“The ‘legitimize Abdullah Öcalan project’ is a scheme by the alleged terror organization Ergenekon”


Dealing with Öcalan and trying to portray him as an important and legitimate individual is a cunning ruse being played by communists

Certain circles are trying to portray Öcalan as “The man who will [supposedly] save Turkey”, as a great hero who will save us from various scourges, terror and anarchy. They try to create the image that “The state cannot save you, but Öcalan will save you; in other words, he is stronger than the army and the police. He is so good and so holy that you really must appreciate his worth.” This is a terrible thing.

The man is a crazed killer. A crazy assassin. Someone who has caused tens of thousands of our troops and police to be killed. I fail to understand why they say these things. What is their aim? For one thing, our opinion as a nation of that man will never change. He is serving a life sentence. He would normally have been sentenced to death, but it was commuted to life imprisonment. I am not saying he should be mistreated or harmed, but he should be treated the same as anyone else. Let him read the Qur’an, memorize its verses and improve his knowledge. Let him repent to Allah, pray and prepare himself for the hereafter. The hereafter is where he will have to account for himself. He will have to account for those tens of thousands of martyrs of ours in the hereafter. He should be thinking about how to do that. He should spend all day and night prostrated with his forehead to the floor.

They must therefore stop trying to portray him as a pleasant fellow. Our opinion as a nation will never change. We will never let anyone break Turkey up. We will never give up the Southeast, nor let the communists into the Southeast. Neither will we allow our people there, our mothers and sisters, to be oppressed by communist gangs. We will never permit a bloodthirsty regime there like that of [Cambodian ex-dictator] Pol Pot. Nor do we have any intention of needing passports to go there. We will never, ever allow that.

We know what Öcalan and the PKK are. There is no need to prolong matters. Nobody should try and make us like the PKK. “If we come to an agreement, we will go away.” “We will lay down our arms,” they say. If you lay down your arms, you will just come back with even newer models. That has nothing to do with it. The important thing is to get rid of the abnormal thinking in their minds, and to do that, Darwinism and materialism need to be eliminated.

Abdullah Öcalan is a communist, a Marxist and a Stalinist. He will never renounce his ideas, and neither will the organization. If Abdullah Öcalan tries to wind the organization down, to eliminate that structure, the organization will kill him if it can, and they will never accept his leadership, they will never take him seriously. Tens of thousands have laid down their lives to bring communism there and tens of thousands more have gone to prison. So what should Abdullah Öcalan say? "Just forget the struggle and go your separate ways.” “Why?” “Because that is what I feel now.” And then we are expected to say, "Abdullah Öcalan is a great man. He saved Turkey from anarchy and terror."

Some people in the media are trying to legitimize Abdullah Öcalan. The will first turn him into a legitimate and pleasant fellow, and then say, "This man saved us. Why is he in prison? Are you not being ungrateful? Did he not save you? You would have been drowning in blood otherwise. He saved you from anarchy and terror, so what more do you want? He is stronger than the state. Seek shelter in him! Respect and value him. Serve him. Abdullah Öcalan is a great man.” Do these people think we are children? I fail to understand. Not even a child would fall for that.

The people playing such games must come to their senses. Nobody will fall for them. This is a project to legitimize Abdullah Öcalan, and nothing else. Our nation can never be taken in by that ruse. Go out on the street and ask, if you like; nobody will go along with such a scheme.

Our government will never go along with such a thing. [Prime Minister] Tayyip Erdoğan is as bright as a button. The KCK operations and things are all out in the open. The government’s attitude toward the PKK is crystal clear. The interior minister’s attitude is clear. Our prime minister’s language toward the PKK makes no concessions. I therefore regard the prime minister’s attitude as correct and excellent.

But some members of the press foolishly imagine they can legitimize Abdullah Öcalan and portray him as a pleasant fellow. They are wasting their time. They have been working toward that end for months. They are feeling the general pulse. But no way! That is not going to happen.

I am only saying what the nation thinks. Go and ask anyone you like. My nation is brave and heroic. They will not forget what has been done to them. We have buried tens of thousands of martyrs. Mothers go and visit the graves of their martyred sons every day. The Turkish flag flies over them all. They water the graves every day and tend the flowers, those dear mothers. They recite the Qur’an.

The image these people are giving is that the martyrs died in vain, the police all died in vain. My brother, we did not acquire this land of Anatolia easily, it was not an easy success, was it? It was hard. It took work and faith and the Qur’an. We will not give back the land we won through faith and the Qur’an to a handful of gangsters. We will not hand over our mothers, sisters and grandfathers in the Southeast to communist thugs. (Adnan Oktar, January 2nd, 2013, A9 TV)



2013-02-25 16:10:28

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