''Let's call back the 250 Syrian citizens who had to go back to their country''


“My brother, how could they be sent back? It is unbelievable. This is a horrible thing. They are in the hands of murderers. It is like saying, “Go on! Get on with it.” May Allah forbid it! How could they? Turkey is very big; they could be settled anywhere. There is no rule that they have to stay there. Everywhere in Turkey people would provide them with food and clothing as much as they could. Kizilay would provide tents. Our brothers can be hosted in many locations. This is a terrible thing. May Allah forbid! If this is true, then this situation is very terrifying.

They should place our brothers all around Hatay. There are a handful of communists in Hatay only they don't like this situation. The so-called Ergenekon terrorist organization has agents there. They don't like it. It would be wrong to put our dear brothers in a difficult situation just because they said so.

 “Kizilay shall help as well. Let’s … Our Syrian brothers at the borderline”

This is unbelievable. They are sending them back. They could at least keep them waiting by the border; somewhere 50 meters or 100 meters away from the border. They shall halt at a point 100 meters away from the border;  they would be provided with food there and other means as well. Assad's forces could not enter there - he cannot bomb the border. This is very difficult. All right then, no problem; they could wait at the border. They could set up tents along the border. We can still find a good location  but they should come there especially. The climate is also very good there.

My brothers, guests come with expectations. They shall come with their families and children. The border area  is very long. They shall come and stay at the border area. Kizilay shall provide tents. Let’s gather up food and send it with trucks. Let’s do everything in our power. Right?

May Allah forbid! May Allah forgive! They made such a mistake. Let me tell you. They should turn back. There must be a way for sure. They must be close by. They are still out there somewhere. They must apologize again and again. Whoever did this, whoever caused this; I am apologizing on their behalf. This is a horrible thing. Allah would ask us about doing this. What are we going to say if Allah asks us, “Why did you give them away to murderers? Why did you hand these innocent people over to murderers? Would you have it if they handed you to murderers?” May Allah forbid!

What else could people who frantically escaped  to save their lives do? There is an extraordinary situation. People are waiting for them there with guns in their hands. It is unbelievable to say, “Let’s send them back!” This is a horrible proposal.

This is a great cruelty and cruelty brings disaster. May Allah forbid! This is oppression. It is horrible. Whoever did it, he made a big mistake. He should apologize for the sake of Allah and call them back immediately. Turkey is a very big country. My brother, they could go anywhere in Turkey. (Adnan Oktar, May 14th, 2013: A9 TV)

2013-05-22 14:10:48

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