Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 11 August 2011


A9 TV, 11 August 2011

  • All Ramadan evening meals are necessary. Because they are means of bringing cultured well-informed and literate people together. Poor people are very dear to me, and they also come together. There is no need for partition here. Everyone must come, rich and poor. But it is also important there should be no profligacy. That is what is important. In the same way we make no distinction between rich and poor when we pray, so there can be no distinction at the Ramadan evening meal. They are all valuable in the Sight of Allah. You have ministers and very poor people and very ignorant people at prayers. The person next to you is a scholar. You get all kinds of people. And at the Ramadan evening meal you can eat with all kinds of people.
  • The telephone, telegraph, internet, travel, fast engines will all appear in the time of the dajjal (antichrist). An event will be heard right across the world. It will be read in the papers. Dajjals will be known by the name of despot.  The dajjal also has a special attribute that people do not know. They will only realize it later.
  • I want the eradication of arms from the world and for people to live in peace. That is why I want Islamic Union and Turkish-Islamic Union. Christians and Jews will also be at ease in such a world. Unbelievers and atheists will also live at ease. This strife and corruption will vanish. The money spent on weapons should be given to the poor. Spent on food and drink, insha’Allah.
  • The families of martyrs must not be abandoned at home all alone. Everyone should issue an invitation to those blessed people every day. The families of martyrs should not have to cook. They should be invited to a different home every day in their area. The families of martyrs are most blessed. A light descends on where they are, insha’Allah.
  • (Our brothers’ activities; distributing books and advertising A9)

These may look like very minor services, but they are very great ones. They are highly effective. They are work that will be very useful, masha’Allah. I was alone when I came to the academy. “Drop all this activity” they used to tell me, may Allah forbid. “Mind your own business. Graduate. Get married. Take care of business and bring up your children. The State has its own Religious Affairs Department, they will do it for you. What business is it of yours?” they used to say. But look, my ideas have crosses the world, alhamdulillah (thanks be to Allah). Darwinism and materialism have been intellectually destroyed. That is fine. I am doing excellent work, alhamdulillah.

  • They say Hazrat Mahdi (as) may perhaps be known by the light of faith, when he first appears. How is Hazrat Mahdi (as) to be known? Through the light of faith. He can easily be known by a sharp attention, a lofty conscience and a sincere eye. Otherwise he cannot possibly be recognized.
  • He [Bediuzzaman] says the Mahdi (as) will appear in Istanbul. That is one thing. He says that Istanbul will be where disbelief is most intense. Not in Damascus or Medina, but Istanbul. And where was the last home of the sultanate? Istanbul. So he will come from Istanbul, insha’Allah. He says that Istanbul is a city where there will also be intense irreligion. He says that two ideas will clash in Istanbul, intellectually speaking. He says there will be the community of the Mahdi (as) and that of the dajjal. The Prophet Jesus (as) can be known through the light of faith. They say we cannot recognize him. But Bediüzzaman says we can recognize him in the presence of the light of faith. Bediüzzaman says he will not be known when he first appears. He says that the Prophet Jesus (as) and Hazrat Mahdi (as) will not know who they are to begin with. Very few people can recognize them through the light of faith. Not recognizing them is one thing, and pretending not to realize is another. The dajjal dominates schools and universities. The dajjal dominates many armies of the world. He will control many scientists. The followers of the Prophet Jesus (as) will be few in number. 
  • He says that people think they will be able to recognize Hazrat Mahdi (as) when he first appears since they imagine he will be able to do all things. He says he will not be known when he first appears. He also says the followers of Hazrat Mahdi (as) will number 313 and they will imagine he did everything himself.  The activity is performed by those 313 and himself, making 314. But in the hadiths our Prophet (saas) describes the deeds of those 313 as if Hazrat Mahdi (as) performs them. That is why they say we will know him when he first appears. “The door to reason will be open, but the need for free will never be taken away. So most people will not know the dajjal when he appears, and the dajjal will not even know himself” says Bediüzzaman.
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