'' 'A federated state system is an order some foreign powers have longed for to divide and re-design Turkey in order to rule it more easily…''


 “The Kurdish issue” is an artificial case. Some countries want to divide the Southeast and re-design Turkey according to their minds. They want to divide the Black Sea region. They want to divide  Central Anatolia. When they divide it and break it up, then it is easy to rule. Nothing else.

Then every little state they have divided will have a separate army. The Black Sea will have an army. The Southeast will have an army. Many small armies and many small states. And if Russia enters from there with tanks, she could conquer them in five minutes, because every one of them will have become independent states then. When they are small, they will not be able to resist with the strength of a single big state.

Federation is a small state. Then they will become independent states. What they mean with 'federation' is an independent state. So they want it to be composed of many small states. They want it to be divided. This is a thought to make sure that Europe and others could rule easily. Small states are easy to rule. This is because they are  easy to intimidate . They are easy to frighten so they want them  small. When they are big it is difficult to rule . They cannot do it. They cannot rule then.

For example, during America’s occupation of Iraq, they said to Turkey, “Let us pass through here and use all the means Turkey has. Open the air fields  for us.” Turkey did not accept it; but for example if Turkey were a small state, they would not even need to ask. They would simply say, “Salam alaikum, we came.” And they would directly pass through. They would not even need to ask. But when there is a big state, they have to ask. (Adnan Oktar, February 23rd, 2013: A9 TV)

2013-05-08 14:37:22

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