Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 28 August 2011


A9 TV; 28 August 2011

If people really understood the logic of communism they would realize the importance of the intellectual struggle against it. But we cannot get anywhere by sending messages of hatred or saying “we will never give in.” In other words, these messages will not stop or affect them. That system will continue working fine. But we can get results through an intellectual struggle.

Bediüzzaman responds to those who fail to support the establishment of Islamic Union by saying, “I am not strong enough, there is nothing I can do, how can I save the world?” in the following words. There are also those who say, “The dajjal [antichrist] has come, Hazrat Mahdi (as) has come, everything is over and done with, so we can just wait for the Day of Reckoning.” “Do not say we have an excuse by saying we do no harm, but we have no power to do good, so do not reprove us,” says Bediüzzaman.He says;”It is not acceptance of your apology, it is your failure to work, out of  laziness and apathy, and your not striving for true Islamic Union that is the true harm and injustice for you.” (Damascus Sermon, 48) Some people are doing this now.

Such great events are taking place, the way of the Mahdi is expanding so visibly that even the blindest can see it. Some people are trying to halt the flow, but it cannot be done. Allah shows that quite clearly and explicitly. “Hazrat Mahdi (as) has come, Jesus the Messiah has come, so wake up and pull yourselves together, the moral values of Islam are coming to dominate the world,” He is saying. Look carefully at the world and you will see. How Allah is breaking their pride and how He is obliging them to understand Islam and the Qur’an. There is not a superb reply to the way of the dajjal [antichrist] on the side of busses in England. The dajjal said something else. But we have said the truth. Whenever the dajjal says something, we fire back a response. We are waging a joyous intellectual struggle against rebellion and madness, insha'Allah.

Hazrat Khidr (as) is roaming the earth. Almighty Allah is warning the world from all sides. But note that He does not take away the need for free will. Those who do not look carefully cannot see. But everyone has a different way of waking up. Some people wake up to light music, others to a slight breeze and others again when you call their everyone by name. Some people you have to go and shake. You lift their foot up and they still don’t wake up. We will wake up in a manner they understand. And Allah is still waking people up. We are Almighty Allah’s instrument, insha’Allah.

  • (About the Turkish martyrs)

Our beloved ones go to the Messenger of Allah (saas). They join Hazrat Hamza, Hazrat Ali, Hazrat Umar and Hazrat Hussein. One verse says that “they are waiting.” New people join them every day. Almighty Allah says that they do not realize they are dead. Amazing. In other words, they are in another world, but new people arrive, other people come. They do not realize they arrive as dead people. Only when Allah so wishes. They forget the world, for instance. It never occurs to them. They imagine that there is a normal universe, a normal world. They are unaware they have died. Other people know, but they do not. They live normal lives and are tested. They pray and worship and remember Allah. They obey our Prophet (saas) and abide by the faith. But they do not realize they are dead. They have complete heedfulness. Martyrs do not commit sin there. Allah does not permit it. There is no chance of falling into sin there. They live and worship as Muslims there. Later, they realize they are dead. They realize when they go to paradise. But they do not realize at any intermediate stage. Allah creates a great many dimensions. There is the dimension of the Prophet Jesus (as), and of Hazrat Khidr (as), and of the angels, and the dimension of the martyrs. But Khidr (as) knows. If you ask Hazrat Khidr (as), he will say his life is perfectly normal. It merely seems extraordinary to us. The words “Hazrat Khidr (as)” take our breath away. Go and ask Hazrat Khidr (as) And he will regard it as very unextraordinary. He is used to it.  

Allah takes many martyrs prior to every victory. That is the law of Allah. Allah took many martyrs before the capture of Mecca. He then gave them Mecca. The same with the capture of Constantinople. Allah did that during the foundation of the Ottoman Empire. That is the law of Allah. Then Allah grants dominion once a specific limit is reached, a specific number, insha’Allah. There is no dominion without martyrs. Look at history and you will see none, insha’Allah.

Seventy or eighty percent of our women do not cover their heads. We try to teach the idea they should be loved and respected. Because the fanatic mindset harbors a mighty hatred toward women who do not cover up, a huge loathing. A young girl goes to school, covered up, and they again behave disgracefully. Insults and oaths and they turn her away at the door. The person they are attacking is a young girl. They are unable to go to school. The TV has shown it. That is all wrong. Women with uncovered heads are immaculate believers, 100% Muslim. Women who cover their heads are also 100% devout Muslims.

Preach the Sunnah of our Prophet (saas), the Qur’an, love and compassion. Spread general culture. Use all the means made available by art and science. Use the finest means to tell people of love and beauty. Use the internet, hold meetings in assembly rooms. You can do excellent things. What is the point in sitting and making people uneasy?

It would be a terrible mistake to portray tendencies that will upset the nation and the state and turn people away from Islam as beneficial to Islam and the Qur’an. The Muslims of the world now have room to breathe under the protection of the way of the Mahdi. Under the other logic, Muslims have been oppressed and persecuted, they have suffered and produced a situation that will turn people away from Islam. They have put people off Islam. We are trying to put right the damage they have done.

Islam will come about through science and reason, and describing the miracles of the Qur’an. Through showing Allah’s miracles in the universe. When the miracles of the Qur’an are proved and documented by scientific methods, an easing will enter people’s hearts. This method will be highly effective. It is also important to give glad tidings and to adopt an inclusive logic. Some people hate Jews, Christians, women who go uncovered, women who cover up, men who do not let their beards grow and this and that. They refuse to pray behind a clean-shaven man.

Although Islam favors beauty, love, kindness, freedom and democracy, they give the impression that Islam has a very different perspective. They try to portray it as a scourge that kills, that closes people’s minds, that turns them away from life, that depicts life as different to what it really is, and that deprives people of all joy and enthusiasm.

There are 1.5 billion Muslims in the world, but they are captive. Three hundred people are persecuting 1.5 billion Muslims. They go off and invade Libya or Iraq. When we talk to ignorant, supposed, religious scholars, they are very sure of themselves and refuse to listen. They put their noses up in the air. Then after they have caused Muslims to suffer a terrible disaster, they say “Oh well, what’s done is done.” But the perfect structure resulting from the unification of Muslims would resolve the matter totally. In other words, Islamic Union, Turkish-Islamic Union will appear as soon as the defective and abnormal aspects within Muslims are corrected. But the ‘leading Islamic scholars’, the scholars obstruct the truth and our telling the truth and also prevent people progressing swiftly on to Islamic Union, Turkish-Islamic Union, and the spread of the way of the Mahdi. Of course they can never succeed in that. That is another matter. But we have to provide a rational, well documented criticism. If you have noticed, I never criticize in an unconstructive manner. My criticism is positive and constructive. So people can straighten themselves out as a result.

I am causing everyone, in England and America and everywhere to love Islam and the Qur’an, masha’Allah, with great joy and love. I prove the fanatical nature of the fanatics, while never resorting to any exaggerated form of language. There is a dimensional gulf between fanaticism and Islam. People used to confuse fanaticism and Islam.

The way of the dajjal has two arms, and it attacks from both. One is direct atheism, Darwinism and materialism. The other way it attacks is through fanaticism. But I have broken both of the dajjal’s arms. Both the fanatic arm and the atheist one. The dajjal is now taking flight with his one blind eye. We are bringing him down wherever we touch him. I keep hitting him and he keeps jumping up and down.

We will bring about Turkish-Islamic Union through knowledge, science and learning, insha’Allah. With affection, masha’Allah.

Enraging the dajjal is one of my greatest pleasures, insha’Allah. The supporters of the dajjal have been spluttering with rage since they saw those signs reading “God exists” on the side of busses in England. The fanatics are also hugely jealous.

People imagine that when the moral values of Islam rule the world, vast groups of loathsome fanatics will be all over the place. Not at all. We will never allow the fanatics to create such a horrible world. We will bring about a luminous, heavenly world, a life resembling that of the Age of Felicity, through knowledge and learning and love. The way that the Messenger of Allah (saas) had that lovely smell. Like a rose. They could smell him from 10 meters away. The way he used to joke and play with women. In the way that the Prophet Solomon (as) used to joke with Balqis, telling her to enter the pool. We will resemble the Prophet Solomon (as), the Prophet Moses (as) and the Prophet Abraham (as), insha’Allah. The luminous, radiant, joyful, transparent, high-quality and fragrant values of Islam will rule the world.

Fanatics also disgust one another. They gossip about one another. Go among the fanatics and have a look, if you like. Go and attend one of their discourses. They immediately start tearing one another apart. They immediately start backbiting. You will immediately start seeing their corruption and filth.

Every single fanatic is a Pharaoh in his own right. The same with the dajjal’s people. For example, they say; “We will finish the PKK terror organization off in this way and in that way. We will capture their chairmen and their leaders.” Every member of the PKK, every communist, is a Pharaoh in his own right. They regard themselves as greater than Allah. Bediüzzaman describes that aspect of theirs in his Rays. “Each one is a kind of Nemrud, tries to be a kind of Pharaoh,” he says. For that reason, yes, Abdullah Öcalan is a Pharaoh, but all the members of the PKK and all communists, all the communists who shed blood inside the PKK, I mean, all communist murderers, are a kind of Pharaoh and exceedingly arrogant. They never admit defeat. No matter what you do. They need to be taught properly and to correct their pharaonic natures. If one can free them from being like Pharaoh, if one can expel the satan within them, then they will stop being monsters. But you cannot slay the monster using classical methods. You have seen that the monster cannot be slain like that. That is how Allah creates it. In other words, there is a satan alongside each one of them. They are all Pharaohs. In the same way the dajjal is in human form, these are satans in human form. They are a specially created iblis army. “We will defeat them,” they say. You cannot defeat them, my friend. You can only defeat them if you chase away the iblis inside them. You will see that you cannot. You can only defeat them with ideas and faith. The Qur’an tells you so. But they say, “I do not heed the Qur’an, I will use my own methods.” Try it. But you cannot do it. You see the situation every day; a fight to the death. People say: “This is improper behavior, disgraceful, you should be ashamed of yourselves, have you no faith or belief? Have you no fear of Allah? How can you do these things in the month of Ramadan? In this holy time?” But they just rolling around laughing.

They are therefore mistaken. Bediüzzaman’s diagnosis is totally accurate. There is no other way. Bediüzzaman’s diagnosis is this; “The solution is the way of the Mahdi, Hazrat Mahdi (as) and his followers.” “They will make use of the Risale-i Nur and wipe out the way of the dajjal and the way of the sufyan,” he says. The PKK terror organization is the army of the dajjal. Allah bestows a special power and strength on the army of the dajjal. They are supported by satan. And each one is a kind of Pharaoh. He speaks of “the movement of Nimrod.” He says that “materialist philosophy will spread in the End Times.” Bediüzzaman says that the solution is the way of the Mahdi, that we can only respond with the collapse of Darwinism and materialism. This will eventually happen. You will see. It is coming. You will see that.

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