Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 21 October 2011

A9 TV; 21 October 2011

Some of them are people with no understanding of esthetics, beauty or love. They have no love for children or women or flowers or animals, no love for cats or birds and, above all, no love of Allah. They are not used to it. People have gone wrong. They are amazed. “How does this love arise? There cannot be that much love,” they say. They even say, may Allah forbid, “Not even Allah can be loved that much. You must not love Allah too much. You much just love Him in moderation,” they say, may Allah forbid. So what can you love? You must love money and position. That is all that bothers them. A beautiful woman is a manifestation of Allah and the greatest blessing in the world, and if you notice they are radiant and immaculate. People are really shocked. I see it everywhere. They look with amazement at your beauty and reflect on it with astonishment. They appreciate it with amazement. Because a woman does not look full of love at someone she does not love, and she will lack the strength to be well-groomed. That is why many women are dirty and unkempt. Because they hate. Who is going to look at them for them to reveal their full beauty? Most women do not reveal their full beauty because they hate. Why should a woman have any dealings with people she hates? Women are normally immaculate and radiant. But they turn their backs on life in the face of base, mocking and loveless guys. There are many people like that. One can see the woman is tired of life. She is unkempt, her hair is all tangled, her hands and face are uncared for, and she is weary and loveless. Her heart and soul have frozen, she lives like a dead person. But when you give love to such people it literally enters their souls, and life returns. Their eyes shine, their hair shines, their skin glows and they have a joyous love. Blood flows to their brains. They are fully restored to themselves. They realize they are Allah’s servants. Their souls rejoice with love and passion for Allah. Everywhere and everything is beautified. Their language and their hearts are beautified. But if you have no love of Allah and do not submit to Him, then He will put strange people in your way. Allah will drown you in filth because of your own filth. That is why you cannot see. So do not envy. There is no other problem. I have hundreds of attractive female friends. They have only seen a few of them. Light radiates from their hands and faces. Female acquaintances used to come here all bedraggled, frozen, with matted hair and wrinkled faces; life no longer had any meaning for them. They used to smoke and drink from time  to time. I had many female acquaintances like that. But they came to me and became really lovely. Through faith, the Qur’an and love of Allah their skins and faces came to glow, their eyes became huge and they acquired the finest manifestations of passion for and love of Allah. They were filled with youth and vigor. Masha’Allah. When envious people see them they say, “We never saw them looking like that before.” Because even stone would turn black alongside types like that! Not even a plant or flowers could survive in that horrible world of theirs with no Allah and no Book, in that characterless and artificial world of self-interest and perversion. Even the flowers in their homes all die.

But faith beautifies people and makes them younger and healthier.The Qur’an means health. Health of the body and soul. People who live by the Qur’an are beautified. Their lives and bodies become beautiful. Their passion and love become beautiful. Their depth and everything becomes beautiful. Allah then gives them strength and goodness and beauty. For example, I look at people, may Allah forbid; I see how they look without any make-up on. I see how wretched and haggard they become. Lovelessness makes the cells cancerous. The cells say, “I want love.” But these people say, “I can only offer a state of being accursed, filth, hatred, envy, artificiality and insincerity.” The cell says, “But I cannot bear that, please don’t.” But they say, “We are going to do it whether you like it or not,” and so the cells begin dying off one by one. Hundreds of cells die. Eye cells die. Their bodies collapse. And finally, may Allah forbid, they die in a state of misery. Yet if they were to submit to Allah and the Qur’an, if they lived with a love of Allah, then light would radiate from their hands and faces. Allah would bestow radiance on their very veins and everywhere in their bodies

(About a report of the death of Gaddafi)

The spirit of defeatism and of being crushed that dominates the Middle East. That is the disaster that afflicts people who turn away from Islam and the Qur’an. That Gaddafi was brought up as a Darwinist and materialist. He was a classic socialist and communist. He espoused dialectical philosophy, and Darwinist, materialist philosophy. He lost all his sense and reason. Allah took his mind away. And thus devastated him. He developed the most enormous pride and arrogance. And then he died under appalling circumstances. But a long time before that I said; “Come to Turkey. Say something to unite Turkey and Libya together. Let Turkish-Islamic Union develop and you can then relax. Bring your family and children and come here. Let us resolve matters in that way. Otherwise they will catch you and kill you.” I told him. But he did not listen, and it all happened just as I said it would. They walk around with their heads in the air and never listen. And then that is the end result.

It is Allah Who gives the eyes that color. Because matter on the outside is transparent, and there is just pitch black on the outside. Allah shows them as colored in our brains. Allah creates light in our brains and color in our brains. And creates the way we are affected by beauty. People are affected by beauty to the extent of their faith. I am hugely affected by it, for instance. I give thanks to Allah. People who love me are hugely affected by me, in turn. And that is also a sign of faith. It is a reflection of that faith. And I am affected by them. But it is not like that with disbelief. The Prophet (pbuh) had a companion with him as he was walking along. He met with Abu Jahil on the way. This is a familiar story. A true story, insh’Allah. “O, Abul Kasim,” he said. Because he did not address people he despised by their real names, may Allah forbid. “What an ugly person you are,” he said to our Prophet (pbuh), who replied, “You are right.” And he continued on his way with his companion. His companion did not ask why he had said that. On the road they met Hazrat Abu Bakir (pbuh), who stopped and said, “O the Messenger of Allah, what a lovely and beautiful person you are.” It was as if he had been hypnotized. And our Prophet (pbuh) again said, “You are right.” Then the companion said, “O the Messenger of Allah, you said ‘you are right’ to both of them. But Abu Bakir spoke the truth and the other man said the exact opposite.” And he replied: “I am a mirror. People who look at me see themselves.” Since he looks through the eyes of faith, Allah produces an enormous love in his heart. But since the other man looks through the eyes of disbelief, he cannot see. People who look at me through the eyes of disbelief cannot see. Only people who look through the eyes of faith can see. And since I look at Muslims and the people I love through the eyes of faith, I also experience that love, insha’Allah.

Some of our brothers do not understand the Qur’an and Islam. It is the conception of Islam that produced Gaddafi and Saddam and these terror organizations. This wretched state of mind is also totally ruthless in regard to women... There is no beauty, no quality, no depth, no love, no passion and no anything in these people. Disbelief and hypocrisy. Allah says they stem from one another. They try to drag us into their filthy world. That is why you end up like that, that is why you are so beaten and wretched. Pull yourselves together. And it also means you are causing other innocent Muslims to be oppressed. You caused those poor people in Libya to be persecuted. Gaddafi was a typical extremist, totally irrational. He was a materialist and a religious extremist. And you can see the results of that. Saddam was the same. He harbored trickery of all kinds. He also had the same extremist mindset. And you have again seen the results. These people reject art. They reject just about everything to do with it. They reject science, and love, and joy and beauty. I have managed to put a few people right on that. But that harshness in their minds has still not gone away. We need the coming of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) for that to be resolved entirely. The followers of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will put these bigots and hypocrites right. And since we are his followers, we are obtaining excellent results. In other words, I am reaching them to live like human beings, like Muslims, to be fine and good people, to be filled with love. They have shamed Muslims before the whole world. So Muslims adopt this defeatist attitude. They picture Muslims as eating only minimum, clothing the outworn and living where one single light bulb burns. For example, they say, “There is a fly in the soup, so we must drown it at once.” They turn the nation and ordinary people inside out, they disgust them. They say; “There is poison on one of the fly’s wings and the antidote on the other wing. If you stir the fly well into the soup you can get people to eat it up.” “If the fly dissolves, that will make the soup quite perfect. The poison and the antidote will mix in together and neutralize one another, and it will all be quite delicious.” They are so disgusting, and I am only citing one example. But there is no end to it. They are watching in amazement the way people are good quality and excellent and full of love. How there is no rudeness, no oppression of Muslims, no aggression toward Muslims, no filth and no anything else. People are utterly stunned. “What kind of life is this? You are so radiant,” they say. They are stunned by this quality and beauty. The bigots were also stunned by the Prophet Solomon (pbuh). Allah bestowed enormous splendor on him. He built a glorious temple. He had 300 wives and 700 concubines. May Allah have mercy on our mothers. They were most beautiful. The Prophet Solomon (pbuh) had 1000 women. They were the most beautiful of women, masha’Allah. That made the bigots of the time really crazy. That is in the Torah, and in the hadiths. Allah gave him very lovely horses. He delighted in beauty. His soul rejoiced in love. Allah says he used to caress their necks and legs. Then He says, “they were taken out of sight behind the curtain.” Of course, there is a special meaning here. The Prophet Solomon (pbuh) employed all the means made available by technology. He used art and beauty and all means. Everywhere was filled with gold. He had everywhere decorated with precious stones and lovely wood carvings and decorations. The architecture was glorious, the clothes were stupendous, people were beautiful, life was lovely, speech was good and the Prophet Solomon (pbuh) produced a life as perfect as that in paradise. Now look at the disgusting nature of extremism.

Allah describes the quality, beauty, delight in artistry and depth in paradise and also revealed it in this world through the Prophet Solomon (pbuh). And through the Messenger of Allah (pbuh). The Messenger of Allah (pbuh) used to grow roses. My beloved prophet. My beloved ancestor. He grew roses for a living in his youth, in his garden. He would then sell them. He also used to smell of roses all the time. He loved roses very much, masha’Allah, and the smell of roses. He smelled delightful. His teeth were pearly white. His hair was groomed. His two braids were long. His eyes were black, with huge irises. His eyes most perfectly expressed his depth and passion. Look how women fell in love with the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) with the love of Allah... The Messenger of Allah (pbuh) was in love with his women. And his women with the Messenger of Allah (pbuh). And what a love! They were literally hypnotized by the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) when they saw him. He was broad-shoulders, with back eyes and hair. He smelled lovely and wore bright, white clothes. Sometimes he dressed in black. Our Prophet (pbuh) was of medium stature, and a wrestler. He had a lovely voice, like that of David. His speech was perfect. He was a delightful person, a perfect human being. The bigots went crazy when they saw such a high-quality person. Those curs of the time uttered terrible slanders against our mothers. Against our mother Ayesha (pbuh). They uttered terrible slanders against the Messenger of Allah (pbuh). But they got absolutely nowhere. Allah bestowed many blessings on the Messenger of Allah (pbuh). He lived and died heroically. May Allah have mercy on my lustrous forebear, the Messenger of Allah (pbuh). Insha’Allah.

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