makes them do it. They do not realize they are shown a screen and that Allah makes them perform all their hypocritical actions on that screen. They imagine they do it all themselves. They do not realize they are watching an image. The hypocrite lacks the reason to grasp that, and he is unaware it is all in his destiny. It is Allah Who made Abu Lahab and Abu Jahil and all the other hypocrites do what they did. Allah says that Abu Lahab’s hand is dried up. He says they are in hell, and his wife is carrying timber. There is a reference in the Qur’an regarding Abu Lahab existing while the clay of the Prophet Adam (as) was still being made. Abu Lahab had not yet been born. At the same time he is in hell, and has not yet been born.

There are many secrets in Surah Ya Sin. “A man came running from the far side of the city, saying, ‘My people! follow the Messengers!” (Surah Ya Sin, 20)

Abjad calculation gives a date of 2036. The person coming running from the far side of the city is Hazrat Khidhr (as). That appearance is one belonging to Hazrat Khidhr (as). Hazrat Khidhr (as) is someone who lived in Pharaoh’s palace with no problems. 

The way of the Mahdi is the group of people who will strive against the most fanatical hypocrites and unbelievers after the time of our Prophet (saas). The most psychopathic hypocrites and fanatical unbelievers are living in the End Times. And the most powerful guardians are also living in the End Times. The most fanatical dajjals (antichrist) are also in the End Times. And the loftiest guardians. Hazrat Mahdi (as) and the Prophet Jesus (as) are in the End Times. The End Times are a key age. And Istanbul is a key city.

Surah Ya Sin 1-8;

Ya Sin

By the Wise Qur’an.

Truly you are one of the Messengers.”

Mahdis are sent all the time. Our Prophet (saas) is also a mahdi. And the Mahdi (as) of the End Times is a mahdi.

“[You are] on a straight path.” The Mahdi (as) is unsullied on his path, as was our Prophet (saas). The Mahdi (as) will head down a straight path, Allah tells us, insha’Allah.

“[The Quran] The revelation of the Almighty, the Most Merciful.”

Almighty Allah is referring to the Qur’an. Hypocrites hate the Qur’an, may Allah forbid. They swim in a sea of nonsense. They reject the fact that the Qur’an is enough. There is a filthy swamp of ascribing equals to Allah in the mind of the hypocrite. The hypocrite never wants to step out of that swamp.

so that you may warn a people whose fathers were not warned and who are therefore unaware.”

This is addressed to our Prophet (saas). And also to Hazrat Mahdi (as).

The Word has been justly carried out against most of them so they have no belief.”

“The Word” also means restrictions, a crisis. The economic crisis. The abjad value of verse 7 is 2007.

We have put iron collars round their necks reaching up to the chin, so that their heads are forced back.” There is an arrogance among hypocrites. They want to be more important than anyone else. That is why they spurn Hazrat Mahdi (as) and the Prophet Jesus (as). They find a sheikh or teacher for themselves and imagine they will one day replace him. They have a perfidious aim. They imagine they can get to the top by scheming and plotting. That is also why they spurn the way of the Mahdi.

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