''When the bigoted mindset is removed, the European Union would accept Turkey immediately…''


The reason that they do not accept Turkey in to the European Union is bigotry. When this is solved, they would accept her immediately, otherwise, they would not accept her.

The words spoken by Günther Oettinger “They  [the Europeans]are going to crawl on their knees and make a proposition to the Turks saying, ‘Join us’” are words told only to amuse us and to bring this on to the agenda. However, it was a headline  in all the papers as it was desired. Otherwise no European would ever do something like this. There is no such thing.

You are talking about an attitude prevalent among the bigots that would paralyze a man’s life. For example, paying compliments is also forbidden. Europeans pay each other compliments. Complimenting others is forbidden. Laughter is forbidden. Perfume is forbidden. Even toothbrush is forbidden. For example, it is forbidden for a woman to put on some blush or lipstick. Europeans are always well-groomed, right? They are clean and well-kept. These things are all forbidden, haram. They would regard all of them as deviators. They would regard all of them as strange. Could someone put up with this? He would become bored and troubled. If a person constantly regards another person like this, how could that person feel comfortable ? Right? They would be using a style that blames and insults them. This would hurt their sense of self-confidence . They would not be at ease.

For example, there are not any well-kept houses and everything you can think of is forbidden with the bigots. The whole system is unbelievable. The Europeans  would not prefer such a life. They would not want people among them who want such a life.

Therefore this is not something that can be avoided. There is a great disease floating around and it needs to be explained that this is the point of view of bigoted people;  the Qur’an and Islam are not like that. (Adnan Oktar, February 22nd, 2013: A9 TV)

2013-05-08 14:35:17

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