Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 23 October 2011


A9 TV, 23 October 2011

(Regarding the meaning of A9)

Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) has nine helpers. "Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will give  struggle on nine different fronts" says [Bediuzzaman in] the Risale-i Nur Collection.  Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) has nine different traits, nine well-known characteristics. These are defined in the hadiths. Hazrat Ali (ra) makes a "nine" sign with his hand while talking about Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh). Number "nine" is the same in Latin and also in Arabic as well.  The number nine is mentioned in many places in the Qur'an. The number nine is very important. We preferred the number nine because it carries such beautiful meanings.  And the letter "A" brings Allah to our minds; it calls the Adn Gardens [Gardens of Eden] to our minds, insha'Allah. It is the first letter, when they are put together [A and 9], a masonic symbol comes in sight. The letter "A" is sacred in Freemasonry, it is symbolized with a compass. Nine is also sacred in freemasonry. And the world shape inside the number nine symbolizes the world dominion, insha'Allah.

A Muslim should be very clean to the best of his ability, as much as his means allow him to be. For instance our Prophet (saas) was not that wealthy in the beginning. But he was very clean. He was perfectly clean. He turned the garden of his small house into a rose garden. How difficult it is to lay out a rose garden in the desert, to grow roses. Right?  Look, he achieves the impossible. Insha'Allah. He was striving with all his might and Our Prophet (saas) was always spotlessly clean and sweet-smelling. This is how a Muslim should be. A Muslim should always be fresh, he should always be clean and decent. This has nothing to do with money or means or any kind of wealth. How could a person not find water enough to bathe in? Right?  Could he not find a means to clean that dirt? Could one be that wretched? They are able to find the means for the most unnecessary, most needless things. They are able to find money for wedding expenses and everything else. They are able to find money to go to  summerhouses and have fun. So are they unable to find money only for this? That is not convincing. 

For instance Gaddafi was not clean. Some of the youngsters in Libya are like him as well; he has raised them to be Darwinists, materialists. He raised them with a socialist, Marxist mindset, with a Leninist mindset. He himself was a Leninist. Marxist, Leninist thought, the dialectic philosophy has been injected into the youngsters in Libya day and night with the hand of the state. Later on when those raving youngsters approached him, such a result had been attained. That is because people who do not have love for Allah, people who do not fear Allah become aggressive, they do not possess compassion, mercy. He then attempts to lecture them on Islamic law. In a welter of blood he says; "What you are doing is not correct, it is not religiously lawful, what you are doing is wrong according to the Qur'an. You have to act according to the Qur'an, you know it is wrong." he says. What have you taught them before, and what you are explaining now? Did you not teach them Darwinism, materialism? Did you not explain to them Atheism? Didn't you spread Darwinist propaganda at schools night and day? Were you not a socialist yourself? Have you not published a book called "The Green Book" against the Qur'an? Have you not told people, "Abide by this green book"? Have you ever said, "Abide by the Qur'an"? You said, "Abide by the green book." You have made socialist-communist propaganda night and day. You have raised people with the mindset of Che, with the mindset of Castro, with the mindset of Ho Chi Minh.  And then you are trying to influence them with a lecture on faith in a few seconds, you are trying to correct them. You are trying to stop them. Would that work? It does not, as you see. The men are smiling, making V signs with their hands, making the sign of victory. They are having their pictures taken. They have beaten the man to death. Even though he had surrendered, they  riddled him with holes. They have killed this man there both by beating and by shooting. That is a grave persecution. For someone who has surrendered, there is a law. If he surrenders, nothing can be done to him. There is a law of war. Seeing that law of war is applied, even if a foreign soldier surrenders, that is okay, you just take him as a captive.  Here the man says, "I surrender" and you are constantly shooting at him. And as if it was a great accomplishment, they all are having their pictures taken standing in front of the corpse. They are trying to present Muslims as if they were all such a brutal, aggressive, sanguinary, fierce faction.

This Libya incident is very significant. I have said this about Gaddafi months ago as well. I've said, "Look, do not educate youth as socialists, do not raise them to be Darwinists or materialists. They will then cause trouble to you." and warned him. I have said this earlier as well. "And one day you will be up against the wall." I have said. Look, all that I have said has come true. And they have become a trouble to him; the youth of his own nation has caused a trouble to him. Those are the men he raised himself. That is because you have come up with this green book against the Qur'an. I've been saying this for months. I've said this even before this riot in Libya has appeared. I told him, "Not to come up with that green book." I have told him, "To show himself with the Qur'an." I have warned him to drop the Darwinist, materialist training as well. But he did not heed my words. And then he attempts to lecture them on Islamic law within his last five minutes. Could that work? It could, but they still do not listen to him, as you see. That is because the man has lost his ground. He has lost himself. 

To those who ask about A9, look the matter is explained in the hadiths of our Prophet (saas). Look: "They will be consisting of nine people. Allah has commanded the following about them; "...they have been true to the contract they made with Allah."The verse of the Qur'an refers to the students of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) he says. "They have been true to the contract they made with Allah." (Surat al-Ahzab; 23)  Those students of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) who  show devotion to him, will be madly devoted to him with the love of Allah up until the very end. Unbelievers will imprison Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh), they will beat him, slander him, defame him but the students of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will never give up their cause. They will also try to oppress Hazrat Mahdi's (pbuh) students. Hypocrite men and women, unbelieving  men and women will hold together with the idolaters; by forming an alliance with idolater men and women will attack Muslims slobberingly like rabid dogs. But they will not be able to do anything. "Mountains will appear in front of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) and he will find his way from those mountains and pass by," he [our Prophet (saas)] says in the hadiths. 

(Regarding the Harun Yahya announcements on the trams of Rotterdam, Holland)

Such services carried out worldwide, the services carried out in Turkey, the formation of crowds who ardently want the Unity of Islam heart and soul, has evoked the lot of the anti-messiah (dajjal) and the satan. They are attempting to crash us legally, with insults, with slanders; they are trying to do some things with the press, with  television. They cannot do anything. They will always be confronted with the justice of Almighty Allah. They tried to play a trick upon the Prophet Joseph (pbuh) as well, but the Prophet Joseph (pbuh)  became the Sultan of Egypt. They are trying to strive against us, but the Unity of Islam will be formed, insha'Allah. Let them do their worst. We are throwing down the gauntlet, insha'Allah.  

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