Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 14 September 2011


A9 TV; September 14th, 2011

Showing compassion to the People of the Book was a moral virtue put into practice by our Prophet (saas) in the time of our Prophet (saas). Our Prophet (saas) was very compassionate towards the Christians and the Jews. That was the same at the time of the Ottomans, they  always adopted a compassionate and protective attitude towards the People of the Book. We are following in the steps of the Messenger of Allah (saas), so we are adopting such a compassionate attitude as well. We are adopting a calming approach. We do not want war, we do not want tension. We want everyone to live in peace, calm and in brotherhood. We want both the Palestinians and the Israelis to live fraternally, friendly, amicably in the region in wealth and abundance. Not only them, we want the Christians and other people, all of them, all these people who are the servants of Allan to live nicely. And Islam will progress in such an environment. They can observe the beauty of Islam, the height of  Islamic morality in such an environment. In the war environment, in the anarchy environment, in the tension environment, the human brain  practically stops. It is very difficult and the Qur'an does not accept that. Islam would not accept bloodshed.  Being anti-blood is a characteristic of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh), he is the Mahdi adh-Dam; the Mahdi who stops bloodshed. Since we are living in the time of the Mahdi, neither a sleeper would ever be woken up, nor person's nose would ever made to bleed. These are the hadiths of the Messenger of Allah (saas). Not even a drop of blood would be shed. We, as the students of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh), are after this, insha'Allah. There will be an accord on the least common denominator. Disputes will be solved by talking. Instead of solving disputes by fighting, solving disputes through agreement, through talking is the most wise, most accurate solution. In some places they are creating a tempest in a teapot; this is done in many places of the Islamic world. In our relations with Israel, in our relations with Armenia, in our relations with other countries, we will strive to follow the wisest, the most peaceful, the truest path insha'Allah. 

We feel compassion towards the Jews, we want them to be well. We want them to live in the region in abundance, in beauty and in peace. They should be able to perform their religious observances in comfort. They should be able to wander around in comfort. Let them do business comfortably. Let them live there nicely in comfort. The same for our Palestinian brothers as well; let the Palestinian children wander around as they like, let their youngsters perform their religious observances as they like, let them have fun, the whole region is theirs, insha'Allah. We will ensure this beauty, insha'Allah. The prisons will be emptied. Except for those who commit murders or those who give grievous bodily harm, etc., there will be no one left in the prisons, this is the hadith of our Prophet (saas).Everyone will enjoy democracy, freedom, beauty in peace and in safety, in the true sense of the word. The magnificent spirit of Islam, the beautiful spirit of Islam, that pleasant spirit will pervade all around like the beautiful scent of roses, insha'Allah. We are expecting both the Chief Rabbi and the Minister of Internal Affairs of Israel, insha'Allah as our guests. We will, insha'Allah, be in a calming, peacemaking, loving effort that aims beauty, friendship and companionship, insha'Allah. 

Russians are really very beautiful people, they really are very polite and inoffensive. They do carry the spirit of the Ottomans, that is amazing. Everyone knows. In respect of culture, in respect of good manners, in respect of cleanliness, in respect of education; they are very nice in every aspect.  They are also physically beautiful people, masha'Allah. That is why Russia will be very important within the Turkish Islamic Union, insha'Allah.

The Turkish nation is a noble nation. They would not hold a grudge towards any group, any community or any race. My people love all the world. Turkish people are very sweet, they are very good mannered and very humane, they are very hospitable. But of course it is very important to ensure that justice has been served. It is very important to be fair.  One should be very painstaking in order to ensure justice. However our Jewish brothers especially realize that King Messiah- Moshiach has arrived I mean there is no other time for that anyway. Both according to their time and according to the explanations in the Torah- those true commands in the Torah that are valid also for us, there is no other time for Moshiach, it is obviously seen  that the Moshiach has come.  We are at the time of King Messiah, insha'Allah. We are entering the period that they will be most comfortable.  I mean Jews, Sons of Israel, will experience the most comfortable, the most beautiful times of their history ever since the Prophet Moses (pbuh) in the time of King Messiah.  Not only in Israel, they will be free in all the region. Starting from Jordan to Turkey, wherever they like, they will be able to walk around proudly and they will all be able to perform their religious observances  however they like. Let their eyes be enlightened, let their hearts be at ease. There will be no more wars from now on. Some psychopaths have the idea of annihilating the Children of Israel as a whole. I have said this before as well;we would overthrow the skies on top of them.  We are fiercely against the mentality which states that the children of the Prophet Moses (pbuh) should be annihilated as a whole. We will mortify the satan, we would not let such a thing happen, this is not possible. The children of the Prophet Abraham (pbuh) are entrusted to us, the children of the Prophet Ishmael (pbuh) are entrusted to us as well.  The whole of Palestine, all those beautiful lands, those sacred lands will become the land of peace, insha'Allah. We would not let even a drop of blood be shed there. We will throw out the satan from there, we will throw it from everywhere insha'Allah. The satan, devil will perish at the feet of Moshiach, Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh).  This is a truth mentioned in the hadiths, insha'Allah. The Palestinian children, the Jewish children will run about holding hands, you know that childish chirruping, they will be screaming out, playing ball and having fun and we will watch their joy, happiness, delight, excitement and that childish sweetness in joy. Palestinian youngsters, Israeli youngsters will sing songs together, they will have nice discourses, we will establish a beautiful world insha'Allah.  The region is immense, let their hearts be at ease. We would not let any blood be shed in that region, let their hearts be at ease, no such thing would happen, nothing of that sort will happen, insha'Allah. I mean they should trust Allah, they should trust the word of Allah. They've been praying for Moshiach everyday crying for 3,000 years saying "O Lord send us the Moshiach".  And there is no other time, this is the last age. The lifespan of this world is 7,000 years according to their belief as well; it is 7,000 years according to ours as well. 7,000 years have passed by, everything will be finished in between 1400 and 1500 (A.H.) . King Messiah-Moshiach is embracing Israel at the moment, he is embracing  Palestine, he is embracing the whole world. Let their hearts be at peace. The Prophet Jesus Messiah (pbuh) is performing his duty together with his students,  King Messiah- Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) is performing his duty together with this students as well, and Hazrat Khidr (pbuh) is on his duty everywhere at the moment. Within 10 years there will be a peaceful, well steered , nice, positive, concrete, decent world which will be formed insha'Allah. The economic crisis will end in 2014, but this will be because the love of the Qur'an will be spread. For those who turn their backs on the Qur'an, Allah deems the ground as suitable, He deems the soil and pain suitable for them, He deems the crisis suitable for them. For those who love the Qur'an, who love Allah, Allah grants abundance, wealth, peace and security; now we are heading towards that beautiful time, insha'Allah. 

Those who believe in Allah are uniting against the dajjal (anti-messiah) on the same matter. What is the dajjal after that? When the Jews, Christians and Muslims unite against the denial of the existence of Allah (may Allah forbid) in collapsing Darwinism and materialism, the blind eye of the  dajjal (anti-messiah) would be smashed in and the matter would thus be closed. We will, insha'Allah, be in a brotherly, friendly life of amicability and nice activity together insha'Allah about the Oneness and existence of Allah insha'Allah. Of course we have different religions, but we are brothers in this world. Jews are brothers in religion among themselves and Muslims are brothers in religion among themselves.But we have to strive together and make an alliance against Godlessness and Faithlessness.  If those who believe in Allah fall out with each other, the dajjal (anti-messiah) would benefit from that and we cannot let that happen. We will defeat the blind eye of the dajjal (anti-messiah). For instance, look, the attitude of our brothers are very nice as well, it is very nice that they saw the light in their face. In the hearts of the children of the Prophet Abraham (pbuh) insha'Allah there is a profound love of Allah and because they love Allah, we do love them as well, they love all the Prophets, we do pray that insha'Allah they will become Mohammedans. However the verse that states that "there is no compulsion in religion" is very explicit, the command of the Qur'an is open. I mean this command of Allah is valid until the Last Day, no member of any religion can ever be forced to convert to another religion. You might advise, you might preach but you would say that the decision is up to him. If you use compulsion you would be waging a war against the Qur'an, you would be waging a war against the commandments of Allah. There can be no compulsion in religion. That is because religion is a beauty that happens with love, affection and heart. What happens when there is compulsion? Hypocrites come up, may Allah forbid. Some fools attempt to make people Muslims by using force; this would be unlawful, that is because you would be making that person a hypocrite, you would be acting against the command of the Qur'an. He should do so lovingly and with affection.  

(In response to the question "Will the Companions of the Cave come back? ")

There is no such provision in the Qur'an referring to that. I mean the Companions of the Cave are mentioned in the hadiths. They are told to be the helpers of the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) and Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh). That might be. I mean for instance if there comes a person who has amnesia; it might be possible to have a few such people, I mean that would not remove the free will of the mind. Or he might be someone coming from a place we do not know. And he says "I am this and that person." Allah gives him a memory about his past. He might think that he has a past. But it might be that he had just been created in that moment. He might be unaware. Allah creates him with his past. He would not be aware of it. For instance he might be one of the Companions of the Cave. Allah gives him a memory about his past when he wakes up one day and it might be a reasonable memory. He might thus assume that he is a person living in this century, but he might be a person from centuries back and he wouldn't be aware. 

The love of our Shia and Jaferite brothers for Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) is perfect. So is the love of the Alewites. The love Bektashis have is also very beautiful.Our Sunni brothers have such a profound love as well but the love for Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) is a bit more placid at certain points in our Sunni brothers. But it is very fervent in our Shia, Jaferite and Alewite brothers. And that is how it should actually be. They are doing the right thing. They are doing the beautiful thing , masha'Allah. Their songs about Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) are very nice as well. 

(Regarding their belief about the invisible Mahdi)

This is what we regard as dangerous. Now a man can come up and say; "I have heard the voice of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) because I have a spiritual insight. I've heard his voice, I've seen his face. He gave me instructions. He told me to raze all those Sunnis, Wahabis, all of them, to the ground.   Annihilate Jews, Christians, all of them. This is the command of Allah upon you." If that voice, that voice coming from the unseen says all these things. What will happen? Would the man be disobeying Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh)? What is he to do? He would say; "I've heard so, a voice came to me and I've done what is necessary to be done." There are such people. They go and kill their mothers and fathers and say; "I've heard such a voice coming from the unseen. The voice told me to kill my mother and father and so I  killed them."  There are many such cases. Now this one would be another example of the same mentality. This is the danger that we've been talking about, this is what we are explaining. 

Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) is an ordinary individual who has been born from a mother and a father, who has studied in the primary school, in the secondary school, in high school, who lives a normal life, who eats and drinks, who gets ill, who dies, who is imprisoned, who is insulted, who is slandered. He is a man of suffering, this is the characteristic of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) and it is also mentioned in the hadiths. How can you ever imprison an invisible Mahdi? Only his voice is heard he is not there. Would a court try his voice? Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will be tried, he will be imprisoned. Would only his voice come to the judge? Would they only take away his voice with the police? Hazrat Mahdi will be tried in front of a judge. He will be arrested, he will be imprisoned. There is the hadith of our Prophet (saas).  "The image of his face"; are they going to imprison only the image of his face? Will they imprison only his voice? How would that happen? Would his voice endure sufferings? We see how fierce this trouble is from this example, and this is the confirmation of what we've been saying. I mean this danger has escaped from observation for hundreds of years and it has not been considered as important. But the time of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) has come. Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) has come. This is a grave dissension. It is a dissension in the face of the hadiths of our Prophet (saas), and in the face of the Qur'an as well. Which Prophet has ever come as a voice, which saintly person has ever come as a voice, or as an image? The Messenger of Allah (saas) is the biggest Mahdi. 

He was born from a mother and a father, he  had his childhood, he grew up, he has been given Prophethood, he entered a war, they had broken his blessed tooth. He had been insulted, he had been slandered, he suffered ordeals, he has been tested and was martyred, passed away in the end. The Prophet Joseph (pbuh) was a child, he grew up, he had been put into a well, he had been put into prison, he suffered ordeals and then passed away. Actually the lives of guides end generally in martyrdom. Prophets pass away as martyrs as well. And now the Mahdi that these friends are talking about is only an image. Everyone knows that such a Mahdi would never come. I mean, why is there the need for this? Why did they ever develop such an idea?  When the hadiths of our Prophet (saas) is so explicit and clear, when the accounts are so obvious, why did they feel the need for this? My guess is, due to a childish sentiment, they have tried to get into a competition with the Christians and they probably have said; "Let us associate our Mahdi (pbuh)  to the Prophet Jesus (pbuh). So that he will be like a spirit and be invisible. Seeing that the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) is in the Sight of Allah, let us give our Mahdi (pbuh) such a form that he would be like the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) in that respect, so that he would be invisible. As far as I understand, they wanted to give Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) a form like that of the Prophet Jesus (pbuh). 

How was it with the Prophet Joseph (pbuh)? He was born from a mother and a father, we have explained this. What does our Prophet (saas) say for Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh)? "He is like the Prophet Joseph (pbuh)," he says. What does this mean? It means he will be born from a mother and father, he will be imprisoned, he will suffer ordeals, he will be slandered.  Since the persecutors cannot imprison a Mahdi consisting of a voice, how would this happen? It is clearly seen here that the matter is in  deadlock. There is nothing to defend in this. Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) is born in a city, he will endure pain, he will be insulted, he will be slandered. Hazrat Mahdi's (pbuh) whole life will pass with ordeals. That is why his rank will be very high. A Mahdi that will be invisible, one that passes through walls would not be tested. Consequently that would be something removing the free will of mind. Additionally, our Prophet (saas) does not mention such a Mahdi (pbuh). This is in complete contradiction with the hadiths as well. That is because Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) would not suffer any ordeals in such a case. How would someone passing through walls be imprisoned? How would such a Mahdi (pbuh) stay in prison? Why would he stay there?  He would leave there in the form of image, in the form of a voice. He would then be a spirit anyway, so he passes through everywhere. He passes through the walls, he enters houses. He does not enter houses through the doors, he passes through everywhere, according to what these guys say. Then why should he stay in prison? He would just go, why would such a being be imprisoned?  Consequently this claim is contradictory in a thousand and one points, it is a wrong way of thinking that contradicts the hadiths. That would be a very big blow on Islam. Such a belief would be a very big blow. They should be looking for the real Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh). Whoever he is. I would kiss his feet and follow his lead, I would be his orderly. But they should not lead Muslims on to such a wrong path. 

All the prophets have been tested with ordeals. The Prophet Moses (pbuh) faced many difficulties in the desert. He was a little boy. He was born, he grew up. He  struggled with the Pharaoh. All the prophets are like this. Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will also be born, grow up, suffer ordeals, struggle, strive and show an effort and suffer pain. He will be slandered, he will be imprisoned. He will be tested within a thousand and one hardships. That is the reason why Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) was giving his rank.  A Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) who is in the form of voice, who is heard by some as a voice, who is seen as an image to some, who passes through walls, who can talk to everyone all around the world simultaneously would not be a Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) who is tested. Such a person would not be tested. And consequently, no Prophet has ever come like that, no guide has ever come in that form. They should not lead Muslims on to a wrong path. 

 (The invisible Mahdi belief in Shia and Jaferite schools)

This belief presents a danger that affects the national security of Turkey as well. And as you know,  because of this, a missile defense system is being built in Turkey. That is a dissension. We will explain this to them intellectually, with the hadiths of our Prophet (saas), and under the light of the Qur'an. We will provide them the opportunity to see the truth of the matter, insha'Allah.  

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