Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interviews on 7 September 2011


A9 TV; September 7th, 2011

Our Prophet (saas) may also have minor mistakes. It is not true to say that our Prophet (saas)  never made any minor mistakes. This is related in the Qur’an. Many prophets made mistakes. When a blind man came to our Prophet (saas), he might have not conversed with him because he, with his personal conviction, considered many other people  needed more attention but Allah corrects this through revelation and He says that “This is a mistake.” This could also be the case, but this does not lower our Prophet’s (saas) status. Our Prophet (saas) is blessed, honorable and pure. But he is also  human; he is a prophet but he is also  human. Prophets may make mistakes and one needs to see them in a reasonable way, insha’Allah. My dear grandfather, my dearest Prophet (saas) always  wanted to do the best of everything. But he was  human; he might have made some minor mistakes. This does not eliminate his beautiful status. Prophet Adam (as), for instance, committed what Allah commanded him not to do. This is a mistake of a prophet. He is a prophet of the Paradise, and this does not degrade his honor.

A Muslim needs to be clean, very very clean. His soul, body, clothes, house, all has to be clean. But not an ordinary cleanliness; it has to be deeply clean, insha’Allah and has a beautiful scent. When one fasts, feels exhausted, etc. he must always keep that purity, courtesy and happiness. We have some brothers, for instance, they fast but what a shame! Allah has granted water, and many other opportunities, right? The mouth of a Muslim smells like flower, his hands and face shine like light, right? Take a decent shower, clean your mouth, rinse it out frequently. Allah has provided you with many opportunities.

(Regarding the comment of His Highness Sheikh Nazim al-Qibrisi stating that Mr. Adnan Oktar must have more girl friends around him)

What a sweet person! He [ His Highness Sheikh Nazim al-Qibrisi ] repeated it three times. He asked if there are ladies among his circle of friends. He said that I should always have ladies as followers, insha’Allah. He said, “Ladies are more blessed. They are more precious, have more faith.” He made such a beautiful speech. Women are really very blessed and pure beings. They open one’s heart, and give relief as if looking at a flower. Sweet and beautiful. That is why the impact of women is much more profound. Once she believes, she believes deeply and never leaves it again. A woman has faith unto death. This is not the case with men. For instance, men are not so resolute, they can not remain patient. But women are very forbearing; they persevere. Their loyalty are very intense. They are tremendously loyal. Muslim women are not fond of being out of their homes. They like being at home. They like to read books, to educate themselves, to exercise. They take more pleasure from being at home. Being joyful, speaking. Of course this does not mean that they never go out; they do but they take more pleasure from being at home. This is how Allah created their nature. There is sign in this. But the food of a woman is love. She opens up with love. As you present your love, she opens up like a flower. She feels relief, love beautifies her. Once you don't give love to her,  that beautiful being fades away,  withers. May Allah forbid, you may kill her. She turns into something else, may Allah forbid. Love of Allah, the love of people that stems from love of Allah. This is the medicine of women. She does not care if she does not eat or drink but she definitely wants love. It is her food. The absence of food does not make any difference, but without love she cannot live.

In response to the question: “How should we asses verses regarding cutting off of hands or whipping?”

These are verses of deterrent nature. At that time, during the time of our Prophet (saas) nobody committed theft. Nobody. Whose hand was cut? It is very, very, very rare. May be one, two or three cases, at most, insha’Allah. Whipping was also very very rare. They are deterrent verses; they are intended to humiliate. On the other hand, if a Muslim is in need, he says so  and gets whatever he wants. For instance he says, “What a nice vase.” The other Muslim says, “Just take it my brother. You may have it.” Muslims do not have such  greed. What will be stolen? There is no milieu for that. In the time of our Prophet (saas) and Hazrat Mahdi (as), wealth will flow like rivers. Why would one go and steal? If he is mad, then it is something else. He is treated then. A sick person is not subject to penalty. If he needs, he can simply take what he needs. What exists out there that a Muslim can not reach? Food, clothes, anything…There is nothing a Muslim would not get. When a Muslim wants properties, he gets it. This is also the same in Islam. If someone has coveted something, you must say, “Here it is yours.” This is how it should be. No one would ever be in need or hungry. Why would theft be? This is a provision that is intended to deter people, and it is not a penalty that is implemented practically. The same thing holds true for whipping. Is it ever possible that four people can witness adultery at the same time? Allah commands in the Qur’an, “Do not enter homes from windows.” You can not enter secretly. He has to knock the door. The man will come to open the door in his clothes and ask, “What is it?” This being the case, how would those four people altogether witness the state of fornication and whip them? These are the verses that degrade, deter and threaten. Think of a child coveting some kind of food or a toy. You immediately buy it and give it to the child. How nice is Islam! You make him happy right at that moment.

(In response to the question, “Will Prophet Jesus (as) have disciples as in the past?”)

Yes, Prophet Jesus (as) will have distinguished disciples, but it is not that his old disciples will be given souls and come back to life. His disciples have passed away. Prophet Jesus (as) did not pass away. He was taken to the Sight of Allah. He was taken to a different level with his body and soul. We are not talking of a millimeter when we speak of “dimension”. Not something a hundred thousandth or millionth of a millimeter. “Dimension” is something different. We are intertwined. He comes from that dimension to the Earth. Looking at his apparel, people will be surprised and ask, “Who are you?” He speaks Aramaic. Then they will say, “A person who has lost his memory then.” Then, looking at this face, they will understand and say, “He might be Prophet Jesus (as).” His wisdom, style, intelligence, manner of speaking….He learns foreign languages in a very short span of time. English, Turkish…He will speak many languages. He memorizes the Qur’an after reading It once. This is no exaggeration. He reads the Qur’an once but commits it to his memory. He will also know the Gospel and Torah. Insha’Allah. Those who are close to him will say, “Allah knows the truth that is him.” He eats, converses, sleeps. He becomes sick; he catches the flu. But people will see that he always has accomplishments; he calls the Christian world to Islam, and he really succeeds in it. So people will say, “Allah knows the truth he is him.”

So is Hazrat Mahdi (as). Hazrat Mahdi (as) will gradually develop. The team of satan will say, “ He has been supported by freemasons, Jews and Zionists. America and Russia have provided support. And they have connection with China; that is, everything is planned and they had room for it. Communism has already been crushed, there was an economic crisis. They went over Muslims and oppressed them so  this Arab spring was organized. Ultimately they transformed it into the spring of Hazrat Mahdi (as).” This will be the mindset of the satan’s proponents. Muslims, on the other hand say, “Masha’Allah, Allah knows the truth, he is Hazrat Mahdi (as). Notice that the satan’s proponents will say that everyone including George Bush, Putin etc. are all included so it would be better not to oppose to him and approve whatever he does.” That is because Hazrat Mahdi (as) will act in compliance with the Qur’an. They can also not object. He will gather all the ulamas and scholars and gather together a committee. That is to say, Hazrat Mahdi (as) will bring together a big committee of scholars. This being the case, they can not object. How can they dare to object? Meanwhile, the ulama does not act contrary to Hazrat Mahdi’s (as) judgment. They will say, “May Allah be pleased with you” and approve his words. If there are some technical errors, they can warn them as, “In Arabic that word has such a meaning.” That is because Hazrat Mahdi (as) does not know Arabic. Bediuzzaman says that ulama will support. In brief, before the very eyes of the world, the system of Hazrat Mahdi (as) will come about with all its glory; you will witness this.

You may live without love, but I cannot. May Allah forbid, I would die without love. Love is my soul. I am in love with Allah. I am madly in love with Allah. The source of this mad love is the love of Allah, insha’Allah. Look at my life and then at yours. All my life wasspent in prisons, police stations, mental hospitals. Could have they ever deterred me even a little bit? I have been threatened hundreds of times. When I came to Istanbul, they fired seven bullets on me. In no way have  I given up. Would I ever give up? Never. Every day my crazy love increases even more. My exuberance increases even more. I came here with an hour's sleep yesterday. The day before I slept three hours. There is no time. We have so much work to do, masha’Allah.

Allah reveals the character of Prophet Solomon (as). He does not step on an ant. He smiles when he sees the ants and makes jokes to them. He and his army stands until the ants pass by. He can not dare to do harm to even ants. He is so gentle, affectionate and compassionate. He is a man of compassion. Allah especially stresses this. The female ant says, “Be careful, Prophet Solomon (as) comes” and Prophet Solomon (as) smiles at it. He hears the ant’s speech. From this we understand that animals have a particular language. If a person uses the unused parts of his brain, that means that we can also hear the speeches of animals.

Once Allah makes something haram (unlawful), it is auspicious, insha’Allah. For instance Allah makes adultery haram. Otherwise you can not take pleasure from a woman. You simply die; Allah takes away your potency. It kills obsession and love. A woman turns into flesh and bones. She becomes devastated, may Allah forbid.In fornication, the woman turns into a wall. A man who does not commit adultery feels tremendous desire, love and obsession towards the woman. Towards the lawful wife, Allah gives a special power.That is why, our Prophet (saas)and all the other prophets are verypotent. One has an inconceivable love and obsession towards women. This is not pure lust. There is also lust, but ninety nine percent of it is the love of Allah, insha’Allah.

For instance gambling is unlawful. He who gambles always loses. He always feels sorry because he takes all the money of his friend. What happens? They simply become enemies to one another. Allah says, “There will be enmity between you.” Allah bans drinking, gambling, fortune-telling. There is a blessing and beauty in these. Then continues friendship. You take all his money and possessions. Then he feels rage, hatred. The one whose money is taken feels degraded, humiliated, right? Better to earn money through lawful means, right? They lose at all times. They lose the money they are supposed to spend on his kids. Alternatively, they invest all their money into drinking. When these are eliminated, life becomes beautiful insha’Allah.

In 2012, the system of Hazrat Mahdi (as) will proceed to an ideological attack. It will be more vivid, more active. And Allah will manifest on Earth with His name “Al-Hadi.” People will no longer fall into error. Faith will be constantly on the rise. This is what will happen. Allah will be remembered everywhere. There will be mention of Hazrat Mahdi (as) and Prophet Jesus (as). There will be an expansion in people’s minds . The spell on people will be broken. That hypnosis will be lifted. These are the events. How would dajjal grasp the world? What else will dajjal do? 99 percent of the world is irreligious. People will see dajjal coming, but they will still say, “We are awaiting dajjal.” Dajjal will already shed blood. The blood of more than one billion people has  already been spilled. Is one billion a small figure? 99 percent of people have turned out to be irreligious. Consequently ,dajjal has already carried out its task. The time is the time of Hazrat Mahdi (as). Insha'Allah. 

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