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A9 TV; 9 September 2011

His Highness Bediuzzaman made such incredibly beautiful comments. My sincere conviction is that he is the greatest mujaddid of the last thousand years. Some hodjas especially dwell on Islamic law. How are regular prayers performed, how is sajda made…Why don’t you attach importance if that man has faith or not? They say, “Let them have the faith of an old woman.” How would he perform his prayers with such faith? What he means by “an old woman’s faith” is to have faith without giving any thought to it. Faith with blind eyes. Allah commands us to “think.” In the Qur’an, Allah continuously provides us with the signs of faith and wants us “to think.” How would one have faith without thinking? Would one could ever have faith without tafakkur (reflection)? You see the artistry of Allah and His beauties and they form a profound faith.

  In almost 80 percent of the Qur’an Allah relates to us people’s error of having doubts about faith. Almighty Allah always says; “ They do not believe.” Allah mentions  people harboring doubts about the prophets, the Hereafter, resurrection after Death and He constantly encourages them into ways that will strengthen their faith.In the Qur’an,Allah wants us to examine the evidence in the heavens, on Earth and the human body.

Surat al-Qalam 46:

 “Or do you ask them for a wage so they are weighed down with debt?”

Because the majority of people are self-seeking, Allah states, “You do not ask them for a wage” because when a wage is demanded, they immediately lose their balance. That is, “They are under a heavy load.” That is, Allah stresses the problem in faith. They fail to have faith in our Prophet (saas).Notice that Almighty Allah says, “You do not ask them for a wage.” He says, “They are concerned  for no reason.” Allah constantly threatens us and says that if we do not have faith, we will have torment in the Hereafter. If you notice, in the Qur’an, Allah draws attention to the importance of the signs of faith. They must have a rational outlook.

They constantly ask me to dwell on Islamic law. If you have faith, if you are sincere, you can go and read the catechism written by Omar Nasuhi Bilmen. Is it possible to explain Islamic law during the limited time of a TV show? There are the conditions of regular prayer, the ritual ablution, the ritual ablution of the whole body. They are very detailed. If you explain them, people may not keep them in mind very well. But when it is read from the book, there will be no room for any errors. They must read the issues letter by letter and think over them. If a person is illiterate, or under a difficult situation, in a desolate place like a mountain where he has no access to any books or Internet, if he has no opportunities, then it becomes compulsory for one to go and explain to him.

80 percent of the Qur’an is devoted to removing the doubts people have in their faith. This is indeed the essence of the trial. The Qur’an talks about the superiority of those who do not doubt, who resist against doubts and keep their faiths strong. This is the main matter. Regular prayer is very easy. You prostrate before Allah five times a day. This is a blessing, something very fine. Fasting is also easy. You eat your meal at sahur and do not eat anything until the sun sets. It is very easy, Insha’Allah. But faith demands conscience and you must use your mind.

Bediuzzaman says, “Like a secure fortress against the armies of doubt.” He talks about one’s protecting himself against doubts. Armies of doubt. Doubts incessantly rush into people’s minds; one may doubt about Allah, our Prophet (saas), the angels and the life after death. Indeed, the struggle against these doubts is called faith. Those who become victorious in this struggle against doubts is called a Muslim, a believer. That is why he deserves Paradise. Not only because he performs his prayers. The soul of prayer, the faith while fulfilling this act of worship is important. That soul, that faith there is important. It would not be without faith. That is why we unrelentingly dwell on the signs leading to faith.

Surat al-Shuara  verse 171:     

 “Except for an old woman who remained behind.”

Why? Because there is weakness of faith; she does not believe. She doesnot believe in the Prophet, she becomes one of those who remained behind. Where ever you may look in the Qur’an, you will encounter the domination of the morality of Islam, the importance of the Unity of Islam and the signs leading to faith. Risks, dangers and errors brought about by weakness of faith. Stress is especially made on this point.

 Surat Al-‘Ankabut, 25-26, 31-32  

“He [Abraham] said, ‘You have adopted idols apart from Allah as tokens of mutual affection in this world.”

Notice that there is again weakness of faith. Their lower-selves do not have faith in Allah but idolize idols, their interests, cars, homes, spouses, kids, everything.

 “But then on the Day of Rising you will reject one another.”

In this world they are very close, they protect one another to the end. They say, “My kids, mother of my kids…” but how about the Hereafter? They will run away from one another in the Hereafter. They will accuse one another of drawing one another into devastation.

And Lot had faith in him. He said, ‘I am leaving this place to follow the pleasure of my Lord. He is the Almighty, the All Wise.’

In the Qur’an Allah dwells on faith. Again faith.

 “‘We are going to destroy the people of this city. Truly its inhabitants are wrongdoers.’

He said, ‘Lot is in it.’ They said, ‘We know very well who is in it.For instance, this is also a sign leading to faith. One must know that the angels know better.We are going to rescue him and his family – except for his wife. She will be one of those who stay behind.” Why does she remain behind? Because of weakness of faith.

Faith is the most important matter in this world. Having faith. For instance, the reason why we have zeal here is faith. Otherwise we have thousands of issues. We have had many cases opened against us, many plots hatched; we are threatened. We consider none of them to be significant because of our faith. We say, “The Unity of Islam should be established no matter what.”If my faith was weak, I would not be able to do it. May Allah forbid.Why do we spend all we have into the path of Allah? Our sincere faith. Many people were on holiday, but we communicated the message day and night. I have not been on holiday for 30 years.Some of them are in Bodrum, Kus adası, Koycegiz (holiday resorts in South Turkey).  We ask, “What do you do?” They say, “We are on holiday.” Syria is in devastation, so is Libya. The world is upside down; is there a climate to go on  a holiday? For a man of cause, a person who has the means, knowledge and capability, and who knows that he is influential, would it be becoming to lose three months? They say that they take a rest for a three months. Muslims are being murdered in Libya, Palestine. Will we go on a holiday while Muslims are being murdered? Is this becoming? My conscience would not let this happen, but if he is an incompetent person, has no means, no knowledge, then there is nothing to say. But while I have the means, I can not do it. My conscience would not let it. Neither Saturdays, nor Sundays. I only get three or four  hours of sleep a day, sometimes at most six hours insha’Allah.

 Everyone must perform his salat. It is not becoming to avoid prayers. For instance Christians have forgotten their salat; it also exists in Gospel. There is salat also in Judaism but it is forgotten. Salat is very inclusive. All the stages of salat are explicitly explained but it is forgotten. Only the ummah of Muhammad (saaas) has retained it. It is the Sunnah of all the prophets on the other hand. There is no explanation of avoidance from salat, insha’Allah. Both in the spiritual and physical sense it is beneficial insha’Allah.

 Surah Taha, 130-131   

 “So be steadfast in the face of what they say, “

How will he persevere? With faith. Why do they say anything to him? Because he is faithful. One can not persevere in the absence of faith.

“Glorify your Lord with praise before the rising of the sun and before its setting.”


Glorify Him during part of the night and at both ends of the day, so that hopefully you will be pleased.”

Almighty Allah wants us to constantly remember Him.

Do not direct your eyes longingly to what We have given certain of them to enjoy.”

How can one accomplish not  directing his eyes to the enjoyments of this world? With faith. They are given for trial? To see whether he has faith or not. To see the profundity of his faith. This is the purpose of trial.

 “Your Lord’s provision is better and longer lasting.”

This is a matter of faith. If Almighty Allah says that he will give provisions to him for all eternity, would an unfaithful ever believe in this? He merely says that he believes in what he sees, and tries to get his hands on whatever he can. That is why signs leading to faith are of vital importance. I wrote more than 300 books, most of them about the signs leading to faith. For instance, A9 TV channel is based mainly on the signs leading to faith. There is not a single expression that may lead to slightest doubt. We try to be sincere, honest and good-intentioned as much as we can be.

Surat an-Naml, 6

I seek refuge in Allah from the accursed satan.

None of the cities which We destroyed before them had faith. So will they?

So what is the issue? Faith and signs leading to faith. What is the problem in the world? Problems related to faith. The root of wars and conflicts are problems related to faith. This economic crisis in the world originates from weakness of faith. Weakness of faith is the sole reason underlying the terrorist acts committed by the Kurdish Worker’s Party. Because they have no faith in Allah. If they believe in Allah, it will be over.

We have only ever sent before you men who were given Revelation. Ask the People of the Reminder if you do not know.

We did not give them bodies which did not eat food, nor were they immortal. But We kept Our promise to them and rescued them and those We willed, and destroyed the profligate.

Why are people unbridled? Because of weakness of faith. Notice that they are all issues that need signs leading to faith and profound faith insha’Allah.

Surat at-Tawba 115   

Allah would never misguide a people after guiding them until He had made it clear to them how to have piety. Allah has knowledge of all things.

For instance this is lawful and this is unlawful; etc…

Allah would never misguide a people. Allah has knowledge of all things..”

How does Allah drift them into perversion? By taking their faith from their hands. What does guidance mean? When a society believes.

Allah is He to Whom the kingdom of the heavens and earth belongs. He gives life and causes to die.

This is also a matter of faith. It is a matter of faith in believing that it is Allah Who resurrects and that He will resurrect. Now many people in the world believe that they will not be resurrected ? A great mass. People who have undergone materialist and Darwinist education believe that they are animals. They say that they will die as bugs. At this point the Qur’an provides an answer.  That we give so much weigh to the signs leading to faith shows that we are engaging in the most pertinent and accurate act.

 Surat at-Tawba,   119-121     

 “You who have faith! Have awe of Allah.”


Be aware of what is lawful and unlawful.

 “and be with the truly sincere.”

What does this mean? Be with those who have faith. Be with those who have sincere faith.

It was not for the people of Medina, and the desert Arabs around them, to remain behind the Messenger of Allah nor to prefer themselves to him.

Why would a person prefer his own lower-self over the lower self of our Prophet (saas)? Because  his faith is weak. Why does he consider his lower-self insignificant and the lower-self of our Prophet (saas) more important? Because he has strong faith.

 “no thirst will afflict them in the Way of Allah”

Thirst; that is they can not drink any water. Thirst for five hours, ten hours. Fifteen to twenty hours.

“or weariness or weariness or hunger,”

He walks, walks and walks.... Runs, walks... and gets incredibly exhausted.

 “nor will they take a single step to infuriate the disbelievers“

For instance, they take an area under their influence and those people there believed. Muslims dominate that place in the ideological sense. Notice the word, “infuriate”. So why do unbelievers infuriate? Because they do not believe. Why do Muslims dominate that region in the ideological sense? Because of their faith. What lies underneath rage and anger? Due to their faith. Lack of faith. But what kind of a rage is it? Unbelievers have rage to the extent of giving their lives.

“nor secure any gain from the enemy, without a right action being written down for them because of it.”

Allah says that it is to earn Allah’s good pleasure. How does this happen?

“For Allah’s good pleasure” says Allah. How does this happen? Through faith. Why would a person willingly face hunger, thirst and devastation? Because of faith. Why would one not face them? Because he does not believe. Allah constantly stresses faith.

 “Nor will they give away any amount, whether large or small, nor will they cross any valley, without it being written down for them so that Allah can recompense them for the best of what they did.”

It is in their faith. What is this? All this happens through faith. “Any amount, whether large or small” He may give away 1,000 Turkish Lira or billions of Lira. “Any valley they cross.” What is meant by “any valley they cross” may be their overcoming any hindrance and managing to engage in activities. For instance the elimination of Darwinism is crossing a valley. “Without it being written down for them so that Allah can recompense them for the best of what they did.  Allah says that it is in their faith“. This happens through faith in destiny, and having a profound faith in Allah. A person demands Allah’s good pleasure in return of what he does, because he loves Allah and has faith in Allah.

 If a person has good conscience, he then looks and says; “There is Allah.” It is so obvious. If there exists a bright world in his brain, if there is one that hears sounds sharply, if there is a structure that feels hardness, if one is able to smell, has 5 senses and has a soul, what would this person say? He would immediately say, “There is a Creator.” There are pens, notebooks, televisions, everything. What is this? Considering that they are created in our brain, and that Allah creates them. They have their origins on the outside, but we see what He creates within our brain. In such a case he will say; “There exists Allah.” That is immediately understood; not an issue that is deniable. It flows like a movie. It is not something that appears in a moment. It constantly flows before one’s eyes. But those flowing images; the movie that flows exists. On one side, the movie comes before our eyes, we see, it flows. Both the incoming images and the outgoing images are ready. Think of the systems before television was invented.There is the movie. What  happens in its middle? It proceeds. The proceeding sections do not disappear. This also holds true for the sections of the movie that have not been seen yet. They all exist on the film spool. We see just the related part on the movie curtain. But the passing section of the movie also exists on the film spool. The passing section as well as the sections relating to the future exist. This is also the case with this world. This is how destiny is. In this case what does a person say? He says, “Our Creatorasks for something from us.”Because we look at the pen and see that it has a purpose. There is a purpose of theshoe. The television has a purpose.Everything has a purpose. A glass has a purpose. “Then I must  also have a purpose, right?”Is there anything that does not have a purpose? For instance a car has a steering wheel; it has a purpose. It has a gas pedal. They all have purposes. Then there should be a just religion. Allah must have an announcement to us. We see that there are the Gospel, Torah and the Qur’an. But we look without making any pressures in our mind; with a sincere approach. It is apparently seen that the Qur’an is explicitly pure Revelation. Are there four books within the Qur’an? No, there is only one. When we look at the Torah and ask, they say, “The preliminary parts of the Torah are the real sections, the latter are not.” There is already very limited information on the first section. Quite little. They say, “There are four books in the Gospel. Take the average of what the guys managed to keep in their minds.”  Then we look at the Qur’an. There are no four books in the Qur’an; only one. Is it what people could keep in their minds? No. It is pure revelation memorized by hafizs. The Qur’an the hafizs learned by heart at that age is the pure Qur’an. There is no addition. How are Paradise and Hell depicted? Perfectly. All issues related to faith are perfect. Is there the slightest missing issue? No. Acts of worship, obedience, lawful and unlawful acts, are they all perfect? Perfect. Is there any expression that will make one feel resentment in the heart? Any statement in the form of superstition? None. With a sincere, candid outlook without making any pressure in our minds. Without any force. It is immediately evident that it is the Just Book.

A person wants to earn Allah’s good pleasure. He wants to  live in Paradise for all eternity, and needs to know that Allah loves him because [in Paradise] they see the truth. There, we will have a clear understanding that Allah loves us, that He is pleased with us insha’Allah.


Surat al-Maida, 55

Your friend is only Allah and His Messenger and those who have faith: those who establish salat and pay alms, and bow.

The real friend of Muslims in this world is “only Allah and His Messenger”, that is our Prophet(saas). “Those who establish salat and pay alms, and bow.” Believers are one anothers friends. Almighty Allah wants us to love Allah, His messenger and Muslims.

Surat al-Maida, 56

As for those who make Allah their friend, and His Messenger and those who have faith: it is the party of Allah who are victorious!


The party of Allah. The party of Allah will triumph. That is Hazrat Mahdi (as) and his followers. The party of Allah of the End Times. The sons of Israel [who live in ]the End Times insha’Allah.“They are the party of Allah.” Bediuzzaman swears saying, “ The morality of Islam will dominate in this century.” “They will triumph.” They will eliminate disbelievers and evil in the ideological sense; they will defeat the system of dajjal and sufyan in the ideological sense.

 it is the party of Allah who are victorious!.”The party of Allah, insha’Allah.

Surat al-Maida, 57

 “You who have faith! Do not take as friends any of those given the Book before you or the unbelievers who make a mockery and a game out of your religion.”

If Jews and Christians mock  your religion, do not take them as friends. Do not listen to them, do not talk to them.

“….or the unbelievers who make a mockery and a game out of your religion.”

Who are they? Darwinists, materialists. They deny Allah and the religion. He may be the son of a hoja, but he may be faithless and irreligious. If one curses religion and faith, then we will not take them as guardians. We do not consider them as friends and reliable people.

“Have awe of Allah if you are believers.”

But if he does not curse my religion, then I can become friends with him in this world. If he is a Muslim, then I become a friend of faith. Then I become friends with the People of the Book on the condition that he does not curse my religion, insha’Allah.

Surat al-Maida, 58

“When you call to salat they make a mockery and a game of it.”

What does this mean? This is again weakness of faith. Do you see it? Wherever we look, there is weakness of faith. At this point, the importance of telling the signs leading to faith come about.

 “When you call to salat they make a mockery and a game of it.”

Can a person ever commit this if he fears Allah and has faith? He cannot. That means that his faith is weak. What should be done? One must tell them the signs leading to faith.

“because they are people who do not use their intellect.”

If he is wise enough, he sees the signs leading to faith, examines them and because he has a profound faith, he does not commit such impertinence.

Surat al-Maida, 59

 “Say: ‘People of the Book! Do you resent us for any other reason than that we have faith in Allah and what was sent down to us, and what was sent down before, and because most of you are deviators?’”

They say, “We believe in the Torah and the Gospel and the Qur’an.” But; most of you are deviators.” What does deviator mean? Those who fail tocomply with the commandment of Allah.

Surat al-Maida, 61

“When they come to you, they say, ‘We have faith.’ But they entered with disbelief.” Again the importance of the signs leading to faith come into being.His faith is weak. “and left with it.” They left without having faith.“Allah knows best what they were hiding.”They hide their faithlessness.

Surat al-Maida, 62

You see many of them rushing to wrongdoing and enmity and acquiring ill-gotten gains. What an evil thing they do!

You see many of them rushing to wrongdoing,” Look, they commit sin. “enmity” . Such people are not among the People of the Book alone. Bigots are also included in this. The verse also refers to idolaters, those who look with hatred toward Muslims, Islamic orders, communities. The insincere people among the People of the Book. Those who call themselves Muslims but are in fact insincere. All of them “and acquiring ill-gotten gains.”  Why does this happen? Because of their weak faith.

“Why do their scholars and rabbis not prohibit them from evil speech and acquiring ill-gotten gains?” Allah says that they had to enjoin the good and forbid the evil.What an evil thing they do!”

“The Jews say, ‘Allah’s hand is chained.’ Their hands are chained and they are cursed for what they say! No! Both His hands are open wide and He gives however He wills.” Whoever says this, he is cursed.This does not mean that the latter generations who did not  say this were cursed. When he says this, then this means denial of Allah. He accuses Allah of injustice. Allah is absolutely just. He is All-Merciful and All-Compassionate. Allah does not inflict suffering on the innocent and the oppressed. He does not punish them. Allah only recompenses the evil. And sometimes if He wills, He forgives.

“What has been sent down to you from your Lord increases many of them in insolence and disbelief.”

What is this? Weakness of faith.

“We have incited enmity and hatred between them until the Day of Rising.”

Almighty Allah says that “People of this mindset will always live with hatred and enmity.” Not all of them. For people who are of this morality.

“Each time they kindle the fire of war, Allah extinguishes it.”

That is, there are Jews who stir up fitnah; who lay the basis to make war and conflict. Allah says that whenever they hatch such a plot, “Allah extinguishes it”, Allah puts an end to it.

“They rush about the earth corrupting it. Allah does not love corrupters.”

These atheist, irreligious, faithless “rush about the earth corrupting it. Allah does not love corrupters.” This has always happened.This is not something that has happened for the first time. It happened with Christians and idolaters. The main reason of this fitnah is weakness of faith. We see weakness of faith underneath it. That is why Bediuzzaman says that we must struggle against them with the signs leading to faith.

Haven’t you see that the hadith of our Prophet (saas) has come true? You have seen. You feign ignorance about it. Your faith is weak. This is where the problem lies. “What if Hazrat Mahdi (as) does not appear!”, “What if the morality of Islam does not dominate!”, “What if Allah does not exist, Allah forbid!”, “What if there exists no Hell and Heaven”, “What if there exists no angels.” This is weakness of faith. What is easier than the Unity of Islam? What is more reasonable than this? Muslim countries are coming together. They want friendship, brotherhood, love, peace and democracy. They want to put an end to wars. They desire armament and not disarmament. Notice that they desire disarmament. They give messages of brotherhood to the entire world. Jews and Christians approach with compassion. They embrace them. They also pray and make effort for their salvation. This is the Unity of Islam. Why would America be against it?

Hazrat Mahdi (as) disappears. He may be in prison, he may be hidden. This is another matter altogether, but he is not in the bottom of a well. He is born from parents. He hides or remains in prison at a certain period of his life. He will be away from the eyes of people for a while. How did Prophet Yusuf (as) hide in  a cave for some time? Allah hid him in a well and he remained in prison. Prophet Yusuf (as) disappeared twice. Hazrat Mahdi (as) will disappear like him. He is not a ghost in a cave.

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