Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 5 October 2011

A9 TV; October 5th, 2011

There is the feeling of envy without malice in Muslims. What does envy without malice mean? A Muslim would be in a state of mind in which he would say "How beautiful it is that Allah has created, whatever is hers should remain as hers, but may Allah grant me such a goodness, such a beauty as well insha'Allah".

We say [Qul Auzu bi Rabbi al-falaqi;] "Wamin sharri hasidin itha hasada" [ Say; "I seek refuge with the Lord of Day break;.. and from the evil of an envier when he envies.] to those who are maliciously envious.

Illness is a very serious test in any event. For instance let us say that a patient goes to the Emergency Room. He should be very nicely and very lovingly welcomed. The emergency rooms should be specifically organized in that manner. Sometimes the families who bring in the patients may be restless. There should be a way to ease their hearts as well. For instance, there should not be any kind of neglect; the man is ill already, that would be a very strange and bad situation on its own. For instance, may Allah forbid, let us say that an explosion has occurred and the man is injured. There should also be a separate team that would give comfort to them, that should ease their minds and that should help them attain psychological balance. So there should be people who would restore psychological and mental peace in them, who would remove that panic, that uneasiness, that anxiety from them. The state should assign them specifically for that mission. The state should give good money to the doctors. Doctors should not be left in an aggrieved position. They should not be having to open  private consultation offices. The state may ask for the necessary funding for that and let us pay for it. We can pay for that, why not?  For instance instead of eating two loafs of bread, we can eat one loaf of bread. It is worth the sacrifice, for the approval of Allah. It is very important for doctors to treat their patients nicely and please them.  For instance they should not frighten the patients. For instance, presenting a patient's disease as something desperate, would make the patient very uncomfortable. That is because it might be that the patient does not possess the necessary information; he might not yet have adopted the understanding of always putting trust in Allah. Doctors should speak in such a way to give relief to the patient's mind and to strengthen his heart; by attributing everything to Allah, by talking about Allah. Doctors should explain to the patients the fact that Allah is the One Who creates everything, that He is the One Who heals; they should explain to the patients with a very nice manner that they should keep their minds at ease and thus they should give relief to their hearts.  

Surah Al'Imran, 139

"Do not give up and do not be downhearted. You shall be uppermost if you are Muslims."

Allah says that He will definitely make the moral values of Islam prevail in the world, so long as you are sincere, faithful and determined insha'Allah. 

(Regarding the research  carried out by  scientists about the expansion  of the universe) 

As science progresses, more people will come to understand the Existence of Allah. Within the next ten to twenty  years, there will be magnificent developments in science. The love and attachment people feel for Allah will turn into the strongest passion. It will become even deeper. They will come to realize the existence of Allah more strongly and more elaborately, insha'Allah.  Humanity and science will be one within the other. 

(Regarding the news reports published in the New York Times about the slanders brought against the Saudi PrinceAl-Waleed bin Talal bin Abdulaziz Alsaud)

Against the Muslims who had been influential in the world, who are preaching the religion, who spread [the message of] Islam and against the Muslims who have been good examples for Islam; a trend of intimidation with such crude accusations has started to widespread. And we have seen an example of this here in Turkey as well. As you know, they have done the same thing against us as well but they could not succeed. I have been acquitted [from their claims]. I have put forth the fact clearly, with all kinds of evidence, and the matter had thus gained clarity with the perfect sense of the word. Now look, as far as I see, they have also been plotting against that brother of ours. But they have fouled up the situation, as it is apparent that this is a very incorrect slander. They have seen that he will be beneficial for Islam and the Qur'an, that he will set a beautiful example, a beneficial example, so they started to slander him, attempted to distress his spouse and thus tried to intimidate him, according to their own logic.  They can never be effective in any shape or form. But of course Muslims should protect and watch over each other very well, and they should support each other. We also stand by this brother of ours in respect to vindicating him. We would not let him be subjected to any form of slander. That is because so long as these people continue to resort to such methods, so long as they see Muslims standing  alone, they would presume that they are strong. But the necessary legal actions, rational explanations, rational turns of phrase would make them retreat and they would thus bitterly regret what they have done. We should take a stand against all sorts of injustice with laws and the legal system. Not only in Turkey but also all over the world, when something happens that would harm the rights of Muslims, we would help them to the best of our ability, insha'Allah.

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