Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 4 October 2011

A9 TV; 4 October 2011

But of course, devout Christians, Jews and Muslims must form an alliance. Because the enormous atheist movement in the world, the communist-Darwinist-materialist movement, is highly organized. And it is supported by 99% of the world’s states. There are effectively none that do not support it. That is why it is so terrible. A determined struggle against that is serious, insha’Allah. I am feebly trying to discharge that duty. I shall continue, insha’Allah, and eventually finish the business on the intellectual plane. Let me say this, let me remind people once again, because it is a most excellent thing to say. Every day of the week they kept saying that, “the missing link has been found, this or that fragment has come to light, the missing pieces have been completed” in reference to Darwinism. They were always saying that kind of thing, weren’t they? But they no longer have the strength to lie. I have knocked them down with science and knowledge. I have so thrashed them that they have lost their senses entirely. They are no longer able to speak at all. The cudgels of knowledge have knocked them to the ground. You used to lie. Lying was free, wasn’t it? Why are you not telling lies now? Because they cannot any more. They cannot spread lies. They used to be able to take things away from people, but we do not let them do that any more, as you can see.

(An Answer to the Question “Why Did Allah Create the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) without a Father?”)

Allah created extraordinary things in the Prophet Jesus (pbuh), so there could be miracles and marvels, and so that these would delight people. That is not the only one. He creates him without a father, one. Two, he [Jesus] brings the dead back to life. Three, He takes him out of this world and into another dimension. He becomes invisible. Then He sends him back 2000 years later. These are all marvels. There are many marvels with the Prophet Jesus (pbuh). He has many miracles. Not all the prophets have so many miracles attendant upon them. The Prophet Jesus (pbuh) has a great many. Allah arranged it in that way, masha’Allah. There was nothing like it before. He worked and preached up to the age of 30. Look, he was not in the chamber. Allah raised him into His Presence. He told the dead man to walk, by Allah’s leave. And the man stood up and was amazed. “What happened to me?” he asked. A dead man, a normal dead person, was brought back to life.

He had been dead for three days. His friends placed him in a normal tomb. Then he came back to life. His heart had stopped. He was dead in the full sense of the word. But when told to “Rise,” he rose up, by Allah’s leave. Allah manifests His title of al-Hayy [the Ever-Living] in the Prophet Jesus (pbuh). So we are delighted and excited. Otherwise, look, one of our brothers is going upstairs. Look and he is not there. Then we see him a bit later, higher up. It is exactly the same method. When Allah shows him, he has come. And when He does not, then he has gone. It is as simple as that. For example, Allah says, “this person is dead.” And we believe he is dead. We look, and then Allah says, “He has come back to life.” And we believe he has come back to life. It is all to do with presentation. Everyone dies when they go to sleep. Then they are restored to life in the morning. Someone says, “I will die one day.” But you die every day. You just do not know it. You go to bed to die. Everyone is on his death bed when he goes to bed. You know how they talk about someone being on his death bed. They mean he is on the brink of death. Someone goes into coma in hospital. Sleep is where death is fully manifested. The soul is taken away when one sleeps. One enters a coma, in other words. Then one comes out of that coma in the morning. Out of a heavy coma. Allah restores one’s soul and one gets up. But Allah does not restore some people’s souls. You look and they do not get out of bed in the morning, insha’Allah.

Jesus the Messiah (pbuh) is a prophet everyone will love.All Christians and all Muslims will love him. That is why Allah has given him these tasks in the End Times. He is specially created. Allah sends a prophet whom everyone will love, as Hazrat Mahdi’s (pbuh) vizier and assistant. The followers of the Nur came together and said, “Yes, Jesus the Messiah (pbuh) has come in the 2000s.” 

Hypocrites try to close a very important and effective path that Muslims will draw strength from against atheism, godlessness, and irreligion. What is that? Forming an alliance with devout Christians. And with devout Jews. Because when such a force comes into being it will be devastating. They cannot withstand it. Not in terms of ideas and means. But when believers are divided, when Christians, Muslims and Jews are all separate, then that strength is divided, too. It is divided into three; Muslims, Christians and Jews. And they further weaken Muslims by dividing them into different communities, groups and sects. But the hypocrites tell them, “You are on the right path.” “You are a Sunni. What business do have with Shiites, or Jaferites, or Wahhabis? They are disbelievers and should be cut into ribbons.” And thus they weaken Muslims. Whereas Muslims must abandon all sectarian differences between them, for one thing. Second, they must build an alliance with devout Christians. Third, they must build an alliance with devout Jews. Because the way of the dajjal [antichrist] is a huge force. But hypocrites are quite comfortable. They just want to take care of their own affairs, have fun and pursue their own worldly interests, whatever those may be. But there, they show off and try to tell people what to do. And with that mentality they imagine they can prevent Islamic Union. But Allah has ordained Islamic Union in destiny. Nobody can stop that. Allah shows us in the Qur’an how Islamic Union will come about, and the Qur’an also explicitly refers to us having to establish an alliance with Christians. Allah tells us in a verse how to preach to them, how to speak to them, and even that we will find those calling themselves Christians close to us. There is a verse about that, a verse from the Qur’an.

The hypocrite boasts of what he eats, where he goes, getting married, graduating from a good school, having a good job, his health, his diplomas and all that kind of thing. But as I always say, Muslims must be proud ofspreading the faith, preaching, and his determined love and desire for Islamic Union. He is proud of the success of his intellectual struggle and the fine results from it. The hypocrite has also developed a style sole concerned with self-interest, along the lines of “I graduated, made this much money, found such and such a job, became rich and ended up with this kind of mindset.”  For example, if you say something from the Qur’an, it does not apply to the hypocrite. You have to give the hypocrite information from his idol. What does the idol have to say about it? The hypocrite concentrates on his idol. The book the hypocrite dislikes most of all is the Qur’an, I can tell you that. He likes the hadiths in part. But he really likes that idol nonsense. He clings onto that idol nonsense. The hypocrite cannot agree to act in the light of the Qur’an, in other words to accept it directly as his guide. He is stupid, but there are things about him that encourage Muslims. In the same way one’s adrenalin starts pumping when one sees a snake, they become highly active in their presence. The Prophet Moses (pbuh) came to life when he saw a snake, didn’t he? The hypocrites also brings a Muslim to life and has the effect of adrenalin on him. So that he is encouraged and clings to his intellectual struggle in a more determined way.

Hypocrites growl and foam at their filthy mouths when they say, “we don’t want it [Islamic Union].” What states are the Islamic world and Christians in? Our Prophet (pbuh) says that liberation will come from an alliance. Bediüzzaman says the same. Can’t you see what a state Muslims are in? Can’t you see what has become of them? But they are delighted by it. I am saying this for purposes of clarification. All the hypocrite wants in any case is to establish irreligion. To appear religious to spread irreligion. Yet he appears in the name of piety. For example, he says, “I am really ugly and useless and weak and wretched. And so are you. Nothing good is ever going to come from us. We can be of absolutely no use in any way.” Thus the hypocrite paralyzes the other person. Or he turns up claiming to be pious and describes the faith is such a way that neither he nor anyone else could ever live by it. He neither lives by it, nor allows the other person to. The hypocrite does not believe in the religion he expounds. The hypocrite is very cunning and devilish. Do you think those curs would believe in nonsense? They laugh up their sleeves at it. But they disgracefully pretend to believe it. That is how two-faced they are. No hypocrite believes the nonsense he expounds. They laugh at it inside themselves. Hypocrites are not that naive. They are very cunning indeed. And very base. They talk about all kinds of nonsense as if they really believed in it. Look carefully, and it will seem as if they do believe it. But they very definitely do not. Either a foolish expression appears on their faces, as if they really believed it, or else they try to give that impression by looking very intelligent. But they do not believe it.

Surat al-Muminun, 62-64

We do not impose on any self any more than it can stand” Whereas the world is very suited to such things. Wondrous things far surpassing human nature could happen. But they do not, by the wisdom of Allah. Only things that people can bear take place. With Us there is a Book which speaks the truth. They will not be wronged.”Allah says how perfectly destiny has been created. That book is also destiny.

However, their hearts are overwhelmed by ignorance about this matter and they do other things as well.”

Referring to Darwinism, materialism and other such fantastical beliefs.

But then when We seize the affluent among them...”Generally speaking, leading members of such countries, people who are wealthy and arrogant under capitalism, wild capitalism, do all they can to keep the key points of the state under their control, and usually succeed in doing this. “…with the punishment, they will suddenly start praying fervently.”Allah describes the spirit of savage capitalists who were forerunners of today’s capitalism in the Qur’an, the language they use.

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